Amateur vids

I love watching amateur video clips of guys allowing or setting up their attractive fit wives or girlfriends with total strangers or guys they’ve met.
Love seeing the females initial expression when she sees the other guys huge cock or her desire to get fucked by another guy. Love how the guy knows the stranger or friend is a way better fuck than he is. Just knowing everyone involved is so aroused and there are so many attractive females doing this.
Sometimes they like to sneak in that they are amateur individuals but mostly you can pick up that they are not

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  • This has many interesting dimensions.

    Seriously hung men have always understood their advantage in competing for females. But at last our culture is increasingly open to admitting the right of those men to exploit their 'natural' advantage.

    Women are increasingly supported in these preferences. Yes, they still face ridicule. But more and more, others defend the right of women to all the pleasure they are capable of experiencing.

    Little guys increasingly recognize not only their helpless to stop this, but that they have an obligation to step aside as well-endowed men give their wives this truly superior pleasure that they never will.

    Lastly, wives are learning to use this to arouse little hubby so powerfully that his resistance is crushed into helplessness, and he willingly serve up his wife and eagerly encourages his own cuckolding.

    You'd be surprised how many women and men I've met online and encouraged in just this lifestyle. Once the guy sees the power and beauty of it, once his wife recovers from the shock of it -- things happen.

  • My wife wondered why I wasn't mad when she told me she screwed another guy during our separation,so I just said we weren't together so I couldn't be mad.But in truth, I love porn so that might have had something to do with the fact that I was turned on by her confession.But it took a little while in admitting that to her and getting that off my chest allowed her to open up about being with another man.She admitted she felt guilty after the first fuck but wanted more soon after because he was a great fuck and he had a really big dick.I couldn't truly describe to her how hot that was and how aroused it made me.So I gave her permission to fuck him again as much as she wanted.I even got her to film them so I could watch and its the hottest thing I've ever seen.I've never been more in love and sexually attracted to my wife and our own sex life is now the best ever.

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