Interracial desires

I love going to clubs and seeing gorgeous fit white females flirting and dancing with black guys. Unsure maybe it’s the taboo part. What’s even hotter is watching the married sexy fit white females wearing rings dancing dirty with black guys. You know they want a taste of something different. If yourlucky and watch closely sometimes you’ll see them leave club with the black guys. So obvious White females find black guys so attractive and wait for the perfect opportunity.
I caught on to it one night with several couples. This one married gorgeous female that was in our party came solo and I am unsure if she knows I saw her leaving the club with the guy she was all over that night. Mmmmm the thought of her getting bent over somewhere in that parking lot

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  • I love watching black men fucking my wife, she's a "Black Cock Whore", in the last five years over three hundred black men have used her, most went bare back, most got her in all three holes, most came in her mouth, we've lost count of how many have had her, how many times she's been gang banged, how many trains she has had ran on her.

  • I had relationships with two. The first one stole from me. The second one was strangely intelligent, manipulative, very self centered. His dick wasn’t anything more than the average white guy either. I gave them the benefit of the doubt. But I’ve concluded stereotypes have merit. Now they’re all niggers until they prove otherwise. So far not one has done so.

  • I am sick of hearing the dirty couples dirty s e x stories on these sites. s e x is not normal and it is a dirty act and its only when you step back and see people making complete fools of themselves doing it and seeking it out everywhere that you see what foul con jobs most people are and most couples are disgusting vulgar s e x addicts who plot dirty nasty things and that is what keeps them in the bed. when your clean you wake up and see the scam of it all

  • Fuck off faggot!

  • You may be the teal fag. Just come out and admit and quit hiding those feelings

  • So why come to this site?

  • My wife told me how she dated a few black guys in college and hearing her tell me about it was a super turn on. I got her to go to a club where I watched her pick up a very good looking guy. She texted me that he wanted to take her back to his place. I said yes please. She sent me a great photo of him deep inside her.

  • Hope he filled her full.

  • Yes he did. It was super hot when she came into our apt. with his cum dripping down her legs. It was the first time but not the last!

  • I think a black man is writing such these things to make people love black dicks! Maybe if you imagine a dick some whites have a big dick too. Pornstars prove this.

  • I thought no your wrong. Have you ever seen it? There’s no denying it happens

  • I think it’s more about the difference. The cum looks the same, but my husband loses his mind when I’m fucked by black guys

  • You like what you like living in the moment no one should make any choices for you that is the best way of living your life

  • I'm a married white woman and I'm always after black dick. I wouldn't be in a relationship with one though. They're only good for stretching pussy, The feeling is unreal. And if you're very lucky and get a spurter, you'll have their dirty sticky white stuff in your cunt hole while you cook your husbands dinner.

  • I always hung around the black athletes at high school and fucked for the ones with very large pricks they really filled you up and many could root for hours giving plenty of orgasms but as far as anything serious "no way" they were mostly pretty dumb and would never make good parents.
    I am happily married to a white doctor with an average size member have two children our own home and happy as anything.
    Being with blacks just because of big pricks is a big mistake, they usually treat you like shit.

  • I can't understand people who want sex with someone of another colour. I think its just a self confidence thing really. its like, oh I need to feel different and special so I will go suck off a nig or asian, cuz it makes me feel above others and suck off their specialness that the world wants to joke the world with when in fact nigs and asians etc are not nice and no better anyway.

  • WHAT? I will have sex with any man I find attractive, regardless of his colour.

  • Black men don’t eat pussy and cum too quick

  • I know right and often want there friend or cousin to fuck you also like run a train on you

  • Bigger dicks get limp quicker

  • Black guys are good at buying drinks and getting into your pants, but lousy at paying rent and holding down jobs.


    A white woman who has been there.

  • To be honest, IMO black men know how to treat a girl in bed, but outside of that, I haven't had one good experience. I'm white, married. Sex is 1000X better

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