Boss and my roommmate

I have been living with a girl I knew from college for the last 6 months. She is pretty and fun and I have always had a crush on her, but even though we flirt we were always just friends.

Until recently she had a boyfriend and would spend a lot of time at his place but since she broke up with him we have been hanging out more. Last month I was out with a few guys from work and she texted asking me where we were. She came by and I introduced her. My boss, who had been drinking quite a lot, hit on her hard and she flirted back openly. He is married but she ended up leaving with him.

When I got back to my apartment he was in her room and I could hear them going at it. Now he comes by a couple of times a week to fuck her. He tells me about how amazing she is in bed and what he likes to do to her. One time he even left the door open a little knowing I would watch.

I can barely talk to her about it, because it makes me jealous, but I do jack off in my room every time I hear them.

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  • Tell his wife anonymously which will break them up and give you a chance

  • Boy are you a cuck

  • No, she was never my girlfriend!

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