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When I seen how my wife was acting , and how she would stare dreamingly at a old friend of mine who stopped by for a week. He was on his way to work in Alaska. So anyway I could tell immediately that she was over the top attracted to him. I made a door hanger out of red cardboard and later that day I pulled her a side and handed to her. I told her that I would not be upset and I would not be a dick to her. I said if you want to have sex with him just hang this on our bedroom door and I won't bother you. She said omg no I wouldn't ever do anything like that. I told her that this is a once in a lifetime chance. So later that evening we ran out of beer , I drove to the store and when I came back. The hanger was on the door knob to our bedroom. I could hear the obvious sounds of hard sex. I stood by the door dumbfounded listening to him pounding at my wife. I have never heard her making those kind of noises or being that loud. After a few minutes I heard him say I'm fucken cumming. I went outside to the deck and opened up a beer. He came out said something about me being a true friend grabbed a beer and went back into my room and closed the door. The rest of the afternoon and all night I lay in the living on the couch listening to him fuck her over and over. The next day. He came out around 1030 am shook my hand and said that he had to leave earlier than expected. I went to the room after he left my wife was laying on her side naked I could see the gaps in her pussy and ass. I asked her if everything was ok. She said yes and said she was embarrassed. I asked why. She told me that he was massive and could go on and on. She said that she had multiple orgasms and no matter what he just kept doing her. I wish I could have prevented this now I wish I didn't allow it

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  • Good reason not to mix fantasy with reality. The horse is out of the barn so to speak and things will never be the same with you. Get used to your new normal dude!

  • She will come around and find pussily for you also. Did you fuck her cum filled pussy or eat it ?

  • We had sex the next day. She didn't want it anymore at that point

  • I’ve been begging my wife to do this! Except I want to watch and then fuck her cum filled pussy as soon as the other guy is done, that part is non negotiable.

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