Neighbors girlfriend

My 25 year old neighbor had been trying to get me and my wife to go out and meet his new girlfriend. She happens to live about 30 minutes away. We decided on a Friday night and of course she was pretty cute brunette around 5’7 and nice round booty and perfect puffy tits.
As the night went on and we had drinks Justin asked me what I thought of her. I told him she was very cute and I thought they would make a great couple.As we continued to drink I noticed she focused on asking me questions on what I did for a living etc.. After a while the flirts became obvious and I was at the point I felt awkward with my wife and Justin listening in. They all thought it was just the alcohol and just laughed it off.
Then the talk started about how she liked older men and older men with dimples and touch of grey was very hard for her to keep her eyes off. About that time I felt a leg rubbing across the table. I thought it was just a mistake and moved my foot. When I looked over at her.. her eyes were focused on me. I tried to play it off without making it obvious. Soon after more beers and shots kept coming our way. After about an hour my wife stated everyone should just come back to our house. So it was decided that Maria ride with me and Justin ride with my wife. I really didn’t think that was a good idea but it was also my chance to tell her I couldn’t allow her to continue with the flirting. In my SUV she let it out how lucky my wife was and if she was in her position she’d be banging my brains out.
She then told me how she was very attracted to older men. I told her I found that out at the table. After a short time later her hands go right for my crtotch and she attempted to get inside my zipper. Oh how I wanted her young mouth all over my cock. After telling her no she ask me why my cock felt like it was getting hard. She kept telling me to pull over cause she wanted me to fuck her good.She also said all young girls have a thing for older men and that she sent a ic of me to her friends and they all thought I was attracted. I thanked her and She kept rubbing my cock and kept telling me she just wanted to touch it and hold it. I said I think you should really stop already and she commented that she would never change her mind about wanting to fuck me. As we got home we had a few more drinks with them both and to be honest Maria brought back some fire in my life.She wasn’t just some simple looking girl she was really attractive. The more I looked at her the hotter she appeared. After they left my wife said she thought Maria was cute and has nice big boobs. After we got in my wife told me she knew Maria wanted to fuck me. It sorta turned her on and before you know she was riding my cock and was telling me she would have fucked me good.
She knew Maria would jump my body once we left and she knew it wouldn’t take long. My wife fucked me so good that night and now every time Maria comes over my wife tries to give us some alone time. This has changed our sex life


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  • I am 36 and my wife 27 and for the past few months my wife keeps calling one neighbor over for coffee when she knows I am going to be there then she all of a sudden has to make a trip to the store to pick up some damn thing she forgot leaving her friend and I together then it starts. She starts in flirting then kissing me my hands roam and I'll admit she has the firmest breasts I've even seen on a woman. One thing leads to another and I got my hard cock ball deep in her tight cunt fucking her to no end, she's screaming and I'm bellering like a bull moose filling her with my cum no sooner getting cleaned up and in walks my wife.

  • Your wife is amazing.

  • You drunk and drove?

  • One of the few times but yes I did

  • In my early twenties had an ex that brought over his older friend and his wife once. I was super into older guys, and he was hella handsome. One drink turned into two, and so on sort of thing and the topic came up on how they were swingers and it changed their sex life.

    I was super experimental then so when offered the chance I jumped at it, maybe a bit to readily, me and the older guy went to the bedroom and his wife stayed in the living room. He literally rocked my world.

    It got bad for me. Because I started having sex less and less with my boyfriend and more with him, once even together with his wife. I broke up with my boyfriend a few months later and stayed friends with them, and actually started dating one of their friends, who was also a swinger. I had some wild rides, but I always felt kind of bad for ditching him like that.

  • Hey, don't feel guilty. Some guys are more exciting than others. I have shared my wife with some guys who were a lot better than me.

  • Your wife is fucking Justin.

  • I wouldn’t have any doubts about that either

  • For your wife to say those things and allow the flirting, she must be pretty cool. My wife would chop my balls off. Say, do you think Justin wants to bang your wife? This might have potential.

  • I think he feels the same about my wife. Sometimes wonder if it was all intended to work both ways. I wouldn’t put it past my wife to do something like play with him. After all he’s young and handsome

  • We get too hung up on the possessive stuff. Sex with the same person can get very boring. Sharing can add a lot of excitement to a marriage. That is why we got into swinging. No real commitments and lots of great sex. I recommend it.

  • Oh, I should add that my wife lets her boss have sex with her whenever he wants it too. No problem. Has not hurt her income! LOL

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