My Wifes Naked Pictures

Years back when we were still using film in our cameras i would talk my wife into taking naked pictures. she a very private person but she definitely is a MILF and has some young admirers in out neighborhood. she was very reluctant to let me take the pictures especially when i had her spread her legs and took close-ups of her puss, tits and asshole.

it made her very nervous that naked pictures of her existed at all and made me promise never to show them to anyone. what she didn't realize was i had to get them developed. i used our local CVS where she regularly shopped. there was a kid maybe 17 or 18 that worked behind that counter. he was another admirer of hers and he knew us as regulars in the store.

the first time i dropped of film to be developed i told him i had some shopping to do and he said he could have them ready in an hour. i made a point of asking him to make sure the machine didn't over expose them then i walked to a place where i could watch him work.

the machine they used had this waterfall like chute where the pictures would come up and be displayed for a long few second before descending down to the catch tray. from where i stood i could see the prints.

the first few pictures began to drop and he walked over to check on their quality. he unsuspectingly picked them up and started to look through them. there was a look of disbelief and then panic as he looked around quickly to see if i saw him looking. he didn't see me and went back to looking through every one.

after they all dropped i walked over to the counter where he was just stuffing them into the envelope. he was embarrassed and very nervous as he fumbled to take my money and give me my pictures. while i waited for my change i glanced over at the machine and another set of my pictures were printing. he kept a copy.

as it happened we had to go back to the store later that afternoon to drop of film from a birthday party we had attended. i told my wife to drop it off while i picked up a few things then i watched from my vantage point as she unsuspectingly was talking to the boy that had pictures of her naked. he knew every square inch of her naked body and it was still fresh in his mind.

i watched as he walked to the back counter behind the machine and took out some pictures and looked at them then back at her. it was such a turn on.

2 months ago

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    • Too funny. I did the same with my hot older sister, taking topless, full-nudes, and nude posed pics of her with a film camera. We did a lot, and I burned a lot of film on her, but, she was into being photographed naked and my telling her what to do. I'd take them to a local, private (not chain store) developer who, the first time, told me "we don't develop nudes or porn". I felt awful about even trying, but, he did do them that first time. I paid for them, and he pulled me aside, saying the owner was there that day so he had to say what he said to me, but..Keep bringing in as many of her as I took, she was hot, sexy, and obviously would do any pose I told her to do.

      Of course, there was a cost of doing business thing. He got to keep 3 of her, always nude and posed, and I had to pay him a personal fee of an extra $10 each time. I made sure he meant each time I came in and not per roll, and he was fine with that. As for nudes of her, my only rule with him was, only yours. No showing them to other guys or friends (even though having her seen naked and posed for me really got me going). I'd pay the extra 10, he could keep 3 nudes of her, and we had a deal. From that point on, I'd bring him multiple rolls of my nude, posed, hot older sister, he'd get all excited when I went in, and he'd even suggest poses he'd like to see her in so when he developed the film, those would be his to keep. I still got to have my naked photo fun with her, and he got extra cash and a few of her for himself. It worked well.

    • When we first got married at 18-yo my wife had been raised in a very strict conservative family in a small town where her father was the preacher. She had a fantastic body at 5-8, 34D-24-35, 110lbs with long red hair she was a knockout. But no one could really tell by the way she dressed. After we got married I was surprised when she let me take some nude pictures of her. But after seeing them she for the first time realized just how hot she really was. So started ordering sexy outfits to take pictures in like garter belts & stockings etc.

      She still had to dress conservatively around town and at work, but we'd go out of town every weekend for her to expose herself. And when we took pictures we'd send them out of town to be developed as it was in the late 70's and few places did developing. The place I bought my camera had developing and was where I took our other pictures for developing.

      We'd been on vacation and I'd taken lots of pictures of my wife in our hotel room in various sexy outfits and a few of her sucking my thick 9" cock. And had also taken pictures of her outdoors naked. But also took pictures of the sights. When we got home I mailed off the sexy pictures and took the others to the local photo store. I went back to pick them up and everyone was acting kind of odd. The guy handed me the envelopes and when I opened one to see how they came out I saw why. I'd by accident brought them the nude pics of my wife. But instead of being upset I was turned on as hell.

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