Naive about K9 anatomy

When I was 16 I dog sat for my sister while she went out of town, I have been a city girl all my life and about the only thing I knew about dogs was they raised there leg to pee. the dog was a bull mastiff and was very friendly. so I didn't mind. The first night my sister was gone I was being nosy and on her home computer. I found some pics on there of her and the dog of what appeared to be of him fucking her. I had already had to brush him away several times from sniffing my crotch, after a bit the notion of having sex with him began to turn me on and removed my panties as I sat on the couch watching tv. It wasnt long before he was at me sniffing and licking. out of curiosity I reached down and felt his cock, it was not much bigger round s my thumb and didn't seem to be to long. I got on my hands and knees and before I knew it he mounted me and began humping. IT didn't take long for him to hit my pussy and and he ran that hot poker up inside me hard and fast omg it was longer than what I thought and decided that this wasnt a very good idea after all. I tried to get out from under him but he held me tight to him he was filling me up now and I felt a huge swell just inside my pussy, I knew nothing about a dog having a knot on his cock. he continued to pound into me and although it hurt a bit it did feel good. he pounded me for almost a minute then got still pressing deeper and continuing to swell and grow in length. I felt his cock spasm and a hot rush of dog cum blasted deep in my pussy it was very hot causing me to arch my back , when I moved under him he began thrusting again for about 15 seconds and stopped, again I could feel him swell and another hot load of cum spewed deep into me for what seemed like forever, that and what felt like a fist inside me took me over the edge and I began to cum my cunt milking that huge cock. I rocked against it and this brought on another flurry of humping with him driving deeper in causing me to cum again. Again he stopped and began to swell again and before long he let me have another massive hot load. by this time I dared not move, I was ready for him to get off me but whatever that was that was swole up in my pussy wasn't gonna come out my pussy. it took all of 15 or 20 min for it to get small enuff to pull out my pussy and then the swollen shaft popped out followed by a massive amount of dog cum that poured out of me on the floor. I turned around and looked at his swollen red cock hang there. I almost fainted when I saw his cock, I couldn't believe I had all that up inside me a good 8 inches and a knot almost the size if my fist. he began to lick my swollen pussy and I let him it felt good after being fucked, even though I was sore as hell afterwards I let him fuck me again the next day and really enjoyed it more that time. we actually fucked about 20 minutes, I made him cum about 5 times before he quit fucking me. I now have 4 bull mastiffs of my own 10 years later and enjoy the multiple fuckings they can give me at anytime

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  • My first time was several years ago when I was 16. our neighbors big bull mastiff got loose and started in chasing me tearing my clothes from my body he knocked me down several times making an attempt to fu ck my ass and pussy. Several attempts he finally hit his mark it was like a little finger going in and out of me lightening speed then he pulled me back hard against him and his cock started in growing and growing and longer deeper thicker I found I was tied with him.
    For nearly 25 minutes he was stuck on me and out of no where he plopped out of me turned and I saw his massive cock and knot and I couldn't believe I had all of that in me. And his cum flowed out of me for the longest time and wet my panties for weeks.

  • How deep could you take this one in your throat ?
    Fill your hungry lil tummy from both ends, boy.

  • I was sucking other boys cocks before I was 13 years old, I really liked to suck on older boys cock, I liked how big they were. I had a fetish for sucking big cocks very young. I was home alone after school watching t.v., I was watching our family dog licking his cock. I thought that it would be great if I could lick my own cock, then the thought that I could suck the dogs cock came to me. So I got onto the floor with him, I started to masturbate him which he liked. I couldn't believe how big his cock was fully erect, nine inches long and thick with lots of veins and bright red. I learned right away that I couldn't touch his cock with my hands and had to hold it behind his knot. I had know idea what his knot was about for another couple years, I learned what and what not to do after sucking his cock every day after school for a couple of weeks. His cock tasted better than I thought, and his cum tasted better than the boy's I tasted. Dogs continuously squirt cum out when there erect ,I would always try and swallow as much as I could. I learned to control my gag reflex and I could swallow all of his cum when he blew his load in my mouth. I was 18 years old when I first took my dogs knot in my asshole, it was painful when he rammed his cock and large knot in me, I took him and loved it. It was amazing feeling his cock and knot swell and grow bigger and bigger inside me, then the sensation of him shooting a gallon of hot cum in me while his huge knot rubbed on my prostate gland, the ultimate orgasm.

  • I would love him in my man pussy.

  • I so badly want to try this. But I don’t know how to make it happen.

  • Do you let your sister join you?

  • Very hot

  • Yeh see you got to do this stuff to be regal now. so regal !

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