So easy to Crossdress

I have been a cross dresser for about 10 years, I am a straight male 29 and dress plus total makeup at home with the full support of my wife, I shop for my own femme gear without embarrassment and purchase a lot from the net, there are an amazing array of excellent shops for specific cross dresser/sissy wear, I have never been disappointed by the fit (particularly where you advise body sizes) the comfort and quality.
I have recently began going out in public with my wife while femme and it is just so very sexy because I am certain I pass well, the only thing is she does all the ordering when we have lunch or coffee out.
These days it is just so very easy I really hope femme males are not just staying in the closet, you don't have to be gay just enjoy yourself, we have two married friends that cross dress and we all go to each others house at least once every three weeks dressed for a nice evening.

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  • Your so very lucky to have an understanding and supportive Mother in Law obviously your wife is also.
    My wife just tolerates my cross dressing and is afraid others may find out, I am not allowed to wear makeup, wigs at all or femme dress for very long even in the house she does not mind me wearing panties, bras, nighties, butt plugs and masturbating while she watches or video's she keeps saying she is going to obtain a cock cage and lock me up.

  • My Mother in Law brought over a very sexy sleeveless Black shiny PVC zipper dress plus black PVC panties the other day that she got off the net and thought I would like they are just so wonderful, as with everything she buys for me I had to let her watch me shower and put them on to model for her she likes seeing me get a horn.

  • Your so correct initially when I started wearing panties, bras and nighties about 15 years ago it was extremely hard to shop so my wife always purchased any female items I needed, things have certainly changed over the years especially with ordering off the net it is just so easy I usually use a Sissy store a bit expensive but once you notify your sizes everything turns up just perfect and the quality is first rate, I have purchased many outfits for 4 years and wear them a lot they are all as good as new.
    My wife ordered a cock cage about 3 years ago, plastic with internal lock it is just so discreet and comfortable I feel lost when she unlocks me for sex/shaving/cleaning

  • I must agree particularly about obtaining cross dresser and sissy gear off the web it is fantastic, my wife still accompanies me to purchase lingerie and other female gear plus makeup etc. from the stores.

  • Do you fuck or suck dudes like a real girl ?

  • Certainly not, if you read the post correctly I explain that I am straight, so please don't be so rude.

  • I too am a cross dressserI let men fuck me and men off to like a girl
    love taraxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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