Pregnant but not with my husband

I’m pregnant and it’s not my husband’s.

I (28F) met this 20 yr old on the subway to work over a month ago and he’s been fucking me almost everyday for a month. He’s twice as long and three times as think as my hubby; with an athletic build. I’ve only ever sucked my hubby off twice (wedding night and honeymoon) but I let this boy fuck me in all types of positions and use me like his cheap whore. First couple days he used a condom then made me start taking the pill so he could dump his semen inside my womb.

We’ve always fucked right after work at a hotel near a station (sometimes even before work), but since last two weeks he’s begging me to take him to my home. I conceded a week ago. I decided on a Friday to take a sick day, but he begged I take Thursday off as well. I told my boss I’m sick on Thursday and we fucked all over my apartment that day. As soon as I opened the door, he picked me up and took me to my marital bed and made me his. Then we fucked all over the apartment – mine and my hubby’s home. Before leaving, he told me not to take the pill. On Friday, he told me to put on my wedding dress… I was sure I got pregnant on Thursday, but being impregnated by him with my wedding dress on is an orgasmic thought in and of itself.

If it’s a boy, I’ll name him after my Lover. And honestly, I don’t have any intention to stop seeing him; might even have another of his babies in the future. I mean, he did tell me “[he] has like a dozen bastards.”

P.S. He’s Muslim. Imagine that, right?

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  • Like the royal princess in uk!

  • They are pregnant all the time, haven't you noticed in the news. all the news they are pregnant all the time.

  • This is why I don't trust anyone

  • I thought they only fuck sheep and not PIGS like you

  • I thought Muslim's fuck their girls up the arse, going to be a bit difficult giving your new child religious lessons

  • Yeah...imagine that LMFAO

  • Https://

  • Again with this one? WTF???????

  • Wow...ur stupid

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