A fantasy

My wife and I met when she was studying to become a nurse and I was driving for UPS. she worked as a waitress and I had stopped for lunch and we talked and soon I was stopping there whenever I had the chance and we dated for awhile and became engaged then we married.
We started a family right away but after our second child we decided it was enough so I has a vasectomy .
Looking back I should have known that Susan was more driven than I was and after she became a nurse she started climbing the ladder of success while I was still just a driver and that was all I really anted I loved doing it but she pushed and I to began to reluctantly climb myself until after 14 years I am a foreman but she still keeps pushing me to climb higher she is already the head Nurse in her station
She is relentless pushing me and I have fought back I went from doing a job I loved to one I hate to show up for every day.
I have offered to let her divorce me but she wont do it because I want the children we have an older use in the Historical district with a Mother in law unit in the back so I moved my things back there and our kids have moved in with me.
Susan s very successful and has many friends and long ago I found out that she was taking lovers whenever it helped her in her endeavors and I have learned to hate her .
Since this virus has locked down most of the business and I have seen footage of BLM and ANTIFA rioting and demanding what waited people have and I ha heard of many rapes that are never punished and I have began to have fantasies Of her being raped by many men in public. One of my favorites is when we are in a restaurant having dinner and a crowd of these black thugs show up and start making demands Susan is obnoxious I can see when one of them come up to our table and demand money or reach for something on her plate that she will stand up and either slap the guy or scream in his face she is so full of herself she thinks she can get away with anything and the black slaps her back and she is dazed from the blow as the guy looks at me and grabs her by the hair and spins her around bending her over the table pulling her dress up above her waist.
Susan is still dazed as she looks up at me and demands do something Jerry but I see more of his followers behind him and I am unable to move as the guy rips her panties off and kicks her feet apart and I can see the outrage on her face as she screams do something Jerry but I see him holding his huge cock in his hand as he moves into position and Susan is still screaming at me but her screams are cut odd in mid scream when he jams his cock into her.
I live this fantasy and he grabs her hips and pulls her back onto his cock and begins to wildly fuck her as she is still screaming at me to make him stop and when he cums and pulls out another black guy with a huge cock replaces him and then another and another until my wife finally succumbs to their friction and she is no longer fighting just screaming in one orgasm after another and it is being witnessed by all of the people she once looked down on.
Yes that is my fantasy I hope it ever happens because I still have feeling's for her she is my children's Mother but I cherish this fantasy.

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