Showed my wife her doppelganger

A few months ago, while my wife and I were on our first vacation alone post-baby, we were drinking and flirting and having fun. I do not remember how it came up, but the topic of porn came up and she asked if I ever watch, what i watch, etc. I said that I'll watch on my phone occasionally but only when we go a couple days without sex or BJ. She asked what I like watching and because I was inebriated, I said, "I actually watch Ginger Lea almost exclusively. She looks identical to you." My wife laughed and told me I was full of it. I pulled up her picture and my wife stopped laughing and said "Holy shit, that is me. I think I have that dress!" I said, "I know. the video that the picture is from is my favorite because of that." She just smiled and changed the subject. later on, after dinner, as we walked back to the room, she said, "Let's watch my twin and you can do anything that happens in the video." My eyes opened wide and said, "Anything?" "Yep." Needless to say, I had a lot of fun that night. I'm confessing now because last night, when I got home from work, she surprised me by having my mother take the baby for the night and by wearing the exact outfit from the video (bra, panties, heels and dress). I stopped dead in my tracks and she said, "I have watched it 20 times since vacation. I have it memorized. Let's go." My wife is the greatest.

12 months ago

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    • This is the best. I told my wife a few years ago that she looked a lot like this actress that did a couple adult films...Torrey Pines (like the golf course). My wife of course looked her up and then got super pissed at me because that actress is clearly a fucking idiot, but I also got really good sex the night that she looked the actress up, so I have to assume that it wasn't all bad.

    • OP here: introducing my wife to this actress has been a godsend. She has now watched other videos of her and we've replicated those as well. Including an anal scene she did wearing knee high boots and a sheer/see-thru top.

    • I took pics of me eating her pussy and then embedded cock deep into her. She got angry initially but gradually they turn her on to have sex. Later on I started to take pics of her post-orgasmic cunt - bit of gaping and cum oozing slowly. I am planning to video them with her consent. Is there anyone into such acts?

    • Have you ever considered that woman on the porn site is your wife?

    • Sounds like your wife is earning some money doing porn.

      Unless it's her evil twin, of course.

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