She liked it too much

I'm 33, lesbian, and have been married to my partner Kristine for two years. We've talked about having a family, possibly adopting, but we've decided to try pregnancy. She's not into getting pregnant, but I'm actually looking forward to it, so I will carry the baby. I love the idea of starting a family with her.

We looked into using a clinic/donor, but it's expensive, so we've been trying it naturally. The guy we decided to be our sperm donor is a mutual friend of ours named Ken. He's intelligent, fit, no family history of addiction, cancer, etc. He's okay with the fact that he will have no involvement with the child once he/she is born. It's a little complicated in that he's married and his wife doesn't know that he is doing this for us, but what she doesn't know won't hurt her.

We've been having Ken over for sex when I'm at the right point in my fertility cycle. I'm very lesbian, a butch type (though I hate that word), not into guys at all. Ken and I would screw for literally a few minutes, until he finished. Very clinical, no foreplay. His dick feels nice, but I'm not attracted to guys at all. Unfortunately, we've been trying for three months and I still haven't gotten pregnant.

The last time Ken and I had sex, Kristine wanted to be there to watch/be involved. I said it was all pretty clinical, but whatever, go ahead. The thing that shocked me was when she gave him a bj to get him hard, before he fucked me. That was not something I expected from her. Then she asked if she could try him out too, and I said, "Uh, are you bi?" She said no, but she just wanted to know what he felt like. I was upset, but I'm a grown up and said whatever. Well, Ken fucked her for a couple of minutes and Kristine had a massive, leg-shaking orgasm. I couldn't handle it.

Ken made sure to give me his sperm, but seeing Kristine, the love of my life, in the throes of ecstasy pissed me off. I'm trying to get pregnant for the good of our family, but Kristine obviously likes cock. I can't stand the thought that she might be bisexual. I just want her to be a lesbian and be with me--forever.


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  • Give her a good dicking with a big strap on;)


  • All caps really gets the point across huh????

  • You act like she cheated on you or something, but she didn't. Let her enjoy a little dick. Maybe both of you can get knocked up.

  • Psycho get cock and you don’t want her to have any?? That’s being selfish. Go play with your power tools and drive the Subaru or something mean lesbians do.

  • So she liked it? Big deal. She just likes the full experience of sex sometimes.

  • You have serious issues. 1. Ken should not be fucking you to get you pregnant without his wife's knowledge. 2. You are a jealous type. Really. If Kristine is bi, deal with it. She still is likely 100% committed to you, but why shouldn't she try Ken too, when you have been fucking him for 3 months to get preggers? Lighten up, you dyke.

  • Ok. You're psycho and need to get over yourself.

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