Dental Assistant

I was at the dentist for my 6-month visit. He had a very pretty 17-year-old Hispanic dental assistant. She was sweet with some residual baby fat. My dentist had to step away and she and I chatted. she told me she had to go to the tanning booth after work.

She was of the impression she couldn't get skin cancer from a tanning booth. I told her she could and she grew concerned. i asked if she knew what to look for and she said she didn't. she asked me if i knew. i told he i did. What she asked next surprised me. she asked if i could check her to see if she had anything she should be concerned about.

I agreed and told her to come to my house after work not fully expecting her to show. well she did. i had her come to my bedroom and handing her a bathrobe go into the bathroom and take off all her clothes since she tanned naked.

when she came out i took the robe without objection and had her lay on the bed on her back while i examined her. for the next hour i carefully went over every square inch of her body from her scalp to between her toes. i carefully checked all around her breasts, her nipples, under her arms, behind her ears, between her legs making sure i spread her pussy open to see it all. I made sure that i gently rubbed her clit while i was looking which caused her to squirm and get wet. i checked her ass spreading her cheeks open and examining her backdoor. she had a very pretty body and smooth skin.

she just laid there and let me look at all of her. i really enjoyed myself.

Jul 10
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    • You should have licked her asshole you idiot

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