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My husband asked why my "number" was so high, and I had to tell him the truth. He didn't like it at all and I'm not sure what to think. My number is 26 but of those are my husband, 4 boyfriends, 2 FWB, and 19 one timers. He asked why so many one timers. In high school it got around that I was a slut even though I wasn't. I had only had sex with two guys by 11th grade. Word got around. One of my best friends was a guy who had never had sex and was a senior and wanted to before graduating. I said I'll do it with you just so you could get that out of the way. We did it and Word got around about that. Other friends asked if we could do it and I ended up being a lot of guy's first. Most would cum really quickly and others wouldn't be able to get hard and we'd try again another day. I found with the guys who couldn't get hard I could ease their nerves by being face down butt up and they'd touch me and finger me without me seeing them then they'd get hard and have sex with me. Some guys chickened out completely and ask for a BJ or ask to just explore my body and they'd get men naked and feel me and finger me and get comfortable with me then they'd want a hand job ot blow or even we're ready to have sex. Some wouldn't even last a minute before cumming and others wanted to try everything they'd ever seen in porn. A couple of guys wanted vaginal, anal, and oral and I'd be willing to do it all. I'd show them how to kiss and how to feel a girl's body and what I liked and how to do it. I'd usually be th or first kiss, their first pair of boobs touched, their first BJ, first sex ever. It was sort of fun having sex with a lot of guys over the last year of high school. Every guy is so different, the way they kiss the way they feel the way their penises look and taste and the way they feel inside me. I liked it.
I explained to my husband that the number is high because of the one timers that I experimented with in HS. He didn't like it at all and was visibly unsettled. I don't see it as a bad thing, it was experimenting and learning about sex to me. After high school in college I had four sex partners total before I met my husband. I probably should have just told him that number instead.


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  • My wife is very attractive, her number is over 35 .We have been married over 20 yrs. and from time to time we talk about the past . We both get a good laugh out of it all . I suspect she has had a few lovers that she didn't tell me about, you know the guys who really got her to cum over and over. Everybody has someone like that in their past.

  • In HS my number was pretty low (2). By 22 it was up to 6. It stayed that way until I got divorced when I was 29, and from that point until I remarried at age 37 it went up another 10, so 16 guys total. Had some great sex with guys in my 30's, or my "horny 30's" as I call them. A lot of it wasn't even dating, just hanging with male friends and fucking.

  • I only had sex with four different guys before college but by the time I was a junior in college I have no idea how many different guys. I fell right into sex head first and never looked back, there were parties where everyone was naked and we had sex for a few hours.

  • My pretty wife says 10+, so do I. We didn't meet till we were mid 20's. We did it on the first date. She says if she like her date, and he wanted sex, they had sex. Sometimes it was months since her last sex and she was only too eager. Her true number is probably closer to 20. How could I be mad at what she did before me? We went to her hometown bar once. Two guys bought us beer after beer. I quizzed, did you do it with either? "Both."

  • My wife told me in the 70's a work associate told her he never had a BJ. She was 22, he was 48 married, handsome, ww II Vet. So on June 6, 1974, she gave him a D Day gift, his first blow job. And I think that's so cool, even though we were going together, engaged.

  • I've never told my husband, but my number was pretty high in high school (14). I too used to be the "first" for many guys. They liked playing with my tits and thick ass. I especially liked to screw guys who were a grade or two older. I made friends with a lot of them that I wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

  • A lot of the guys I was with were younger, some my age. But when freshman guys found out a Junior girl would have sex with them to help them lose their virginity...

  • Well look at the weight just falling off me and how trim and hot I am starting to look with all this weight loss.

  • Who gives a shit I've had more than that in a is fun..enjiy just be safe

  • 27 you fucking whore did you pull trains get gang banged

  • My wife did.

  • I wish I knew you in High school.

  • I do not even know my number. My husband has never asked me about it and I think I would lie to him anyways and tell him something like four. I love sex and from about my junior year in high school thru the end of college if it had a condom on it I would have sex with it.

  • I say that what you did made you who you are today and if he loves you for who you are your past is part of you

  • Probably... but good for you for being so kind to all those boys. I have had 140 sex partners and love how different every man's cock and taste is as well.

  • You're a fucking whore you sucked off alot of black cocks.

  • My wife has and she always swallowed.

  • My wife hasn't sucked any black cocks (unfortunately), but I sure have! I personally don't understand the fetishizing of race. I've sucked black cocks, white cocks, and latino cocks. They all taste the same, they're all in the same size range, and they all shoot the same tasty cum.
    The only real difference I've ever noticed is that black guys seem to want to fuck my ass more. Fine by me! I only wish that my wife would partake too!

  • My wife has sucked off a lot of black cocks, swallowed their cum too.

  • That's on wife's bucket list. But she's such a chicken.

  • Black, Latino, Native American, Asian, Middle Eastern, White.... I may be a whore, but I am not racist. I like cocks.

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