I kept my job

During the huge economic downturn in 2006 I was working for a pretty large real estate company. I did all the paperwork, filing and just about anything my boss wanted me to do. I had been working there for about five years when all of this happened and we were all worried about losing our jobs because there was nothing going on in the office. Agents were moving out of their offices and working from home or not working at all because they could not afford office rent. We had three people like me in the office and I did not want to lose my job but I knew it was only a matter of time so I thought that I would make sure I would be the last one to be cut loose.
My boss was the owner of the agency, he was a larger man not just in height but also weight, he was very direct but fair in my opinion. I knew he was divorced but I had not idea if he was dating anyone or not. I was and still am married when I worked there and had a pretty nice figure, I received and still do get compliments on my looks. I was not above sleeping with him to keep my job because there was no way we were going to be able to make it on just his income at that time. I knew if I got laid off I would not be able to find any job paying what I made then so I walked into his office one evening after it had really emptied out.
I talked to him about a few office things and then just asked him what his thoughts were on the office staff and our outlook for staying employed. He let out a big sigh and told me that he would most likely be only keeping one of us on. I let that sink in a little bit then I even amazed myself as I looked around and saw no one in the office, I began kneeling down and told him to turn his chair. He asked me what was wrong as he stuck out his hand thinking that I was fainting or something, I pushed his knees apart and moved in between them. He sat there in astonishment looking down at me as I pulled his zipper down, he looked around the office as well then back down at me. I had managed to get his penis out of the front of his pants by now and he slid down in his chair pushing his butt to the edge of it giving me more access. I swallowed it right down and sucked on it long and hard, he let out moans of pleasure as I spent the next fifteen minutes teasing, sucking and stroking him to a very pleasurable orgasm. I sucked and sucked swallowing all of it and kept right on sucking until he was really gasping. I finished up and began tucking all of him back into his pants and then I told him I hoped he would consider keeping me on in the office for as long as he could because I will do that when ever you want if I do not lose my job.
He gave me a look with a smile on his face and told me that he would love to keep me on staff for quite a while.
He then asked if I would mind working from his house maybe twice a week when things really slowed down, I told him I would be okay with that and he went on to ask if maybe when I was working at the house I could not wear any clothes and not mind him touching me. I told him as long as he was respectful I could do that for him.
The first time I showed up at his house was a bit awkward for the first few hours but then he began relaxing a bit. It was just after noon when he asked me to come into the living room, he asked me to sit on ottoman and then lay back. He got down on the floor and put his face between legs. I spent the few hours getting a lot of pleasure from his tongue and fingers. I had a lot of sex during the down turn but I never lost my job and my husband never found out about it.


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  • Ever let him actually fuck you?

  • I'm a guy and didn't have that option to keep my job.Don't think my male boss was into that.However when me and my girlfriend had to move out of our lovely apartment,she got us a place quite cheap as we were only living on her wage till I found a job.I found out she was screwing to pay part rent and when she also kept her job I pretty much figured the late nights at work were her doing sexual favours for her boss to keep her job.

  • Taking one for the team.

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