Confessed to my college roomate

My roommate had just returned from being out and we were talking before going to bed. He told me he was so bummed out because it had been so long since he had sex and he was really just needing a hook up for the night. I thought about it for a minute then told him to go shower up and get in bed, I would give him a blow job. He laughed at first then looked at me seriously and asked me if I would really do that to him. I told him that I had not done it in a few years but that I considered myself bi-sexual and if he was really craving one that badly he could close his eyes and pretend I was who ever he wanted me to be.
He went and showered up pretty quickly then went into his room, we shared a two bedroom apartment so I walked over to his door and it was opened a little bit and dark in there. I opened up the door then closed it so it was plenty dark, reminded me of some of the first times I had given blow jobs in closets. I felt my way to his bed then crawled up there feeling my way until my hand found his cock. I decided to lick him for a bit to get him really hard and turned on so I did just that to his cock leaving it laying on his torso just testing the hell of it. I was flicking my tongue across his head listening to his breathing and hearing him tell me how damn good I was making this feel. I finally sucked his head into my mouth and sucked him a few good times before swallowing him down into my throat, he let out a long moan of pleasure using gods name numerous times. I think a holy shit came out as well as I deep throated him over and over squeezing the head of his cock hard. I lifted my head back up and sucked on his head like a vacuum cleaner, something my friend in high school told me felt incredible and do not stop doing it. He became shaking up and down and his breathing was in gasps as I felt and tasted his first load going across my tongue. I kept plenty of pressure on his head while also running my tongue across the tip. He was in orgasm heaven telling me I was better than any woman he ever had suck his cock.
He was begging me to stop sucking on it as I deep throated him again after his orgasm but after about thirty seconds the tingling wore off and I was able to give him some nice constant sucking again. I felt him getting hard again and he was moaning out asking me when I was going to stop because it really felt great but he was amazed I was still going.
Twenty or so minutes later he was practically not able to breath as his cum again was going across my tongue and down my throat. This time I took it easy on his cock head after he came because I knew it had to be just driving him crazy. I got up and made my way out of his room listening to him still breathing hard and moaning out how damn great that felt.
We got along great even after the blow job and he genuinely was great about it then one night after we had both been studying for a few hours he looked over at me and asked if I would possibly do the same thing to him again. I asked him if he wanted it to be a dark room again because I really enjoyed it that way too then I asked him if he wanted to try standing up for one. He told me he would try it but with the way I sucked him off before he was not sure he would be able to stay standing.
I came into the room totally blind from the darkness, he was supposed to be standing near the end of his bed so I knelt down and began feeling around for him on my hands and knees. I found his legs and felt my way up to his cock again, I got myself positioned in front of him then just sucked him all the way in and began swallowing him until he was hard. He told me that he could not believe how good it felt with all of this cock in my mouth. I released his cock and sucked on his balls for a few minutes ignoring it. He was again breathing hard and gasping occasionally when I popped a testicle out of my mouth. I quickly sucked him down again and did not stop until he came, he managed to stay up but was moving all over the place from my stimulation. He was trying to talk and told me he had to lay down or his legs were going to give out so I stopped and told him to lay down on his bed. I crawled up there and found his cock sucking it deeply into my mouth and concentrating on his head making him pulsate all over the place gasping at how great it felt. It took quite some time to get him to orgasm again but when he did he told me it was the best orgasm of his life. I let his cock lay there afterwards for about a minute while I licked and sucked his balls. He was moaning and gasping the whole time then I licked his length and sucked his head into my mouth. He told me there was no way he was going to have another orgasm and I sucked and stroked on his cock for almost forty five minutes and he came again.
He never sucked my cock but he told me that he would probably never find another person that made him orgasm the way I did for the three years we were roommates.


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