Castrated by ex wife

For quite a few years my ex wife and me played around with the the fantasy that one day she would castrate me as it always made her hot usually at its best when I had my head between her legs licking and sucking her flooding pussy,
-she used to tell me that was where I belonged and how she so preferred my tongue to my cock and that removing my balls would be such an improvement
If I couldn't fuck her and how much better she would taste without my come in her pussy,
I agreed that one day she should castrate me the next day we started researching about castration on the web
We quickly found out about injection, chemical, burdizzo and elastrators
(maureen was fingering herself the whole time and getting herself into a right state) she also came across a Web page with recipes for preparing and cooking testicle, - that did it she came on the spot and started sqirting.
After she'd calmed down we talked and agreed that the elastrator would suit us best, she selected one that was suitable to castrate an adult ram and even came with rubbers she ordered one along with a ten inch dildo.

What followed over the next few years were many intense sessions which always began with my balls being bandied but each time she would remove the band after half an hour or so before it had succeeded in its true purpose.

We eventually separated and didn't see eachother for about six months then one night she text me and said there was something that needed my attention......
I need an inspection an intimate one....
And if you still like the idea of me castrating you.......
I still have the elastrator.....
An hour or so later she arrived looking sexy as ever we sat and talked for a while and eventually the castration thing came up and she confessed that she loved the idea still and that it had always been fantasy while we were together
But now she was not so sure as she really wanted to do it so really did I want it done for real?
We were soon both naked as she pointed out that if I allowed her to castrate me as she had no intent of becoming involved with anyone else even if we were not together she would allow me regular access to her Fanny for the future .....
What followed was me on my back with her gorgeous pussy straddled over my face as she worked her well practiced magic of fitting a band around my balls this time though she quickly fitted a second one.....
Within minutes she was flooding as her first orgasm hit her followed by a second
More followed over and over during this I had felt the familiar ache rising as I felt her hands manipulating the band's presumably to tighten them by the time she said I really need a wee the ache had actually started to reduce, she then asked if I wanted her to remove the band's before she went for her wee I said no and if you want to wee please go ahead I heard the hiss as she released herself and I drank every drop next she moved down the bed and impaled herself in a reverse cowgirl and gasped my pussy is the last one you're ever going to penetrate and in return my cunt is going to be a cock free one from now on as she started to come again I knew her juices were coating the band's helping them slip tighter......

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  • Prince william and kate middlton are BAFTA's Baft bags. SO is prince harry and meghan markle dirty stinky BAFTA's Bags. Bully boy and bully girl BAFTA-BAGS!!!!!! i hope nutmeg and kate has quads next to shut their cunt holes up for ever.

  • Legalize voluntary castration and see how many guys show up. My guess not many.

  • I bet very many would and wives would be happy.

  • 🍒🔪

  • You gotta love how the idiot is pretending to be like a 100 different people in the comments section.
    Jesus, get a fucking life you weird little freak. WE KNOW!

  • And now he’s back. On vacation from his imaginary world no doubt...

  • After reading Wendy' s
    Comments on here maureen finally
    Joined a local group that meets regularly for sex each Saturday night for most of the day she had me licking her pussy as she was flooding with her juices,
    I helped her dress in black panties with matching bra encasing her huge breasts
    And her shaleply legs in stockings and suspenders shortly afterwards she left.
    When she returned home yesterday morning she immediately demanded to be cleaned, she was absolutely covered in dried sperm her pussy was still full of leaking sperm which I lapped up contentedly, to my surprise she had let them peirce her clitoris with a gold ring
    She said that most of the men had fucked her as a welcome to the club
    In future meetings they draw lots for the woman to fuck initialy then fuck others that are available

  • The troll got tired of talking to himself

  • Bulllllllllllshhhiiitttttttttt

  • Have all of you bitches and supposed castrated men given up on this post ?
    Would anyone reply advising as I have thought it is all just bullshit ?

  • Good day girls, neutered and soon to be neutered guys, Don here, Helen is just so wonderful with my feminisation and I am very keen to be neutered but that will not be till October I am taking my medicine twice daily and even though it is probably wishful thinking I appear to be having some changes, I can't wait till my prick and balls reduce I look everyday and shave to keep my pubes trim.
    Today when I got home from work Helen gave me a very sexy black sleeveless PVC leather latex zipper front dress she ordered on the net, because I have a bit of a beer gut I really had to squeeze into it with the zipper done up but did get there eventually, that has made me more determined to workout at the gym to trim down.
    I am ever so excited looking forward to this weekend I am dressing full on femme and we are going out in public for the first time certainly not the last though.
    So sorry Maureen that we are so far away I can assure you Helen would have given you a terrific sexual time, she has started being quite close with a divorced girl about the same age at work they have been having morning tea and lunch together and she just told me today when they met they kissed and cuddled she is positive they are going to get together and is planning on the weekend after next to have her stay asking me to visit my brother so they can be alone together.
    All the best everybody Don xx

  • So it’s set for tomorrow. Jay is going to take off the rest of the week and Susan is going to tighten up his scrotum. He’d like to have it done, he jumped at the idea. It honestly never occurred to me. It’ll also give me an opportunity to relive that night a bit. Since I found this topic, it’s all I can think about. For so long I felt like Susan and I had done something wrong. But we’re all three so much happier now. He still has a bitterness hiding down inside, but understands he’s better off now as my feminine best friend. I’m not sure where to go from there, but maybe hormones? Maybe full makeover? Idk- Sheri

  • That is so good Sheri, things will look and feel a lot better for Jay and I am certain he will be happier, might be a good idea if Sue could prescribe some medicine to help him transform more feminine then I am sure you both will be content.
    Helen xxx

  • Hi Karen, I really hope you have removed Brian's nuts completely by now, I am certain Maureen and Sheri will advise the possibility of all types of infection and you really would not want that, such a great post it is so helpful I know we have all learnt so very much, I have, even though it will not be till October that Don is done we are both so glad things have commenced and we can look forward to every day with excitement to his changes.
    Hey Maureen even though I am not letting Tom fuck for I don't know how long that surely does not mean we can't have some fun, I had a couple of girlfriends during high school and a serious relationship for a few years from 23 to 25 that Don was aware of and supported she moved away but I am keen to get girl fun happening again, I can't stop thinking of your wonderful tit's Darling, I am petite but everybody says I am a pretty brunette and sure I could give you a good time if we are near.
    Love Helen xxxx

  • Hi Helen,
    You sound delightful the though of maybe getting together sounds nice I'm sure we'll have a great time, I'd love to make my tits and pussy all yours, maybe youd like to permit Tom out of chastity to fuck me?
    I'm based in York, hopefully yours
    Love Maureen xx

  • Sorry Maureen other side of the world girl, I would really love being with you but it looks like I might have to try a few girls at work, I have decided that Tom will be locked for five weeks (he has to learn who is in control) after that he will be naked with a leg spreader and cuffed behind I am going to have Don wear panties and bra and pull him off while I video proceedings then he will be locked again for at least two weeks with the threat that if he plays up on me copies of the video will be spread around work and a special one given to the office slut Terrie.
    I am sure Tom will be brought to heel and be more responsive to my demands in the future I really like him being caged so clearly that is going to continue but I do love him fucking me so that will start again.
    Love you Darling Helen xxxxx

  • It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take him to a dr once he’s gelded. They’ll probably give him antibiotics and clean things up. My situation was very fortunate not to need to as Sue had medical training. It’s a wonderful thing I’m sure you’ve already done. I’m so exited for you Karen as well as for Brian and his exciting new role in life. -Sheri

  • Sheri, nice story, could you please advise how his castration has made him more feminine and how his personality and body has changed also did Sue leave or remove the ball sack.

  • She left the ball sack. We considered going back later and removing it. But after the testosterone left his system, there is really nothing sexual about him now. So it doesn’t seem worth the effort.

  • But don't you think things would look a lot nicer neater and tidier without it just hanging around, I think you should it must be pretty easy for Sue

  • That is a good point. I’ll talk to her about it.

  • So I talked to Sue about it. She said it would be an easy procedure if he wanted it. I hadn’t seen his penis in years. I asked him if he’d show me. He did. I can’t believe how much smaller it is than I remembered. I asked him if it could still get hard. He shrugged, said he didn’t know if it could but that it hasn’t in a long time. The loose skin could certainly be tightened up, but it’s not as bad as I remembered either. He wears boy cut panties and has for some time. There is nothing sexual about him, but I have to admit it really turned me on to reminisce about that night. He was pretty bitterly angry for some time, but he now understands the gift we gave him. -Sheri

  • That's great Sheri might be real nice to have him tightened up and looking good, Don is really getting into his feminisation, takes his medicine twice every day, he loves having his cage locked on and wears panties all the time he can't wait to get home dressed, madeup the whole deal, this weekend I am going to take him out probably only to the park for a stroll around see how he goes in public but I am sure he will look and act like a girl.
    Like I he is so keen to see things happening and is ecstatic about being gelded.
    Love Helen xx

  • Helen it’s a good thing you’re doing. And I’m so glad Don is excited by it. It makes my heart happy to know there are other men receiving these proper adjustments, giving up their manhood for the betterment of their women and society as a whole. I’d love to see this all happen on a much grander scale. -Sheri

  • Sheri & Helen,
    My penis has also shrunk since my castration, equally my sexual interest is almost none existant, although on occasion when In bed with Maureen I still get partially erect and penetration is possible but we mostly don't as it not very pleasurable for either of us, neither of us regret what has been done. I still enjoy licking Maureens pussy as I still enjoy the taste.
    I also enjoy the softness of her body sleeping next to me,
    John xx

  • John it’s wonderful how you’re so accepting of your proper role in life. I’d like to see a lot more men be so understanding, so reasonable. How much smaller would you say it is? I was in disbelief seeing Jay for the first time in so long. It was really only curiousity for me as I’m not particularly interested in men anymore. It’s why his castration worked out so well for all of us. Now he is equally uninterested and just a wonderful companion. This whole conversation has me feeling reminiscent and considering further feminization of Jay. I’m more excited than I’ve been in some time.

  • Hi sheri,
    It all started when Maureen found out that her friend had castrated her husband - t certainly had an effect on her!
    -at first she wouldn't tell me but when she did my reaction wasn't the one she was expecting as she wasn't the only one turned on by the idea.....
    For weeks and months after I was practically begging her to do the deed.

    My Cock has abouy halved in size, it used to be 6 1/2"
    When erect , - now if/when it happens it is around 3"
    I always felt inadequate during sex with Maureen as she has a mature womans pussy that would easily accommodate a much larger cock
    Also I have to admit her free flowing juices
    Always was an issue that quickly led to lack of Sensation, her magnificent boobs are something to behold, after reading her exchanges with Helen it seems likely that she will soon be sharing her assets elsewhere, and she has already asked if I'll clean her pussy afterwards......
    I simply said try stopping me.
    John xx

  • So sorry John we are thousands of miles apart, I really would have loved Maureen being fucked by Tom and playing with me, it would have been so fantastic I have been really horny lately Don is so busy with my pussy he thinks he might get lockjaw.
    I am so glad Don is so keen to be feminised I have noticed a degree of change for the better in his attitude and attention since the cage went on and he started wearing female gear he really looks and act's like a woman most of the time now I am certain it will be even more so once his nuts come off but my friend said we probably will start seeing subtle changes within five weeks of his medicine starting because apparently he is taking a large dose.
    When he gets done Don should only have a very small prick and balls anyhow due to the medication so everything should be nice, tight and tidy.
    Keep your tongue and fingers going strong to satisfy Maureen Darling.
    Helen xxx

  • Jay always said his was 7 inches. I suppose so though i never measured lol. When I saw it yesterday it was hardly visible through the hair. It looks like a fingertip. It was really funny. I enjoy him so much more now than I ever did then. All this talk of penis size is really moot with me. Susan can do more with her hands than any man could ever dream of. Thank you for sharing that John. I always enjoy reading such. -Sheri.

  • He’s very docile. He’s not impulsive. He’s slow to anger. He’s more in touch with his emotions. Even physically, he carries weight differently. He has small breasts, less hairy. He’s a lot like having a good girlfriend around all the time.

  • Exactly as I thought Sheri your very lucky, I am going to start secretly giving my man medicine to make him more feminine, I understand it could take some time so the sooner I start the better.

  • I think that’s something all men could benefit from. And it’s something you could do without his knowledge. I wish I’d done so with my son as well. But that’s another topic. -Sheri

  • Hi all, I’m Sheri. I’m so glad I stumbled onto your confessions. I finally decided to share mine. Jay and I had been married 17 years, we’d had our three children, and had settled into a life of consistent boredom and mundane repetition. To put it mildly, the thrill was gone. He was never a great lover but was (and still is) a good companion and a great provider. Divorce was never an option to us. One day I took the family dog to the vet and met Susan. She was a few years older than I, very attractive, confident, secure, and it turns out, gay. She’s not butch by any means, but isn’t totally feminine either, if that makes sense. She and I hit it off very quickly, we started talking daily, hanging out regularly, and before I knew it, having an affair. I began losing interest in Jay, and men in general. Well it wasn’t long before Jay discovered us. Not shockingly he quickly became okay with the situation and wanted me to tell him all about it. That’s a man for you. This went on for some time, then he started pestering us to let him join. This was really not going to happen as Susan wanted no part of men, and I was only tolerating our once a month romps by then. While I was complaining to her one night, she had a suggestion, a procedure that would stop his interest in us. And she could certainly do it. At first I couldn’t see really going through with it, but over time it began to seem like a reasonable idea. I finally told him he could join us, he almost came right then and there. Lol. That night we let him in the bedroom after making him wait outside for a good while first. We tied him to the bed and she gave him a sedative we told him was ecstasy. He quickly became very mellow. He grew concerned when she produced her tools but put up little resistance. I felt bad for him as he just laid there and cried while she opened his sack and extracted his testicles. I had never been so turned on, truthfully neither had Jay. I’d never seen his dick so hard.

  • Wow sheri, love this post
    Maureen xx

  • Thanks Maureen. I’ve been thinking I’d like to share it for some time. But until I read this conversation, I never felt comfortable in doing it.

  • Once his balls were pulled out of hiding, she tied them off with what looked like dental floss. She said he could possibly bleed to death if she didn’t. She gave me the scissors and let me make the final cut. I looked him in his teary eyes as I squeazed them shut. I’ve never felt so empowered as I did relieving him of his manhood for ever. I felt a lot of emotions over what we’d done for a time. And he went through a terrible depression in the weeks and months following. But he’s a happy, well adjusted, platonic companion now. He has no sexual interest at all. Susan and I are still intimate partners, and our home is still intact. Everyone won.

  • How are you Wendy we have sort of left you out of things a bit sorry Darling, are you intending gelding Neil any time soon.
    Helen xxx

  • Hi Helen, yes we're going to look into getting him gelded, after reading sheri's post I'm kind of leaning towards surgical castration
    (sheri you are so lucky knowing sue...)
    Just hope I can find a sympathetic person with the right skills, we had our regular club meet last night and I mentioned it to one of my regular partners, his sister in law is a surgical nurse
    (she came to a meeting once so I have met her) - he said he's going to ask if she might help.
    After reading Maureen and Karen's posts it seems like the elastrator is probably a good second option, one way or another he's getting done.
    Maureen and sheri and not to mention John can't thank you enough for sharing your experiences.
    Wendy p. Xx

  • Wendy darling so great to hear Neil may well be next to be neutered, please keep us up to date, how good is Karen eh already fixed Brian and has a root on the side with the delivery man.
    Love Helen xx

  • However you choose to do it Wendi, I’m excited for you as well. I can’t wait to hear your progress. -Sheri

  • Wendi, the best part of surgical is that it was done in a few minutes. It didn’t give him time to back out (not that Jay had any say in the first place), and it was so empowering to actually take his manhood from him. I get a little tingle every time I think of it. But you’ll need someone who knows what they’re doing. Best of luck-Sheri

  • Oh good more of this shit....

  • Hi Maureen, wonderful to hear your thinking of getting into cock again, I wish I could loan you Tom for a while he is 19 tall, handsome,muscular and has a fantastic cock with horn he is just over 7" and 6 1/2" circumference, he came from the country and I did all of his training at work so it was easy to crack onto him, he was a virgin to boot, he is coming along quite well as a lover we recently started anal and even though I used thick butt plugs and plenty of lube I still get a very sore bum when we do it but I am starting to stretch for him, in my cunt he really fills me and gives a wonderful orgasm always holding till I at least have three.
    Don is so excited about what will happen to him he has already started wearing my sexy panties under his work suit and can't wait for the weekend shopping I have also given him an old pair of heels to practice with.
    This weekend I am also going to the adult store for a chastity cage for Tom as the young girls at work are sniffing around him all the time now, I told him the other day and he sort of does not mind even though I am 28 he is madly in love with me so what I want goes.
    Talking to my friend it looks like Don should be ready for removal about October she wants to ensure everything is 100% so we will all be happy when they are off.
    Love you Darling, Helen xxxxx

  • Hi Helen, Tom sounds perfect! Reading about your situation has certainly got me thinking about a nice cock to fill my pussy..
    Mmmm. (my hubby was only six inches and five around before I gelded him) I would like to try a bigger one, - I have a ten inch dildo and can take that easily, on balance I'd love to borrow tom and have him fuck us both just mentioned this to John he doesn't mind at all, he's even said that you sound great he wouldn't mind the cleaning duties for both of us
    How good is that.....
    Love Maureen xx

  • That is so good Maureen but maybe I would prefer you to clean me out, would you be up for that ?
    Incidently did John become more feminine when he lost his nuts ?
    Reading below it appears Brian is going to be gelded next, good on Karen.
    Love you Darling Helen xxxxx

  • Yes John became more feminine, his cock has reduced in size (shrivelled really) a he has enlarged nipples almost like mini boobs.
    Yes I've been following Karen's posts and I can't wait to find out if she had the delivery guy drop by what she had him deliver,
    and of course when/if she's going to geld Brian

  • Thanks Maureen, it will be so good when Brian's nuts come off, I don't think Karen will stuff around she seems like an action girl so I bet we have another gelding soon.
    I am a bit disappointed that I have to wait for Don to be neutered till October but then again I will be interested to see how the medication goes it will be great seeing his prick and balls reduce, titties and nipples enlarge plus body hair reduction, we signed him up to a nearby gym and I told the trainer I want him to look as much as possible like a girl.
    There is Tom's car pulling into our drive his cock will be in me soon.
    Love you, Helen xxxxx

  • Hi Helen, as we speak Brian's nuts are banded!!
    - (maybe you're right about me being and action girl...) - sure enough the elastrator arrived yesterday afternoon unfortunately
    The package was torn open and the tool showing the delivery guy asked is that what I think it is? —yes I answered its a castration tool, oh he said, in a moment of chance I asked him if he fancied a coffee,
    He accepted, whether or not it was my rock hard nipples showing through my bra less
    T-shirt it was my dripping pussy (I could certainly smell it) really don't know but suffice to say within a few minutes I was bent over the back of my settee with him all the way up my cunt impaled on his lovely cock the elastrator was lying on the coffee table in front of us, what's that for he said
    -my husband I gasped, why is he a farmer?
    I said no its to castrate hims with!
    How does it work?
    -said ill show you if like.....
    OK he said, - I told him to pull out and in under two minutes I had him banded!
    I had him fuck me for over an hour solid
    Before I cut the band releasing him.
    Brian's turn began tonight absolutely loving it.
    Karen b.

  • That is just so fantastic Karen, I am so envious and horny right now, hope you have the delivery drivers number you should use him in future.
    Please let us know when Brian's nuts are off and he is properly gelded.
    Love Helen xxxx

  • Hi Helen,
    Wow! - is all I can say about the last 24 four hours, I banded Brian last night, at first we were going to just 'play' however the play turned into a bit of an epic, he had me every way possible, it's been years since he was that hard, carried away in the moment (s)
    I suddenly thought about the time the band had been in place,
    (around two and a half hours) at which point Brian was busy with his face between my thighs, I said Brian we need to check your balls, when I turned on the light his balls were very dark almost black and cold to the touch, I started squeezing them and digging my nails in he said he couldn't feel anything except the dull ache which at one point he said was actually hurting quite a bit he then said it looks like its too late i think you should fit more bands and finish the job
    -as long as your sure I said, he nodded as I reached for the elastrator.....
    That was last night, I woke this morning to the sensation of his hard cock nuzzling my pussy I pushed back and impaled
    Myself as I thought wow after all this time I finally castrated him who knows this may be the last time he fucks me?
    I'm pretty sure his balls are now dead
    I'm going to remove them as Maureen did with John's.
    Yes I did get the delivery mans number
    -more capers ahead there I think....
    Sounds like you and Maureen have hit it off
    I'm sure your playtime will be fun,
    Karen B.

  • Oh Karen how terrific, let me on behalf of the other girls congratulate you darling such a great effort, better get those nuts totally removed as soon as possible so no infection sets in, I suspect Brian may be walking bow legged for a while, I bet the next thing is Brian will want to start wearing lingerie, sexy panties will be a good fit for him now sweetie.
    Best of luck with the delivery man.
    Love Helen xxxx

  • Helen, - great news! - Britain is done I cut his balls off this morning! Completely dead and virtually bloodless it was so easy I can't believe it. After removal I carefully took them from the sac and they are now floating in a glass jar filled with vodka
    This I going on a shelf in our bedroom,
    After talking to Brian he's agreed to move into the spare bedroom, I'm in such a state at the moment
    (changed my panties 3 times since breakfast!!)
    I've made a call and I'm expecting the delivery man with a large package for me
    Later, he loved the banding the other day so who knows?...... 😁

  • That's fantastic Karen, your certainly an action girl, I hope your delivery man is a real nice root Darling.
    Helen xxx

  • That’s wonderful. -Sheri

  • I know I’m anxious to hear about the progress. I’m so excited for you as well Karen. Maybe I should’ve gone ahead and feminized Jay. But I was really only interested in eliminating the sexual element of him.

  • Yes Helen I'd definitely be up for that,
    Mmmm my pussy is flooding at the thought,
    And my nipples are hardening, (did I mention I have 'f' Cup boobs...? )
    Love you Helen,
    Maureen xx

  • That's great Maureen, you did say you were a large woman but F cup boobs how do you manage them, I am very horny now thinking of playing with you and having Tom service you I am certain it would just be the best, we got Don's lingerie, makeup, wigs, suspenders, stockings, a skirt and blouse yesterday and he can't stop dressing up, like a kid he is.
    I am so glad that gelding will make him more feminine I hope his medication works as well as my friend has suggested he will be such a wonderful gurl.
    Today I got the chastity cage for Tom and told him to come over we are going to have an afternoon of sex, I have decided that he will be locked for an initial period of two weeks as long as he's a good boy.
    Incidently Maureen what city/town are you living in, it would be fantastic if you were nearby.
    Love you Darling, Helen xxxxx

  • Hi Helen,
    Yes F- cup!, causes real problems buying bra's and swimsuits particularly as I like girly sexy stuff, I'm proud of them though despite my age they're still very firm with prominent erectile nipples (very sensitive....) absolutely love having them played with and liccked and sucked
    I've been having some thoughts of this session with you and Tom, I would really like to watch him take you first then when he's filled your pussy with his cock cream have you sit astride my face and let me lick your pussy clean, it would be even better if Tom started to service my cunt
    At the same time.
    -sound good? Lots of love maueenxx

  • Maureen, I can imagine what breasts that large are like to deal with. Mine are DDs and I have terrible trouble finding clothes that work, and are sexy. You’d think a society that loves them so much would accommodate those of us who’re so blessed. I can imagine your trouble. -Sheri

  • Sheri I think you are so lucky I Agree completely about the problems finding nice things to ear as the choices are far less for us busy girls, I love my Boobs but sometimes I think smaller would be better
    A friend of mine also has dd"s I think they are just perfect Maureen xx

  • They are certainly heavy lol. I have some back trouble because of them. But I love them and overall think the good outweighs the bad. Not to mention Susan absolutely adores them. -Sher

  • Maureen darling you could have anything you like you would be in control however Tom will not be fucking for quite a while, everything went really well yesterday till the time came for his cage to go on, he really started playing up on me saying he had decided he did not want it on, the little shit I am not taking that crap from a teenager eventually I told him we would just fit it to ensure I did not have to exchange it for smaller or larger in case he changed his mind later, well that did the trick once I had it on and locked that was it I said buster you originally were going to have a two week stint but now baby it is certainly going to be a lot longer any more talk about it and the time will be drastically extended so better learn to shut up and do everything your told and know I have eyes everywhere don't you think I have noticed those quiet conversations with that office slut Terrie well that is my prick alone get it !!!
    I am so horny thinking of your wonderful tits Maureen mine are nice, round firm and 16C I like them.
    Love you Darling Helen xxxxx
    How good is Karen no messing around with that girl, we should get news over the next few days that Brian has been properly gelded.

  • Hi Maureen, I talked to my husband about the prescription and having his balls removed after his penis and testicles are reduced, I can't believe it he is very keen and enthusiastically took his medicine this morning, I had to promise that I would help him in any way to feminise so we are going shopping this weekend for lingerie and makeup to start that, we think that by the time his nuts come off he should well be able to pass as a woman and have plenty of female wear and wigs so we will be busy.
    My friend advised that with ongoing use of the medication after he is neutered his prick should really be so very small and shrivel'd it also can help by increasing his breast's, reducing hair on the face and body and lowering his voice somewhat, removing his nuts when they are a lot smaller will be very easy.
    I am going to sign him up for a gym because he needs to lose a bit of a beer gut and put on some nice muscle.
    Darling how good is that, thank you so much xxxx
    I would really like to hear how Karen and Wendy are progressing.
    Just going down the hall to my boyfriends office I really need him bad tonight just so very horny

  • Hi Helen, Maureen and Wendy,
    And of course our only 'gelding' (so far)

    Really can't believe I'm writing this, I told Brian about this thread last night, he read it in stunned silence then just said jeez kaz
    Where can we get an elastrator from....
    -suffice to say twenty minutes browsing
    E-Bay..... Sorted! Now awaiting delivery!!
    What followed in the bedroom I think you can guess! However one surprise did occur - he's never asked me to pee in his mouth before... I did and he loved it! I kind of enjoyed it, I think I could get to like though!
    (-Maureen you're such a bad influence... 😁)
    Kind regards Karen B. Xxxxx

  • So Karen is Brian going to be properly gelded and if so when ?
    Helen xxx

  • Hi Helen, yes I think so he's had the idea about being a gelding for years it is a real fixation with him,
    when we were young I was into horses one day he was at the stables with me and the vet came onto the yard, Brian asked was one of the horses sick?, no I said she's here to geld Julie's stallion, to my surprise he asked if we could watch!? - I said I don't mind have you not seen it before? No but I'd like to so there we were watching the proceedings
    With him standing behind me I suddenly realised there was a certain hardness touching my jodhpur encased bum,...
    My god he had a real horn!!
    (not that I was complaining)
    but I was wondering why
    -among the possibilities was sue the vets very trim behind as she worked
    I virtually dragged him up into the hay loft were we dropped our pants and within seconds he was inside me and pounding the life out of my pussy with me on all fours and ramming my face into to the hay with each thrust I came with the most shattering orgasm I can ever remember. Some years later we started to talk about the event and I teased him that he'd been ogling Sue's behind which he denied so I said OK fair enough explain the boner then if it wasn't Sue's butt? He paused for a moment and said you wouldn't believe me if I told you,
    I said we'll I would really like to know,
    -it was the castration, - the thought of being castrated gets me hard every time!
    I was certainly shocked but as It sunk in I thought my god he likes the idea,
    -so I asked him straight out do you still fantasise about it?
    Yes he said more than ever.
    -that was about ten years ago now and as we're both now mid fifties we've discussed it and , after reading Maureen and her hubby's posts I am so turned on by the idea of wanting to be able to ride Brian
    As he is being castrated is incredible,
    - so here I am waiting for the mail man as I write this who knows I may ask him if he has a special delivery! Karen B. Xx

  • 😂 Sorry about that, Karen, I was just the same at first, quite reluctant in fact it was something John initiated and after much pestering I gave in.
    Maureen xx

  • Hmm.. I think I know well those thoughts that you'll be having now, - my hubby certainly found out after that fateful night out of mine with linda! Does your boyfriend know you're married?, if so are you going to tell him of your plans for your husband,
    I'm hoping to hear how Wendy and Karen are getting on too? .
    Lots of Love Maureen xx

  • Hi Maureen and Helen,
    omfg I am in such a state since reading these posts!! ,
    me and neil play our games too,
    when we first got together I pretty soon was pregnant with our daughter so left to be a full time mum, after our daughter left home we got into swinging through a couple we knew.
    I quickly got right into it and became very 'popular'.in our little group ( I am fairly attractive with a good figure big boobs and long blonde hair, and yes Maureen like you a very wet pussy) , Neil while he enjoys it proved to be a bit of a disappointment with the other ladies owing to his small size down below, anyway he didn't mind as he enjoys watching me being 'mated' as he calls it.
    One night we were talking about birth control and I said I'd much prefer him to get the snip and he agreed, - what followed was some online research.... Oh boy interesting stuff! Vasectomy hmm that seems OK but wait a minute castration!!!??....
    Oh my.... I was turned on AND... he was!
    What followed was lots of ball tying using various things, my thongs, cord, rubber band's
    love Wendy p.

  • Wow Wendy,
    I've sometimes thought about maybe being fucked again by someone else
    (I actually made my hubby John agree that would be my perogative if I choose as a condition of my agreeing to castrate him)
    I'd love it if he was really big where it counts
    If I'm honest John's size and /or my lubrication were probably not a good combination. He actually tried more than once to get me to cucold him but I just couldn't get up the courage but now after not being fucked for so long I am getting more tempted, when you've been off on your jaunts have you managed to try a big one? - have to say I'm a bit nervous
    (but having had four kids perhaps I shouldn't) 😁
    Love Maureen xx

  • Maureen, go for it!
    The swinging scene has a lot going for it and is fairly good in that discussions can be Frank when selecting a sex partner
    (it isn't regular dating! - he is simply going to fuck you) - find a guy that fits the bill (pussy) and enjoy yourself,
    In my past I have had some very well endowed men, (yes I've had kids too so shall we say have a mature woman s pussy, and like you get very wet) you simply can't beat a big cock if it's tight at first make him go slow you will manage!
    Wendy p. Xx

  • Wendy, I see what you mean, I've had John sucking my cunt most of the night I'm so turned on right now, the thought of a cock especially a big one stretching me and filling me is awesome I want it so bad right now!!
    Maureen xx

  • Yes Maureen my young stud knows my situation but not our position of gelding Don because we have heaps of sex at home Don sleeps in the downstairs bedroom whenever I want sex with Tom, don't forget Don has a cage on and I have just agreed to get him into a femme role that he really wants, I am so glad he is prepared to take his medication and move forward with the removal so even though things are going to take quite a while before his gelding I am so happy things are at least under way.
    Any further advise would certainly be appreciated.
    Really starting to love you Helen xxxxx

  • Hi Helen, am so pleased that you now have things sorted, when John and I were first looking at castration we did hear various things about chemical methods but as we only wanted to play at that time the elastrator was definitely the way to go for us,
    I'm really starting to love you too Helen xx
    A little about me, I'm 61 this year and got together with John in 2004, I had four kids by a previous marriage (he has three also by a previous marriage) I'm a slightly bigger lady, blonde with a large bosom (really wish I'd never breastfed... 😁)
    Love Maureen xx

  • Maureen, would you be interested in fixing up some other husbands ?

  • I can confidently say I wouldn't like to do that, our experience is special part of our relationship.and not something to be involved in with others, besides I think that if a lady wants her man castrated she should have the fun herself.
    The thought of others interested in our experience with this is, - shall we say "interesting"

  • Hi Maureen, I have had my husband in a cock cage for six years now continually extending the time between orgasm currently he is in his fourteenth month of an eighteen month stint then I was thinking to make it at least twenty eight months but your post has seriously got me thinking it would be better for all concerned if his balls were removed totally.
    Ever since the cage went on he is very quiet, obedient and submissive, so if properly gelded I think he would be even more so.
    I have a toyboy for my sexual release, when he comes over my husband sleeps in the downstairs bedroom so really there is no need for his nuts.
    I think the band technique could suit us could you please advise a few things, once on could he remove the ring ? how long does it take after the band is on to work ? did you actually cut his balls off after you were certain he was no longer able to cum ?
    I have a female surgeon friend that I am sure would help with that.
    I look forward to your valued advise Sweetie xxxx

  • Once on the band's are pretty tough to remove, (nail scissors with the handle of a teaspoon slid under the band for safety against nicking works well)
    You say that you use a cage, if it's the type that encases his balls and you're worried he'll try and get the band off simply replace the cage once he's been bandied.
    His balls will typically be dead within 12 - 36 hours (but can be irreparably damaged after only 2 hours so if playing be careful)
    I cut his balls off after first checking they were completely numb and fitting extra band's to ensure security there was no bleeding as such and only a little discomfort for him in a few days following, the reason I opted to cut them off is that if left that dry gangrene sets in which obviously carries increased risk of infection (and I worried about any smell)
    Hope this helps, Maureen xx

  • Thank you Maureen, I had a talk to my friend and amazingly she has done it before, she is going to give me a twice daily prescription for him that should reduce the size of his penis and testicles, we are going to have him finish his stint in the cage while this happens plus I convince him to lose them.
    This is getting very exciting, I am sort of horny about it now.
    I wonder how many other women have been thinking of it because of your husbands post.

  • Hi I'm one for sure, Reading this has been such a turn on. Karen. B. Xx

  • Me too, this thread is amazing my pussy is soaking from reading this.
    Wendy p. Xx

  • Fantastic It's great to hear that your friend has experience and is prepared to help!
    In our case it was running into one of my friends I'd known from school about ten years back that had started the whole scene
    With hubby and me, basically it turned out that she'd castrated her husband (her being a farmer's daughter) for partly similar reasons
    To us but also she'd caught him in bed with her sister!!.....
    Anyway the night she told me about it we were out for a few drinks and a good looking guy came over and kissed her and said see you later, naturally I asked who he was and she said oh he's my boyfriend.... 😁
    I said I thought you were married? I am she said he's at home minding the kids
    Does he know about your boyfriend?
    Yes. Doesn't he mind I said?
    She blushed smiled and shook her head
    What followed was the explanation of how she'd caught him then made sure he wasn't going to do it again! - she'd given him a simple choice agree to this or leave.....
    When Linda first started telling me I have to admit I was a bit shocked but also fascinated as our conversation went on I started to feel warm and increasingly damp 'down below' ,it was to my complete surprise I was turned on by such thoughts when I went to the loo
    The gusset of my panties had a distinct dark patch and were actually stuck to me,
    Oh My I thought I simply couldn't help but starting to finger myself as I quickly kicked off my panties with my free hand I picked them up intending to put them in my bag,
    But oh the scent! I put them in my mouth..
    -probably a good job as within a few moments I came with the most shattering orgasm I'd had in years, without the panties where they were I'd probably have made a right racket!
    When I got home I was in a very 'heated'
    State poor hubby didn't know what hit him!
    For two or three days after it was the same
    He kept asking what's got into you not that I'm complaining,....
    at first I think he accepted my answers

  • Then one night after a few beers we were in the middle of another major tryst and he just asked straight out I really want to know what goes on and I won't take no for an answer,
    I looked at him and said if I did tell you I'm not sure you'd understand as it's actually quite embarrassing it's fantasy stuff I suppose.... His face lit up and he said try me
    I'm not sure I said, I started to relate my night out and discussion with Linda, when I got to the juicier bits his eyes lit up, he thought for a minute or two before saying wow that is hot! - so you're not disgusted or anything.... No far from it he said.
    That was how the seed was planted
    And oh boy did we have some hot sessions playing around with it, for a very long time though it was just play and fantasy for me at least, I think he wanted it for real way before I did.
    Maureen xx

  • Maureen, I'd really like to know how come you changed your mind in the end especially as you'd been split up for a good while??
    If this is too personal I understand
    Karen B

  • Hi Karen, of course I don't mind,
    Fair Question, - I think for a while it was just games, I was going though a pretty miserable part of menopause and he being his usual randy self (I certainly thought seriously about granting his wish!)
    Then two incidents happened, I came in and there he was chatting to Linda who was flirting right back
    -she knew all about our 'games',
    The next time was when I caught him with Linda's panties in his pocket, turned out he'd stolen them, we ended up having a massive fight and I told him to get out
    I said maybe I should castrated you, but I'm not going to.
    Maureen xx

  • So Maureen could you please help me, did his balls fall off due to the ring or how did they come off, sometimes I tie my husbands balls real tight with thin, strong twine and then back him up to a door and tie it around the knob with him on tippytoe, I feel so dominant and sort of think I might leave him there for quite some time but I don't.

  • Personally I decided that iwouldn't leave them to Slough off (fall off) as there is increased risk of sepsis we opted that once we were sure that they were completely numb the best option was to cut them off
    Multiple band's were used for security,
    -if you are banding or tying for 'play'
    Don't go beyond 20-30 minutes otherwise
    Playtime may be over.... 😁
    It is a Awsome thing even in play/ fantasy we did it for years but be warned its addictive and in our case it had its conclusion
    Hope this helps Maureen

  • Thank you so much, I think I might cease that practice.

  • Your ex needs to go to a rural produce store and purchase rings suitable for sheep also a tong that will stretch them apart, it will be a bit of a battle but if she lubes your nuts well and places the ring in hot water for a while she should be able to get your nuts through, the ring will tighten very quickly and you will never be able to remove it even surgically would be difficult.
    So if your serious go for it your nuts should drop off within four weeks, it will only hurt for half a day or so then nothing.
    How good is that, let us know how you go.

  • So Honey are your balls still there now, I know it takes a while when the bands are placed on lambs before they fall off but they are useless a long time before that, I think it would be fantastic to know that you have been gelded, your ex must feel so dominant she should coat them with a liquid that will turn solid and place them on the mantle piece.

  • No, this all happened a couple of years ago, once they were dead she cut my balls off
    So yes I'm definitely a gelding, I suppose she is a bit Dominant especially when she wants her pussy liked.

  • She rode me faster and faster with her soaking pussy suddenly she tensed and ground her hot crotch right into mine as she orgasmed again I could feel her pussy convulsing almost as if trying to suck the come from me the sensation sent me over the top and I came inside her wow she said that was something else!
    She slid herself back up my body and placed her oozing fragrant pussy against mthen y lips once more, - next thing I knew it was daylight and she was still astride me with her musky cunt within an inch or so of my lips I began to lick her once more and she moaned contentedly and said mmm.
    -I can definitely get used to this! She sat up and said I really need a pee shall I go to the loo or would you like it? I nodded are you sure she said there'll be loads and Itll be strong also I don't usually have much control again I nodded with that I felf her pussy twitch as it began to hiss with her pungent pee, you know I've finally done it don't you I think your balls are dead and you are now castrated! , she then fitted an extra bandTo my balls then reached for her cutters within seconds I heard the crunching snip and there in her hands was my plum coloured scrotum, we had talked about it often enough it just seemed so incredible that it had all worked and I hadn't felt a thing I healed within a few weeks and to her delight my erections soon became less frequent. That was all a couple of years ago now and I have no regrets and her pussy tastes just as good as it ever did

  • Hey Buddy did you still get horns after you were neutered ?
    Did you feel pain while it was healing ?

  • Yes I still get 'horns' but not so often or so easy, it's also much harder to come, the changes didn't happen straightaway but more over a few weeks.

  • Sweetie so even though you have been properly gelded you still can get a hard on and have a cum eh ? I thought probably not but your the one without balls.
    Do you feel a lot more feminine since they were removed and has your voice changed ?

  • Only a partial one and as it's reduced in size even if she did want penetration it probably wouldn't work any way as she never really liked it much, one of the problems we always had is that she gets so very well lubricated when aroused it always made sensation much less for both of us being the reason we both enjoy oral so much.

  • Sweetie I would really love to know if you feel more feminine since your gelding

  • Definitely gelded!
    I would castrate him again in a heartbeat,
    Infact I should have done it way before I ever did he's a changed guy now, so much nicer!
    I'd love to hear from other ladies who are thinking of this as I for one can definitely recommend it.
    Lots of love Maureen xx

    P. S if you have use for a tried and tested elastrator that I have no further use for...........
    - as unfortunately he only had one set of balls 😂

  • You should hold onto it you never know you might need it again in the future

  • Maureen, - is it really that easy?
    My hubby has wanted this for so Long
    Reading this thread has got me so hot!
    Karen b.

  • Hi Karen, yes it's fairly easy as long as you are both 100% sure it's what you want,
    in our case it works because we prefer oral
    (he giving and me receiving and believe me he's good! ☺)

    MAUREEN xx

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