Smokey black plastic Maids outfit

For well over twelve months I have had a slippery plastic Maids outfit smokey black with white trim so very sexy, three piece with pinafore and thick multi layer petticoat, my wife ordered it off the net and although it was a bit expensive it has been so very worth every cent, she measured me perfectly and it fits so well, I wear it almost every day along with a variety of PVC panties from the same store some with suspender clips so I can wear black stockings and heels, it is just the best sissy store I am sure.
I have done my own makeup and combed my wigs for six months now and look very pretty we can even go anywhere with me made up and dressed in blouse, skirt, padded bra, panties, pantyhose and heels, no one knows unless I speak.
My wife often wishes to peg me and it is so easy I just drop my panties and get onto all fours while she lifts my skirt fingers in a little lube, enters the strapon and starts riding if I do cum it only goes onto the plastic so is easy to wipe off, my wife likes the plastic feeling pressing on her naked body as well.
We are currently looking at PVC pants and blouses for me to wear out.
Being a straight cross dressing guy with my wife's full support is just fantastic we have been sussing out a few of our friends and think we know at least one maybe two other couples that like playing the game, just trying to work out how to start discussing it.
Any suggestion's would certainly be appreciated.

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  • You have inspired me to talk to my wife I have been wearing her lingerie for a couple of years I am sure she knows but has never said anything.

  • There are many married couples where the male cross dresses I have been doing it for years we also have another two couples that like it about once every three weeks we all get together for an evening at each others house where the men are dressed with makeup/wigs etc. the whole deal showing of our new lingerie, blouses and femme gear.

  • Sounds like you have the ideal life, maybe best if your wife brings up cross dressing with her girlfriend quietly indicating she thinks you might like wearing her panties and see how it goes, then later ask her if she thinks her husband would like wearing panties and lingerie.
    I am sure she will get a response one way or the other.

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