Nice precum

I love wearing sexy female panties but in particular specific male PVC panties ordered from the net I get so very sexy and precum all the time
I like putting my hand in and licking the precum off my fingers I like the taste however I have never been able to swallow my own cum even though I often catch it when masturbating, I always have full intention of just putting it in my mouth and doing it but cannot, at the last minute I pull out and wash it off my hand
I have in the past collected my cum in a plastic bottle and made ice blocks with added water also milkshakes and they are nice but I really need to swallow my cum straight
Any suggestions ?

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  • You should try lying on your back with you head low and your c*ck pointing down at your mouth, then when you c*m you can squirt it directly into your mouth that way there is mimimal time between you c*mming and swallowing so you are still ‘in the mood’. I love doing this

  • I only masturbate by leg pressure with my cock tight up against my thigh and nuts hanging out the back so cannot get my mouth near it when I cum
    We decided on the cuff method and it worked so I can now swallow my cum, did'nt think it would be so easy and nice

  • Fuck your wife or gf then eat her pussy. You will then be able to eat your own. It worked for me.

  • As much as I intend to I never end up eating my cum out of my hand. However I will eat my cream pie out of the wife's pussy from time to time.

  • I bet you demand your wife swallow after she sucks you off, she would enjoy it so why not you ?
    Don't you taste her when you use your tongue ?

  • Have your wife cuff you behind, pull you off and hold your cum then ensure you lick it all off her hand
    If you like the taste of precum you really should enjoy your cum

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