My cruel MIL

About seven months ago my wife caught me wearing her panties and bra with makeup on, so embarrassing but she brought me some sexy pantie and bra sets so I thought everything was going to be fine, she told her mother and asked her over to view me in lingerie and makeup, I was so humiliated.
Her mother decided it would be better if she made me up, she got a French Maids outfit and some PVC panties along with suspenders, stockings and heels plus a blond wig also hand and leg cuffs.
I was to text her when I left work so she could be waiting for me when I got home I had to undress while she cuffed me behind and on both ankles with a chain that allowed three feet of feet movement she would then humiliate me by grasping my testicles from under behind and dragging me around the house or loop twine around them pulling very tight and making a large bow they soon turned purple, when I sat for my makeup she usually placed one foot on my penis and pressed for as long as she wanted she also would place cloths pegs on my nipples everything she did hurt like hell and the pain lasted for hours.
After she finished I would have to dress female and conduct household chores before starting our evening meal then serve my wife and her before I got to eat and clean up. I had no hope of escape because everything was in my wife's name stupidly because of tax purposes some years before.
She always threatened that should I not be a good gurl she would show photo's (she had a lot) all around and that she would ensure I had a Prince Albert penis piercing (painful I am sure) once she brought the piercer over and left a lot of brochures for my wife, I pleaded with her not to let it go ahead but she just said sorry gurly Mum is the boss.
Men please take note this could happen to you

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  • Better be an obedient little gurly EH ?

  • Are there no real men anymore?

  • Yeah, they are gay bears, and more macho than ever.

  • Reading your story I had precum near halfway through oh so sexy.
    Buddy I hope you don't get pierced your having enough fun.

  • I would love some of that humiliation by a dominant female

  • Yet another fake ass cuck tranny story.

  • You deserve it you little prick I am so glad your wife supports her mother instead of a sissy lingerie wearing piss poor husband, I hope she gets the piercing in your prick

  • Cruel? Oh I highly doubt that!

    She should take him to a trash metal business with some big-ass electromagnet, the sort that can lift cars. Then hoist this little bugger 50 feet off the ground by his dick piercing. Then he can decide whether to plead for his life, or to plead that he be dropped.

  • That would pull the piercing right out of his cock, even if one grabs hold of a Prince Albert and gives it a big tug it could easily break away take months before he could piss without pain and certainly need to attend a hospital

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