Pregnant Neighbour

I have this thing for pregnant chicks, I had it all my life, when I was 13Years old the house next door had recently been purchased by a newly wed couple.Well the guy was average looking but rich his wife was hella hot and thicc and she was pregnant too.The minute I saw her I got hard as fuck.I went and snapped photo's of her ass and as many photo's of her belly.I went up and wanked to it.

I just kept observing her for 3 weeks everyday when I came back from school.One day her husband had left for some trip and I thought I could come by and try to be friendly.When I told my mom I was going next door to help the new neighbour with stuff my mother said I could follow my sister, my older sister.I said sure but never went because my only intention of going next door was to touch her belly.I just kept looking thru my window and seeing my 19 year old sister talking to this women.Nothing really happened for awhile but then I see the lady crying.I tried figuring out what was happening and see my sister comforting her.My sister slowly caressing her belly.That really turned me on, I saw my sister touch the women's thick thigh's.They both started slowly reaching closer and kissed.I was honestly shocked, I mean my sister had a boyfriend I did not know what a bisexual was, but I continued watching.Taking my dick out of my pants and slowly stroking my hard dick.They make out for awhile and my sister pulls the women's shirt of and start kissing her belly, slowly licking it and after a while she starts drooling all over it.Slobbering her belly.I was wanking so hard.My sister slowly puts her hand in the women's pants and starts stroking it.My sister removes the women's pants and things really take a toll from here.They start licking each others pussy which at that time was a bit disturbing to me and my sister started licking the women's butt cheek.Anyway my sister ended up coming back after about 2 hours.I had cum by then but still watched the whole thing.

I did not mention a thing to anyone and just kept stalking the women.She even let me touch her belly!
After about 2 years we moved to another place.


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  • Mina panin oma rasedale naisele viimased kuud persse.Alguses oli naisel valus aga saime ├╝le.Hiljem oleme pidevalt seda harrastanud et mitte rasestuda.

  • You should have joined in and fucked your sister and neighbors

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