I want a lady who will do this with me

I want to find a woman who will indulge this fantasy, someone who would enjoy doing this with me.

I am not transgender, and I'm not really a sissy. I don't want to be a slave, and I don't want a boyfriend. But the idea of getting dolled up as a sexy girl turns me on. I like the humiliation aspect of women seeing me like this, "catching" me like this, or having my girlfriend surprise me with a group of her girlfriends after she has cross-dressed me in slutty looking girl clothes, make up, etc. for their amusement. And I would like having them put me in a forced bi situation while dolled up.

I have always had a nice butt, that is, girls have always loved my butt. I am also good looking as a guy. I found out that I also look hot as a girl when an old girlfriend talked me into letting her give me a makeover. I don't just mean I was passable, I mean I was hot, sexy hot. My gf at the time laughed hysterically over my reaction at seeing myself in the mirror when she had finished fixing my face. Bottom line: I felt humiliated; she could tell I was turned on by looking like a girl. And the humiliation also turned me on. That was a surprise for me.

I've always been with women, but when I saw my "girl face" I realized that if a guy saw me looking like that, I would make his dick hard. It scrambled my brain. Thinking of porn, I knew I looked like the sexy girl with her lips stretched around the cock, cradling his balls, working her tongue around his dick while another guy plowed her sexy ass.

I used to tell myself I wasn't really turned on by the thought of looking like a girl and giving sex to guys. But I have to admit that isn't true. I would love to play the sissy slut at a party, ESPECIALLY if I had a girlfriend and her lady friends watching, encouraging me, perhaps blackmailing me into it. When they weren't making me gangbang all the boys, they would have me serving drinks or something. They would tease and embarrass me.

But I would not want to be with a guy; I like girls. I would love to find a girl who would get off on a scene like that. Ideally she and I would have a relationship as well. She would understand that this isn't a lifestyle choice for me; it's just a fetish - fantasy I want to indulge in, at least once. I doubt there are many ladies who would want a relationship with a guy with that kind of fantasy. So perhaps she would just be a good friend I could trust.

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  • So terrific, being straight and loving cross dressing is pretty common, I have been wearing panties 24/7 for years, bras and nighties at home about the same, two years ago my wife convinced me to extend into full cross dressing with makeup and wigs it is just so great I virtually only wear femme while at home and on the weekend we go to the park for long walks.

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