Getting her trust back

Two months ago my best friend and his wife invited me out to spend a day on the river on his boat. My wife was invited, but she had to work. There was one other couple there, so five of us. We're all in our late 20s, happily married with kids, normal suburban types.

We were just having fun talking and drinking, when my friend said to his wife that her lips looked sexy on her beer bottle, and asked for a blowjob. She said "maybe later honey, not in front of company" but then my buddy whipped out his cock, which was 3/4 hard. She said "you owe me one then" and went over to suck him off. We all watched.

I made a few comments about how nice that looked, and my buddy asked his wife to take care of me too. My heart was pounding through my chest at the mere thought. She was so pretty, blonde hair pinned up, freckles, nice tits and ass in her bikini. After she finished on her husband, she came over and told me to take "it" out. When her mouth enveloped it, I was like omg I can't believe this is happening. I took a couple of pics and a short video on my phone so I could look at them later. Within about three minutes I had filled her mouth with cum, some of which dribbled down her chin. She smiled and swallowed, then stood up and gave me a little kiss on my forehead.

Well, last week my wife found the pics/video on my computer--I had transferred them over from my phone. She is beyond irate. I apologized for my inappropriate behavior, but said it was just a bj, not real cheating. Nothing else happened, but she doesn't believe me. She is really upset and has been talking separation or a possible divorce. I can't believe how much I stand to lose for only getting my dick sucked for three minutes. If anyone here has been through a similar situation and has some advice on how to cool out an angry wife, I'd appreciate some thoughts.

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  • Things will calm down, it'll get less stormy. But, from my own experience in that situation, you'll NEVER regain her trust. You get one chance to fuck that up and when you do, it's a done deal, no going back ! Sorry man, just being real !

  • Why take pictures? Are you stupid?

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