Have the hots for friend's husband

I'm 24f and single. For a few months I've been friends with this other woman at work who is a little older (32) and we've been hanging out, sometimes with her husband, who is the same age as her.

It's been great--we've gone out to dinner, seen movies together, had drinks. The thing is that my friend's husband is fucking electric--he is so attractive, fit, smart, the whole package. I want him inside me in the most eager way.

I actually made a joke about "Maybe we should have a threesome" once when we were drinking, but my friend looked at me like I was the epitome of evil. She really got upset. Her husband laughed it off, and things seemed to be okay. I got off the hook by saying that I was just joking. I think I violated some of her trust, though, as she doesn't invite me out as much now.

However, I've been secretly texting my friend's husband behind her back, sending pics and having some naughty chat with him. He thinks I look good and wants to fuck, but he's worried about getting caught. How do I ease his mind and convince him that it is okay to "rock and roll" with our boy and girl parts on the side?


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  • If his wife loved him shed except he needs some new younger pussy every now and then. He knows what's true
    He wants you babe

  • Boy and girl parts? This is a 12 year old teen boy troll posting.

  • Don't do it. Your friend obviously doesn't think much of the idea. You will ruin their marriage and your friendship with her, and maybe lose him too!

  • I would stop chasing him. Then he may wonder where your interest has gone, and pursue you.

  • You're quite the friend, honey! I'm impressed. Actually, I mean appalled.

  • Make it easy for him. Invite him to your place. He tells her he’s going to do something. It’s easy. But you may get addicted.

  • If you turned his crack he would of allready fucked you. Challenge completed you lose

  • It’s never ok and you’ll not ease his mind

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