My wife is an absolute enigma

My wife is undeniably hot to a lot of people as she draws both attention and comments. She always is professionally well dressed at the office. In public she insist on dressing conservatively that drives me nuts she would never allow a hint of cleavage to show.

Many would kill to have the body she has. Here is why she is my enigma, she is a nudist. If a person is a fellow nudist she has no problem being naked in front of them. She has a 3 day holiday nakation planned at a nudist resort.

Yes the girl that's afraid to show cleavage or wear short skirts in the general public the girl that also lives at home naked and is a card carrying nudist.

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  • Pics or this is bullshit.

  • Moran

  • I enjoy being nude but if I went to a nudist resort I would be horny as hell because if I am around a nude woman sex is on my mind for sure.

  • I doubt she is afraid to show cleavage, but wants to appear professional and respectable when in public.

  • LOL! Reminds me of the line that every man wants a woman who acts like a church school teacher in public, and a whore in bed. Don't complain!

  • She’s cheating on you…

  • True nudism isn't about dressing sexy or wanting to be a swinger or making you a cuckold for your fetish. It is about enjoying being nude.

    Let me repeat: it is about enjoying being nude.

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