If you had a pretty wife or GF would you expose her?

I do have a pretty wife. Way out of my league honestly. I took her to a nudist club, the one where they hold the Nudes A Poppin contest over the holiday weekend. While visiting there I kept her tits and ass on naked display for 3 days. I admit I was showing her off.

Would your wife or GF allow you to expose her naked body for all to see?

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  • Last summer my husband 29 and we've been married for 6 years took me to a week end nudist retreat and he told me he's been a member since he was just a young kid for his parents were also nudist.
    The first day I didn't revel much but as time went by I became a total nude after noon on Saturday when I saw a girl my age 22 and we started in talking and it was she that got me to take my cloths totally off.
    We walked around and both of us got starred at a lot and a few guys yea it was funny for they started getting hard and they tried to hide it but one fat little guy had a good woody and he told Sharon hey gal look what I got for you and her reply back to him was "well shove it up your ass and walk on your elbows" and we both started in laughing at him and he promptly left and we never saw him again.

  • Cont. 2
    God I wanted my husband to show up but he didn't and his hand went higher and higher till he was almost touching my puss and he asked if I'd like to go for a walk and I again reminded him I was married and I was there with my husband and a good friend and he looked around and asked where he was and I told him they were dancing together when the band took a break and where they are right now I have no idea and he said well probably they are out doing what I'd love to do to you and at that moment he shoved a finger into me and I bit my lower lip and took a deep breath and told him no but he pushed himself deeper into me and I got wet as hell from him playing with me.
    I told him no over again and again and took my hand to push him away but he went right back to arouse me more and more.
    Then it happened I had a small orgasm on him and he came over and sat besides me getting me off more and more on his fingers and he kissed my shoulder and I turned to look at him and tell him no kisses but his lips found mine and god we ended up having sex for nearly five hours in the back seat of his car in the parking lot.

    When I returned to our cabin there was my husband and Sharon having coffee and he asked where I been and I couldn't hide the fact that the guys cum was dribbling down the insides of my thighs. Sharon noticed and said to my husband we shouldn't have went out for the smoke after the dance.

  • Cont.

    Saturday evening there was a dance and my husband and I danced a lot together and he became aroused enough that he held me tight against him so others wouldn't see and finally he went down and we returned to our table and Sharon was sitting there waiting for us. We had a few more drinks and Sharon asked me if it was ok for me to ask my husband for a dance and I said go for it and took another sip if my drink and they got out on the dance floor and started in getting closer and closer and before long I lost tract of them and sat t here sipping on my drink and a tall guy asked if I'd like to dance and I said I'm married and he said no problem and offered me his hand I took it and started getting up and the music stopped and said well the next one then and the band took a break and my husband and Sharon didn't return and the guy sat down looking at me and he placed his hand on my knee beneath the table and rather creating a scean I didn't say anything.

  • Yes, done it a few times.
    Spent a spring break in florida a few years back with a couple I met thru work. For three days we were naked wandering thru out the condo complex. Just about everyone else was nearly or totally naked.
    Great time

  • I my job as an ER nurse I met a couple who invited me down to Tampa for a long spring break weekend. It was great fun. She never wore more than a towel for the entire time. Walked around the complex and pools. Watched two women fisting by poolside. Never saw a woman cum so hard before

  • I am 23 F and the BF I had at the time one week end a four dayer took me out to Tall Timber a nudist resort about 80 miles from my town and for three days I walked around, danced with I don't know how many guys and even layed out in the sun totally nude. The first day tho I wore a scarf wrapped around my hips covering what I had below for I just wasn't that comfortable being totally nude letting myself be seen by total strangers. What changed me was guys didn't get boners all the time looking at young girls only when the danced with me at the clubhouse after hours dance. LOL Three nights many of the guys I danced with got boners right away dancing with me, slow dances are best by far.

  • My virgin fiancée has been exposed to another guy before. I also like showing nude pics of her (and with her permission) to men online.

  • Oh yes. I have watched my wife play with her pussy and tits on display for truckers on our last road trip. She lost it. Totally fucking came apart with being watched and wanted, knowing they were going to masturbate thinking about her.

  • Yah my wifes a hottie we look for other couples to cam with :)

  • My wife has only improved her figure in the last ten years, pregnancy made her go up in boob sizes. She has always worked out and is more fit than she was in college.
    We went on vacation and I talked her into letting me try bondage on her. I found a store, bought rope and blindfold, tied her up to a chair in the room then slowly opened the curtains. I played with her for an hour watching numerous people looking at her from the other hotel across the street.

  • God that’s hot. Wish my husband would do that to me.

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