Wife needs a man eater friend

I want my wife to find a bitchy friend who she can tell my secrets to . Such as my lack of size in the man department. It would be so embarrassing to know she knows. I would feel silly and even smaller when her friend was around.
the funny looks, snide remarks, it would be heavenly embarrassing .

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  • Nobody needs toxic people in their life.

  • You might think you would like it but you would go fuvking nuts and either kill her yourself or become depressed. We lived next door to a couple the guy worked with me at the same construction company. He always seemed unhappy we started hanging out with each other’s families his wife was petite very short and skinny a country girls cuteness.
    She had three kids two girls and a boy all three from other fathers and they had three girls he was the father of possibly. She was bitchy my wife tolerated her smirky stuck up attitude when she got drunk she took her bitchy to another level. All the kids my wife myself and her husband who was the target of her abusive comments. She screamed out at him calling him a skinny little prick pathetic little prick pimple prick. My wife glared she nudged me looking at the kids I didn’t know what to say it was his wife out of control. He just held his head down as he kept insulting him. Then she held her fingers out about 4”apart laughing saying his little prick couldn’t do a 7 yr old girl justice. My wife blurted out not prick need to be doing anything with a little girls his wife smirked and glared at my wife. Then his wife made a circle about the size of a hotdog and called him pincle prick my wife walked away smoking a cigarette. She was still close enough to hear as Pam his wife was really loud holding her fingers about 10”apart screaming her oldest daughter daddy’s cock was the size of a real man. Continue

  • Holding her fingers in a cylinder just under the size of a beer can smirked saying his thick fat cock makes me orgasm unlike you. All the while all the kids his own daughters and step daughters my daughters hearing every word. My wife sat down silent shocked as her detailed description of pleasure from her ex continued. His face was beet red in humiliation his eyes had tears but never a word he just downed one beer after the other. Her detailed pleasures even telling her daughter how her daddy’s meaty cock was something she need to make sure to see. Her daughter and the other girls just giggled I felt awkward watching him degraded over and over. This happened several months she would disappear for days and even weeks at a time. He knew she was over her oldest daughters dads house and she would tell him she needed a real cock. One day at work heard he got in an accident with the work truck picking up supplies. Went to see him in the hospital he was really messed up and wasn’t concous. A few days later went back to see him he said I tried to kill myself I didn’t know what to say. I knew I would never tell my boss what he said and understood why he wanted to die. I told him to calm down and don’t talk or ever think about that again. I told my wife when I got home what he said. Continue

  • My wife like myself understanded why he tried to kill himself she was driving him crazy by humiliation. My wife said tell him to leave the stupid cunt my wife ended up coming with me to the hospital. We talked to him my wife was blunt about hating his wife and said she would go to court with him even. It was sad because he felt so much hate that it extended to his own daughters because they was apart of the bitch. That was awkward part for us having kids but knowing what he went thru as witnesses felt sorry and understood. He said he was going to divorce her and leave all of them my wife kept saying the girls shouldn’t be raised around that bitch. My wife was going nuts about her raising those girls to think like her. His brother came to the hospital and a plan was hatched to get him a job in the mines in Australia so she couldn’t find him or most importantly get any money from him. The day he got out he flew to California to his brothers house and a few weeks later he left to Australia. Very sad leaving his daughters with that bitch but like my wife said he might had taken out his hate on them. We heard from him a few times then he never talked to us became friend again later on Facebook. He was then living in New Zealand married and happy with a couple kids.

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