Showed mude pics of wife

I have a friend nude pics ofof my wife. He jerks off to them and it's now embarrassing when we go out together. What can I do to change this

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  • Let him fuck your wife it will be ok after that. Does he have a larger penis tell her about him. She will jump at the chance to fuck him.

  • Of my wife found out how many guys have her nude pics she’d freak out. Just let it be.

  • I took nude pics of the wife and at times have wanted to show one or two to somebody but could never find a guy friend to show them to because I realized he would not show pics of his wife to me. One friend who is 10 years older than me and had a very beautiful wife who passed away several years ago, I asked him if he ever took the old polaroids of her and he said he had but would not share them, she had been a beauty Queen in college so you can imagine how great she must have looked. He has great respect for her and I should have the same respect for my wife. Still I can fantasize. I did try once to let my next door neighbor peep in our bedroom window to see the wife. I never knew if he actually saw her but I know she was in view of the window for several minutes and I knew he was supposed to be outside during that time. He said he was not out there but for some reason while my wife was walking around the room with very little to nothing on, I was extremely turned on knowing someone besides me was seeing my beautiful wife. I must be crazy.

  • Would you be willing to show them to me? Please email me

  • My buddy and I show each other naked pics of our wives all the time. No big deal, trust me there is someone who thinks of your wife and beats off all the time. I know our next door neighbor looks at my wife every chance he gets, I am pretty sure that loser beats off picturing her sunning in the back yard.

  • Leave your wife, or get a new friend.

  • Does she have nice Moobs with big Mipples?

  • Hahahaha

  • I want to see her mussy.

  • What's a mussy?

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