Married women

Any married women want to make babies with other guys or had done this without husband knowing ?

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  • I have three kids and none of them are my hubby's. And of course he doesn't know. Hubby loves me and treasures myself and our children, but I live for my lover.
    He's just 21 years old and he told me he's gotten half a dozen other wives pregnant, and just like me their husbands don't know. I've had a threesome and foursome twice with him and his other married "cumdumps" (that's what he calls us).

    At the beginning I never wanted to cheat on my darling husband, my lover practically raped me. Eventually I begged for him to breed me.

  • SO hot make your husband want more kids so you can be bred again and dont forget to let your husband cum in you so you cant be caught
    How old are you ?
    And the guys cum in you all at once ? or every kid is made separately with the guys ?

  • Thank you sweety, but even though I'd love to keep getting pregnant and have sex while having a baby growing inside me, three kids is more than enough for me. Maybe in 5-10 years I'll ask my lover to give me another child, if I'm still seeing him which I hope I do!
    Yes my hubby does cum in me. I always make him eat my creampies and he never has a clue.
    I'm 36 right now.
    Oh no darling, I only have one lover who keeps getting me pregnant. But he has gotten some of his buddies to gangbang me :P Yes, they all did cum inside me and when I went home, my hubby licked all the cum out of my pussy, and he just thought I was actually that wet for him. Lol

  • Sounds so good You have great Time. How do You look body type hair? How old are Youre Kids? etc. Do You fuck With them in your house when hubby is not home?. if all The guys cum in you then ure Kids belongs to all of Them make sure You let ure husband to just cum in you and not eat The creampie BCs then he Will know that he didnt get You pregnant and You be in trouble. But why do You dont want anymore Kids? Ure husband dont want anymore?

  • I have a great body now. I was slim with a d-size bust back when I met him, but now I have an hourglass figure with dd-cup (he paid for a boobjob!) And I have dark blonde hair.
    My oldest is an 8 yr boy, then two girls at 3 & 6.
    Of course! That’s how I get pregnant! The first time I got pregnant was in my wedding dress while fucking on our marital bed while my hubby was at work. We fuck at least once a fortnight at home. But we have sex everywhere around the house - shower, kitchen, outside - everywhere!
    Yes sweety, I did let my lovely husband cum inside me whenever I knew I was pregnant.
    Yeah, neither my husband nor myself want anymore kids right now. Three is too much already. I don’t think my hubby even wanted two kids, yet here he is raising three.

  • Why to be to much ? make as many as you could so so your hubby will raise them its so good that you could have even a gangbang creampie and all the guys to cum in you and make you another kid and you cover them with your husband hehehe .The kids look very different than husband ?

  • We can't have kids because my husband is sterile and he won't let me use a sperm donor.My friend and her husband have 2 gorgeous kids,I would give anything to be pregnant by him.

  • SO sad cuz your husband dont let you use a sperm donor
    What if you discuss with youre friend and maybe will accept you in her marriage and live all three togheter? and then her husband could impregnate you and leave your husband cuz it dont understand you how much you want this

  • Hahahahaha! Right! That sounds like a good porn story.

  • Why do you keep asking the same question???

  • No. This never happens. In the history of the world, no man has ever ended up raising a child he incorrectly assumed to be his own. That just never happens.

    Do you believe me?

  • It has to be someone who do this

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