Mom and daughter/s

Are there any mom/s with daughter/s that had done gangbangs togheder and been pregnant and maybe the husbands that have no ideea the baby/babies are not them ?

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  • Yes I am a married woman and I have always cheated on my husband. I have taught my daughter's about sex and to make sure they are always pleased by men. My oldest daughter came to me 2 years after getting married to confess that her husband cannot get her off. my daughter's always knew I had been with other men while being married to their father so she asked me about it. I told her I could set her up with a guy I knew that would knock her socks off in bed. I didn't give her details just a number to call. I let my friend know that she would be contacting him. My daughter did call and met with him. She called the next day and couldn't believe what happened to her. He fucked her so good that she had multiple orgasms. I told her that I knew how good he was because I had been with him too. Since then she has fucked several of my lovers and we had a threesome with a black guy together. She wants to tell her younger sister about this guy too because her boyfriend can't work her either. Let see if she does it too.

  • This is so hot to hear this good job your a great mother.How old is your daughter and you?
    And did he get pregnant by that guy ?

  • I am 38 and my daughter just turned 20. She is on birth control but does not use protection. I taught them that too. The feeling of a man's cock is more important to feel than a condom. My youngest daughter is 17 and Is very sexually active with her boyfriend. He can't make her cum either so her sister wants to hook her up with the same guy that we have both fucked.

  • Have you fuked young guys less then 18 year old? or just older guys ?and how old is this guy that fucked your daughter ?
    I guess when her husband will decide to want a baby I hope she will do the baby with this guy beacuse it i smore good at sex and he needs a reward and her husband will never know this he will think it is his baby right ?
    good so she will take her soon to the guy and fuck her good they will be satiesfied then
    what if you do an orgy party with alot of guys and you and your daughters to be fucked by all.
    And I think will be a good ideea when they decide to make a baby to make it in the breeding gangbang ?

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