Desire to flash / expose myself, anyone relate?

I'm a senior at high school, and like most girls the skirts i wear have got shorter. I feel as i have grown up i have got confident (maybe over confident) with my body. I never try to hide, and because i have a pretty hot body (just explaining not showing off) alot of men look at me, and i mean alot, and of all ages. That makes me feel super powerful, and i love my sexual power. So here's the thing the more they want the more power i have, so u started not crossing my legs. The efforts some guys will go to to get a glimpse of my panties is unbelievable. (really guys it's just clothing).
So now i want to go pantyless on a bus or train, and sit with my legs just far enough apart to make guys believe they could get a glimpse and watch the look on their faces when they actually see my pussy, and give them a cheeky wink.
This is a huge turn on for me, anyone else feel the same?
Please put name and age in comment. I'm Eleanor 17

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  • Just be careful. Lots of pervs

  • I know, still have the desire

  • What's with all the cross dressing? A bit off topic Eleanor

  • Darling whats wrong with cross dresser's flashing or exposing I think it is very sexy

  • Tony 30, I love cross dressing, initially years ago I started wearing panties, bras and nighties, my wife removed all of my male underwear and we replaced them with female lingerie, after a while I expanded into suspenders, stockings, heels then blouses and skirts plus make up and wigs only when not at work or out but over the last few months I have been accompanying my wife to the shops dressed it feels so sexy.
    I have a female doctor and wear my panties to all appointments as much as possible I ensure she inspects my penis, testicles or groin, she has never said anything but it embarrasses me so much and I love it.

  • Hi Darling Bill 27, I love cross dressing with my wife making me up at home I often wear panties and bra along with nighties, French maids outfits, catsuits, see through blouses and skirts along with suspenders, stockings and heels. We always leave the curtains open and have attracted a lot of attention from the neighbours male and female, so much fun.

  • My husband show's his friends pictures and videos of me. Some are even of us having sex. All of them are from hidden style cameras. Although he doesn't know that I know. It's a huge turn on. Especially when I read his friends comments. Every time they're over here or we see them , I get all hot and bothered knowing that they have seen everything and probably looking me up and down like a piece of meat.

  • I was on the bus from school yesterday, i was sat on one of those higher seats over the wheel, there was a guy sat on the sideways seats who looked like a kid in a sweet shop looking at all the girls in their short skirts. Maybe it's why he chose that bus, who knows.
    I let my leg slip off the higher bit of floor so my legs parted a bit and gave him a clear view of my cute hello kitty panties. His eyes lit up
    As the bus went on i made sure he could always see and tried to avoid eye contact, so he could have his bit of fun. He was clearly very aroused and struggling to hide it, which i enjoyed.
    When i came to get off i made sure i stood very close to him, so the hem of my skirt was eye level, and he could smell my perfume. Then the bus jolted, i faked falling in his lap and felt his hand on my bare ass cheek. I apologised and got off at the stop. I felt so turned on, not because i liked the guy, he was old and unattractive, but because if my own naughtiness.
    Eleanor x

  • When I was younger I was very very heavy. Kids would call me names like moo moo Martha or massive Martha , all kinds of mean names. I was very tall and very big for my age. We lived 3 doors down from a strip club , at the end of our back yard was literally the parking lot for that place. I would sit and dream of being beautiful and having all though men seeing me naked. Finally one night I could see some guys hanging out in the parking lot. I snuck down stairs and out the back door. I hid behind the shed as I stared at them. I listened to them talk about the girls inside. I took off my clothes took a big deep breath and walked over to the fence. Just a few feet from the guys. I finally felt pretty as they did some cat calls towards me. They then hopped the fence. Grabbing every part of my body , forcing me to the ground they took my virginity , they probably didn't even know it. After that night men would wait out by the fence for me. I finally was popular.

  • My wife was exposed and didn't realize it. I have never been so hard and sexually turned on in my life. We were on my boat with my two buddies fishing. Her bikini slipped to one side , her shaved beautiful pussy was completely exposed. I pretended not to notice that they were staring , especially when she was bending over to pick up the empty beer cans that they conveniently kept dropping on the deck. I watch once as she bent over and they were wide eyes because her pussy was so exposed.

  • Maybe she knew? This is my point, it's such a turn on to do it, it may have been deliberate. E

  • Oh man I never thought about it like that. That would be so hot if she did it on purpose

  • Thing is you can't ask her as it might embarrass her or ruin her game, just never tell her off, and enjoy.
    Oh and if it makes her horny, it's a good time for sex! E

  • Took your advice because we're all going fishing again this weekend it's going to be memorial day. So she was not even fazed. Then asked if it was something that I was getting off on. Had to be honest and say yes kind of. She said hmm well we're going out Saturday and Sunday .

  • Did she notice she was showing? How'd her bikini go back in place?

  • It was almost 45 minutes before she realized it. then she of course she fixed herself.

  • Man I can actually picture this. I only wish I was one of your friends. BTW I love fishing too !

  • Hey, it's Eleanor, thanks for all the responses guys. I was on a train yesterday, rather empty carriage. There was a guy in his 50s i guess, sat diagonally opposite. I had a short plaid skirt, alot of leg on show. My legs were crossed and i saw him looking at my upper leg, hoping for a glimpse of ass. I slouched, really pulling the skirt up so my ass on view. I glanced his way and he was staring, he looked away quickly. He kept sneaking peeks, so i pulled the skirt back down, but pivoted a bit and sat with my legs a bit apart. I knew that he couldn't quite see and it was killing him. He decided to get his bag down to get a better view, he would have got a quick flash of my white cotton panties. I smiled at him and he smiled back. I was getting really turned on, and i could see he had a semi. There was no one else around, so i turned and leant against the window pulling my legs up giving him full view of my ass and panties bunches round my pussy. I was so fucking turned on, amazing naughty experience. Sat like that for 15 mins till we arrived at a station and more people got on.

  • Oh I’d love to see you flash without panties on, mmmmmm
    Matt 42

  • Are u shy Matt? E

  • Haha thanks Matt, always a turn on to hear. Eleanor x
    Where are you from btw

  • My family has camped every year at this retreat, it is about five days long and it is always rustic camping but the place had a shower room with a dozen or so shower heads just on the wall around the room. They would post hours so men and women could shower separately. I wanted to be seen so I went up there during the time that men were suppose to shower and no one was showering. I started to shower and after a short time I saw two men walking into the shower room, I was in complete view for them. They both stopped and apologized, I rinsed off and acted like I was a ditz not getting the time right and told them it was my fault. I felt so turned on knowing that they saw me naked.

  • Hey, sounds like you have the same desires as me. Can i ask how old you are? Eleanor
    Also do you feel compelled to act after getting turned on?

  • That's awesome! Do you have any desire to see men flashing you?

  • When i was in high school, my ex used to request me to ride a bike to his home wearing a skirt without any underwear and bra. I got addicted to flashing. Once I went full naked while sitting in the passenger sit. We were on a mountainous road, there were very few cars passing by. At first, whenever a car appeared, I quickly covered myself with a blanket. But then we got bored of it and i just let them enjoy the view.

  • My husband is always daring me to expose myself to strangers. In car's,at Park's,in hotel windows just about everywhere. I love it

  • I would love to see you. Have any photos to share anonymously?

  • Sure why not where can I share them

  • I wonder if there's a place you could anonymously post them. Anyone have any ideas?


  • theree

  • I sent you an email , I'm just waiting for you to get back to me.

  • I'm a 26 year old red head. I was fairly shy when I got married but I got my husband encouraged me to dress sexy for him when we went out. It was a turn on to him when I started to dress sexy all the time. Plus I like the positive reactions I get, i.e. free coffee and taxi rides.
    Normally I wears sheer tops to show off my pierced nipples and mini skirts without panties. I have my clit snd labia pierced, nothing big just a stud and rings, but I actually had a really good looking guy start a conversation with me. By asking me about my diamond stud clit ring.

  • I've done something like this, my parents move around alot and a lot of the neighbors houses can see in my window. And I've got into the habit of walking around in my underwear and sometimes completely naked, one night my dad came home and told me the neighbor had a bunch of equipment outside ,and when my dad asked about it the neighbor told him he was doing research on the weather and the Stars. When I got in my room I took off my clothes and got on my bed and started playing with myself and I saw a flash, lol he was taking pictures of me and forgot to turn the flash off on his camera. To be honest when I saw the first Flash I got really embarrassed, it's one thing for somebody to see you naked but it's another for somebody to be taking pictures. my mind started to race I kept wondering what was going to happen if he was going to put them online, just then I saw three more flashes. And I figured, oh well. He's got four pictures of me already. So I put on a show for him.

  • That's a show I would love to see!

  • I hope meghan markle and dumbum royals have to go eat dirt after all this buzzing year of shoving it down our neck with their kids asses up in the air and cunty weddings that make you want to puke over them. I hate that old mean queen she doesn't care about people and what a towfaced lot, she is putting us all in hell and she should be put in the hell we have lived due to her and go and punch them all on their weddings and parades. i wish someone would puke over them. I hope someone pissing on every one of your parades. she knows she is on the way out. how many weddings can a niggar want in a decade meghan? I mean really, 1 annullment, several lovers like a whore since school and a new husband every 3 years! and she is so innocent and unspoiled, right, sure.

  • That came outa left field Pluto

  • Yes, I do it all the time. A guy from my school even fingered me on a bus once, everyone around us knew but they probably found it too awkward to say anything. I think it works best with pencil skirts, but ones that let you spread your legs to an extent. Or you could try “accidentally” sending a nude.

  • I'm addicted to it and have been for years. My husband has even made me write a confession here once.

  • Which one I need to read it!!

  • Hi
    Yes my name is Sandy and I’ve just started to flash. I like to go to the local coffee shops where I can sit a few rows across from older men that are there as I’m in University now. I know they can see I’ve no panties on and I ignore them as they look. One man reached into his pocket and silently wanked. In short fashion he exhaled and left but I noticed a wet spot forming on his zipper.

  • I'm a 60-year old married male who gets off on oggling all of you young co-eds in your little shorts and mini-skirts. I frequent coffeehouses near college campuses and take photos of the young lovelies sitting nearby...with their long legs crossed, calves bobbing up and down (I've been told that girls can actually get off with this it true?). Of course they're all oblivious to me, noses buried in their tablets or smartphones. I pretend I'm checking my email but what I'm really doing is taking photos to jerk off over later on.

  • I’ll spread my legs for you baby and you can video my shave pussy.

  • They are masturbating, a technique known as ANKENING it can be done by males or females it is leg pressure.
    I lie on my left side left leg bent with my prick and balls pulled tight as possible up my thighs as close as possible to my arse then with right leg straighter move it up and down putting pressure mainly on the base of my prick it really feels like fucking, I really like it when my wife plays with the cock part and balls that hang out the back she also squeezes my nipples and puts a butt plug in my arse, so very sexy, my wife does this style of masturbation and can virtually do it anywhere she particularly likes doing it when we go out to a meal or bar quite often other girls and ladies will smile and or wink obviously knowing what is happening on the odd occasion some have started Ankening as well.

  • Sexy love it

  • So sexy, both my wife and I use this technique didn't know what it was called but Ankening sounds so good, my wife also does it in public plus in our car when we go for a drive it is so very good.

  • Mmm love to see what you have.

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