Something I have thought about

This is something I have never done, but I think about it a lot.
I want to lay down on the floor and have a woman poop in my face.

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  • Seek help. Now. Please.

  • Disgusting prick

  • And you get off be reading this stuff.

  • Not at all it makes me feel sick, you need a Doctor

  • My wife started pissing and shitting on me when I told her about my fetish for walking around naked in the woods across the street from our suburban house. The first time she joined me on one of these little "jaunts," she got soaking wet and we fucked like animals. She liked it so much it became a regular thing for us. Then, after about a month of doing this, we were walking around the woods with nothing on...nowhere near where we'd left our clothes...and she really had to go. I asked her if I could watch and said sure. So I sat myself down next to a tree, stroking myself as she squatted. She peed and dropped a steaming load onto the dirt path...which caused me to ejaculate ROPES of cum. My wife had never seen me cum so hard. So the next time out, when she had to take a crap, she told me to lie down with my hands beneath my buttocks. She shit all over my cock and ordered me to masturbate with it.

  • Gee why not grab a handful of her shit in the woods and rub it all over your cock as you wank?

  • Because it's better when it's fresh. Steaming hot from her grubhole.

  • I have never heard of a man who wants this. I do know a woman who is into being sexually humiliated and degraded. Including having the men who just had sex with her to use her as a toilet as she lays in the bathtub

  • Tell us more. Does she like to be shit on, and then cleaned off with hot piss?

  • Yeah she does , I was only able to go through with it once. The only reason I did is because she's a very good looking woman and has an amazing body.

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