Going Topless

Right before we moved out of state, My girlfriend and I did a farewell tour of sorts with our friends in town. One of them was a visiting one her old co-workers and her husband. After a good amount of drinks, we started talking about sex and they mentioned she was bisexual and her husband knew and was fine with it. They even went to swingers clubs in town so he could watch her with other girls. We got onto a topic and she just asked what I would do if she started making out with me girlfriend. Her husband said it would be fine as long as he could watch. Later on, she was telling us that her husband had a great cock if we wanted to see it. Before long, she took off her top and she had some great tits and was proud to be naked. I tried not to make a big deal of it, but it was hard not to stare at her perky, full boobs. As we were leaving, they gave us hugs, but when he got my girlfriend, he just grabbed her ass and pulled her close. She was in shock for a second and did some nervous laugh. I hate to admit it, but I got hard the way they just took control.

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