Taking Risks Wearing a Panty Girdle - Latest Update

We all know a lot, if not all, of these stories are fabrications in part or in full.
This one is different. I am real and this is 100% true.

Please read the original post for background information.

I have become obsessed with dressing in fetish items while visiting a vacant house. I go there in the late afternoons on most weekdays. Sometimes I go there at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. I go at least once a day, around noon, on weekends.

I don't know what it is that keeps drawing me back. It's really quite boring while I'm there but the allure of being where I'm not supposed to be and doing what I'm not supposed to do right under the noses of everyone is heart pounding exciting for me.

I started a couple of weeks ago by walking around inside the house in only a black control brief panty girdle. A couple of days later I added a posture collar, a head harness with attached ball gag and handcuffs and I have worn these ever since. As for the control brief, I alternate between it and a white, long leg, high waist, side zipper girdle from JC Penny and a couple of one piece ladies swim suits. The most recent item I have stated wearing with all my outfits is a thick. white, rubber swim cap with a chin strap. I put it on and fasten the strap before the ball gag/head harness goes on.

As I said in the first post, I usually cuff my wrists behind my back and do a lot of walking around. I like the concept of being trapped as there is no way for me to get out of the cuffs, get my clothes and get away.

Lately, I have been passing the time by standing in stressful or uncomfortable positions and picking a number and committing to staying in and holding that position until that number of cars have passed. I always force myself to start over is I lose count or become unsure of the count. This can take a while if the number I choose is high, say 80 or 100.

I am also doing some self bondage, like hog ties and standing spread eagle, both against a brick wall and in the open.

I think I am trying to get myself caught. I think I want to be caught. I want to experience the humiliation of being caught, transported and booked in my control brief, girdle or swimsuit.

I wonder if the officers and detention center staff will humiliate me more by keeping me dressed as I was when arrested for the maximum amount of time. Perhaps they with put me in a cell like that. Perhaps they will parade me around and make sure I am exposed to and seen by every possible male and female around.

Yes, I think this is what I want. It's my ultimate humiliation fantasy. I wish I knew why I want this and need this so badly. What do you think

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  • "while visiting a vacant house."

    So you are a squatter too. Man, you need some major psychological help.

  • According to rumors, Meghan was first annulled to Joe Goldstein Giuliano / Joe Guiliano / Joseph Giuliano who is a lawyer based in LA. The identity has been swept away by Meghan’s PR. Her second marriage was with Trevor Engelson. All are failed marriages. She uses men to climb the social ladder and cut them off once she’s done with them. What’s next for her? Let’s watch and wait.

  • SMH, a sick puppy

  • Yes, does anyone know what causes this behavior? I really want to know why.

  • I would like to catch your freaky ass and take pictures of you to blackmail you to be my tranny slave slut

  • Hot! i wonder who will see you. it might mot be the police.

  • Would you like to catch me? What would you do if you did?

  • Wooooo your a freak

  • Thank you very much!

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