Wife Cheated, Very Hot!

My wife (Sophie) and I have been together around 18 years now, and like most marriages you try to find ways to keep things interesting and spicy. We started sharing fantasies (and later on, confessions) behind closed doors, the rule being we couldn't hold anything against each other and we weren't allowed to judge. It was to be completely open and fun.

Lots of stuff came of this, but the story I'd like to share now is a confession she made a few months ago - and yes it is 100% true. Sophie confessed to me that she and her ex had had a 'final fuck' shortly after we started dating. Now, again, this was 17-18 years after it happened, so I couldn't really be angry, right? And I could tell she was very very very hesitant to tell me.

Sophie and her ex had had a child together, and he had stopped by her place to pick up their child for visitation. During the course of that visit, he snuck up behind her and reached his hands down the front of the coveralls she was wearing. She initially was angry, and elbowed him and managed to wriggle away, but he was persistent. A few minutes later, he was behind her again, reaching again into her outfit. This happened a few more times, and each time she resisted a little less and less - as she told me, her pussy was quite wet because of this playful fun they were starting to have, and by the 4th time she just let him do it... He reached all the way down the front part of her coveralls and then down into her panties, where he immediately discovered that she was soaked.

It didn't take long for him to put a few fingers inside of her, her clit was throbbing and craving his touch. He reached up her shirt with his other hand, and began kissing her ear and neck. She pushed her ass back against his growing bulge.

Soon, the coveralls were unbuttoned and they fell to the floor, so she was just standing there in the kitchen in a shirt and soaking wet panties. Tremendously horny by this point, she soon found herself picked up and placed on the kitchen counter, where her ex buried his face between her legs and proceeded to finger her at the same time he was kissing and sucking on her clit.

Two orgasms quickly erupted, and then he stuck a pinky in her ass, triggering a third one right away. She said that all he kept doing was sucking on her clit as he fingered both of her holes, she was completely unable to resist - her body was quivering and shaking from hard and overlapping orgasms.

After a few more minutes, he pulled her down off the counter and turned her around so she faced away from him - and he took his cock and entered her from behind. In seconds, her bra was undone and her shirt was hiked up, and she could see her tits bouncing wildly as he began to aggressively fuck her from behind there in the kitchen. One orgasm after another caused her to lose count, and before too long he gave out a loud scream as he began to shoot his cum deep inside of her.

They both showered together after that, during which he went down on her some more, and then he took their daughter and left.

She swears it never happened again, but she also said it was tempting whenever he'd invite her over to his place during the day while I was at work. I've been trying to coax it out of her to see if anything ever happened during the pickups/dropoffs with their kid, but she just says he tried many times to touch her but she stopped him every time.

What do you all think? I am tremendously turned on by this, and now that she knows I am, she is as well (she obviously felt tons of guilt before).

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  • I love listening to my wife’s sexual past

  • Wow! How can that have been the only time tho

  • Hot.

  • I think since you both are turned on about it you should let it happen again. See if you can watch either secretly or out in the open. (Hide in the closet or something). Sounds hot tho.

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