We got caught

My wife and I got a luxurious cabin and shared it with a couple that we are friends with. We thought we'd be in for the night and my wife and I were having sex. The other couple came in to see if we wanted to have some drinks. Normally being caught having sex wouldn't be such a big deal but what they saw was a bit awkward.

My wife knows that I'm bisexual and that I'm a bottom. So she fucks me in the ass with a strap on. So they walked in and saw me on my hands and knees and my wife fucking me in the ass with a strap on.

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  • I have caught my mom fucking my dads ass with a dildo when I was 15

  • I wish I could get my girlfriend to peg my ass. Had it down twice before by two different women.

  • It is my biggest fantasy to have my wife peg me while I give my first blowjob

  • Nice but could you tell me do your wife and you have normal hetro sex or does she wear a double sided strapon so she has an orgasm when she fucks you ?

  • That double sided strap on sounds great, it would give my girlfriend extra motivation to really give me a good fucking. I will have to look into that.
    I don’t know about the author, but after my girlfriend uses the strap on on me, I’ll eat her out real good then fuck her for all I’m worth. She always tastes so good, and she’s always so wet when I slip inside of her that I know she had a good time pegging me.
    It’s a win win situation.

  • I see nothing wrong with this. My wife peggs me every time we have sex, which is daily. We even have threesomes. She love watching other men fuck my ass, before fucking her. I love it too.

  • I told my boyfriend about this. We go camping with friends who are a couple, and we talked about how we would respond if we caught them in a similar scenario. We agreed we'd laugh our asses off, and for sure I'd be high-fiving the wife/girlfriend plowing her man. That would be so awesome.

  • When I was married I love it Shire my wife with ourher guys I like to make her happy I know it made pappy I havedoneit with with every other girl I've ever had I guess I'm bisexual cuz I love to see other men screw my my lady I like to be on the clean up crew

  • Faggot

  • Offensive and dim witted.

  • I would think you are used to being butthurt. Lol

  • That's butt love, buddy.

  • So glad you got caught, you filthy beast, your wife needs a kick in the cunt

  • Your reply does not make sense.

  • Maybe if you had of passed infants level at school it would

  • No, the idea does not make sense.

  • Incidentely how long have you been having your bum punched and how long did it take for the pain to cease when you first started.
    Because you are having your bum punched do your normal day to day turd's pop out easily

  • Not as easily as stupid shit seems to come out of your mouth.

  • Your such a terribly rude prick aren't you

  • Hey Buddy, do you have a boyfriend or boyfriends or do you randomly pick up males for sex and does your wife mind ?

  • I got it pick whoit was fucken my wife but my girlfriend fucked who she wants to I just wanted to make sure that he was doing it rite then I got to help her eat all his cum off of her an I likeit too

  • How terrible would that be, I don't know how you could ever see them again it would be so embarrassing, getting pegged is pretty good but I certainly do not like the fact that your bi, it would have been a lot better if they were told that your not bi but you and your wife love pegging

  • Who cares what you think? Go back to church

  • Do you really have to be so rude

  • Great! I love getting pegged or fucked in the ass. My fav is my cock in a pussy or ass and a cock or strapon up my ass! My bro and SIL often get together with us and the gals both have a strapon. That way everybody gets ass fucked!

  • I would love to be fucking my wife in her ass and then someone fuck my ass.

  • I am not bi but love crossdressing, my wife has been pegging me for a few years now it is so good, but hell I could not stand being seen by anyone else

  • She’s showed pictures of it to her sister.

  • That's great. You should have asked if they wanted to join in. Maybe your wife would like to see you get your ass fucked.

  • Yes she loves to watch us fuck it turns me on and her

  • Do you think your friends wife would like to peg you ?

  • Hell I would fuck you in the ass. Both you and your wife. Oh yeah!

  • That would be great you would like it and we both swollen it we love it

  • Awkward. You know they will think of that everytime your name is brought up or see you.

  • I love it when I’m in that position with my girlfriend behind me.
    Tell us more about what happened, did they linger and watch, have your friends said anything to you about what they saw?
    Did your wife cut short your fuck session or did she enjoy getting caught and extend your session?

  • The other guys wife is who caught us. She promptly shut the door. My wife asked if we should stop. I told her no. So she kept fucking me. We both came out about 20 minutes later. Nobody said anything at first then Greg said, "So you actually like that?" I said, "Yep." He said, "Are you bi?" I said, "Yep. She likes doing it just as much as I do." He said, "Honey (to his wife), don't think for a second I'm gonna let you do that to me."

  • What angle did they see, you front on, wife mounted from behind or side on and if you don't mind how long were they there for ?

  • Basically I was in the doggy style position head facing the door. She was behind me on her knees. Hands on my ass. The other guys wife was the one that walked in. Her husband was sitting on the couch. She came in saying, "Hey do you guys wanna.. oh shit. Wow. Sorry."

  • It would just be so very much better if they had of taken a video or some photo's.
    You would never live it down.
    Hey are they still your friends ?

  • I'm the OP. Not anyone else who has responded. The other guy, Greg, sounds like he would be gay but is straight.

  • Yes. The hubby wants to fuck me now

  • Seriously? Please share how you found this out. And if he fucks you.

  • Well we ended up having a foursome at the cabin, it was so hot....we had the wives play and while they were doing it...he came up behind me and just plowed it in....felt great...so I let him finish up and load my ass with cum. It drove the wife crazy seeing cum drip out my ass.

  • How good is that, I got home early one day and caught my wife knotted bum to bum with our nice black Labrador it was so great I had time to take a couple of video's and plenty of photos making her smile at the camera, I often watch and make more videos when they are humping now, she is very obedient and quiet now.

  • I wish I could come home every day to that

  • Liar

  • Lucky bastard

  • Hell yes! My wife plows my ass with a dildo I bought her. She enjoys fucking me watching me writhe on it. Balls buried deep into my hole.

  • How did they respond?

  • Jennifer, the other wife, said, "Hey you guys wanna...oh shit. I'm so sorry." Then shut the door

  • Shit I'd join in!

  • I love to jump in and ate my wife's pussy while she is getting fucked the drama is so good can't wait to do it again

  • Yes yes I love to jump in

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