Wife sexual past

It turns me on knowing my wife who is 42 years old has gotten so much cock due to her huge tits back in her younger college days and right before our marriage.
Her beauty and her tIts helped her have sex with some very attractive guys of all ages.
She is 5ft 8 inches 36dd 24 36 very curvy body.She resembles Brooke Shields both body and face.
When we met I finally came to notice she had many male friends.I was able to meet a few from parties etc..
She told me up front she wanted to start slow and see what happens.She also told me she went out with other guys which meant she was getting her brains fucked out.
As time went on I became a bit wealthier and things got a little more serious. I wasn’t afraid to talk dirty in bed and ask questions. She would tell me how she enjoyed sucking guys off and them enjoying fucking and sucking her tits.
I had no idea we would date others and have so much sex without each other before we married.This entire time she
would tell me about the guys she had sex with.Her type is fit not too masculine and someone who doesnt want to serious.Her favorite were late at night partying with friends or on Business trips.
I remember her telling me about having sex with her friends younger son when he was about to go off to college. She enjoyed having him over and watching his expression as she revealed her tits to him.She basically taught him how to fuck a woman good.
After many years We decided to get married and now if she sees a hot guy she will flirt a little then at the right time she will ask him to come to our hotel room and have drinks with us. This is the most fun I’ve ever had. Nothing like watching her and him fuck the night away


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  • My wife is 45 and pretty average looking now. We met and married at 31. I've seen many pics of her in her late teens and early 20s, and she looked awesome then--short, a little thick, but athletically toned with big tits and a gorgeous face. She was a college softball player.

    She thinks it's weird when I bring it up, but I like hearing about her sexual past too. She was mostly into casual hookups, but confessed to getting pregnant after participating in a 6 person mini-orgy once. She later miscarried, so no baby, but I find that to be a fascinating part of her history before we met.

    You are lucky that she is into swinging. I can't get mine to do it. She said she's "already been there, done that."

  • I love watching my wife fucking another guys as well. It is the hottest thing. She gets fucked by others 3 times a week. She loves it and I love to watch

  • I commented once that my wife has had 11 ex boyfriend's. So just doing the math knowing how much I fuck her. That would make it that she has been fucked over 1000 times before we got together. And that's not including anal or how many times her ex's have cum in her mouth.

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