Lesbian grooming

I am a 28 year old female my husband passed away unexpectedly 18 months ago, I work in a large legal firm a very good job about 8 months ago a shy, timid 19 year old country girl came to work there and I was tasked with most of her training, she was very pretty and had a nice sexy body so because I have previously had a couple of lesbian relationships I decided to groom her to be my sub, she did not have any friends in town so it was easy to quickly become her best friend.
I started kissing her when we met and parted not long and it was full lip then patting her bum and letting my hand linger plus holding her hand when shopping, I have a nice home with private swimming pool (thanks to my husband) so soon I had her over on the weekend and when sunbathing had her put cream on me first back and legs but soon taking my bikini top off and having her do my front she could not help but sense I would easily become aroused then I started putting cream on her seeing her nipples harden.
After a few pool sessions I would shower with her before she went home, I always shave but she did not so I convinced her to let me shave her that continued each time we showered.
Taking things quite slowly but always positively in the grooming direction it was not long before she would sleep over in my bed I always being naked and after a few times she also would be naked cuddling and having a bit of flirty play she was getting very horny and soon I was playing with her clit, breasts and bum not long and we were playing with dildo's then a strap on, we were now full on lesbian lover's.
She was being very subordinate and I more dominant so I had her get her vaginal lips pierced and after the dumbells came out I locked her with a nice small heart shaped gold padlock I wear one key on a chain around my neck so she knows who is Mistress.
All this took less than seven months because I was patient, persistent and nice, she is going to move in with me next month.
I am thinking of getting a tattoo on her bum "Helen's girl"

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  • Really helpful post, currently I am trying to groom my best girlfriend into a lesbian relationship, we have only just started going to a nudist beach as yet she will not drop her bikini bottom but we are massaging sun cream onto each other and I can tell she is getting horny when I do it, great idea about the showering and shaving I am certainly going to try that feel sure that will be the clincher because already we kiss passionately, cuddle a lot, pat each others bum and hold hands.

  • Just an update, we are now in a full blown Lesbian relationship the showering together really got things going then when I suggested the shaving each other it just happened, thank you so much.

  • Love the piercing and padlock I am thinking of getting that done for my girlfriend I am sure she would love it so much, we have our anniversary in three months been together three years so that would be a wonderful surprise.
    We keep it to ourselves though.

  • I love the thought of that as well I am going to arrange for my sub of six months to be pierced in the same way maybe so I can put two padlocks on her pussy, I think she should also have her nipples pierced at the same time, the tattoo also sounds very nice I just have to think what and where she needs it maybe just above her pussy as that is constantly shaved.

  • This is great. Hot!

  • Biggest crock of shit I've ever read. Not even a good fantasy. Quite dumb.

  • I agree. If you're going to work at a law firm you at least know how to spell and write sentences.

  • Yeah...... Ok.......

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