Training Monica

I have recently commenced a lesbian relationship with my now best friend Terrie we both have sex with her dog Fido, it is a fabulous relationship because Terrie's husband knows we have fun but that happens when he goes interstate usually for a week, we work together on the same shift so travel to and from in the same car this also let's us have a sexy play and discussions.
We are in the initial stages of making friends with Monica who is straight but has advised she is having heavy bi tendencies towards us and would love to have Fido hump her.
We are formulating a Lesbian training session when Terrie's husband is away we hope she will accept that will involve the following :-
We will all take a week off work and Monica will move in with me she will usually be naked learning how to kiss, cuddle and sexually touch and get used to another woman, I will spend a lot of time showering with her, shaving her, stretching her pussy with large dildo's and plenty of lube because she is quite tight and we don't want her hurt when Fido mount's.
When we are comfortable and Monica has had and enjoyed beginner's lesbian love we will move in with Terrie and Fido.
We will all sleep in the same bed and while I continue to expand her Terrie can look after her sexual needs with me often as a threesome.
We will begin her introduction to animal love with Monica playing naked with Fido on his love mat in the lounge then observing Terrie or I being mounted and humped, that will make her so very excited and horny.
When we are sure she is comfortable she will have a collar imprinted "Fido's third bitch" locked on and on all fours, lubed then Fido will be assisted in mounting by Terrie while I roll the video the first few times Terrie will hold his knot out but he will cum in her.
Then the real thing and the best thing Fido will be allowed to knot in Monica and lock after he cums very deeply, Terrie will help Fido to swing his front paws over and they can stay locked bum to bum usually that would last 35 minutes.
The fun and love games will last all week then Monica will have to return to her boyfriend with quite a few video's and photo's plus maybe a tattoo on her bum cheek "Bitch for Fido, Terrie and Sue" , I am certain she will want to return many more times and her guy will want to watch but we will have to think about that.
For Baby and Monica xxxxx


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  • Hi Bub's first I think you are quite rude thinking of me as an animal slut so no more of that OK ? I don't care how you do it but I want a stroke count OK ?
    Mistress Mary sent her driver for me early yesterday, very, very sexy young piece beautiful body, she told me Mistress Mary likes her girls naked in the vehicle so I undressed and repacked my bag June inspected me and gave me a bit of a touch up ensuring I was perfectly shaved and clean, at Mistress Mary's June led me in and while Mistress Mary inspected and felt me over got undressed we were then told to make love while Mistress watched and afterwards we both had to satisfy her.
    Today we went to Mistresses for the girls piercing Tom wore only shorts and as Mistress wanted him to finger each girl to orgasm prior to being done he immediately got such a giant horn it could not stay in, after Mistress took Tom to her bedroom and then advised everybody that Tom would only satisfy her in the future, I was locked in the breading stocks and put on a show with Rupert we were tied for about 40 minutes.
    Debbie was quite upset, Mistress showed everybody the new locks they would wear when the piercing was OK and that everybody had to be at the coast every Sunday for inspection, after June took us back to Mistress Mary's we both had to have Mistress Mary watch us bringing each other to orgasm then she placed her own locks onto my cunt and I was driven home, I am now waiting for Sue.
    Very nice weekend Bub's love you xxxxx

  • Hi gorgeous I’ve tried several times to count up the number of strokes but it either puts me off or I lose track. Sorry xx
    God I wish we could be there to see all of this.
    I bet Terrie is going to feel the need to cum soon being locked up too.
    Still no sign of her or you getting to fuck Tom and his massive cock?

    I was won the other night what other animals you’d like to fuck?
    I’ve got a whole list in my head I’d like to watch you with xx

  • Hi Bubs, Mistress called Terrie last night and wants her down the coast this weekend to have her cunt pierced along with Mistress Lyn, Mistress Mary and Debbie on Sunday so Tom will be pretty busy not to say horny, Mistress has suggested that she will purchase new locks for everybody when they are ready to be locked and retain the keys thus controlling every girls pussie and vaginal sex.
    She indicated that as we show we are being totally subordinant to her she may change the locks to combination so we can phone her for permission if we want any sex, Terrie also has to take Les's keys to her, she is getting very bossy but at least everybody will know where their keys are even if we have to go down the coast to be unlocked.
    Mistress Mary wants me to put on a show with Rupert.
    HEY have you had a tug and counted the strokes yet ?
    Love you Baby xxxx

  • Hi Bub's, Sue and I just got out of bed after a great romp unlocked (I really love her, combinations changed tomorrow by Terrie) we have been joking about Terrie being locked it will be so good watching her piercing and Tom piercing his new girl Debbie knowing once the locks go on that giant cock won't get in there without permission, we think it only fair that all the girls and Mistresses have to tolerate locked pussies just like us, really looking forward to the weekend apparently Mistress Mary has a fantastic property with fully equiped dungeon all servants are female subordinates
    Love you Bub's xxx

  • Hi Bub's still down the coast having a little rest at present, this evening we are going to have a finger food meal dressed in costumes socialising with Mistresses best customers they are all rich, fun, horny mostly Bi or Lesbian older but really love porn.
    Terrie did not get fucked by Tom, Anne had heaps of camera's set up all over the stage the set up was first an old fashioned lowered stock where I was led on fours with a collar that read "Rupert's Bitch" with my saddle attached then neck plus hands were locked in, Rupert was lead in to the cheers of the onlookers, sniffed, paws straight into the saddle and straight into my lubed pussy humping like I have never felt he really let a giant load into me and the knot seemed so large when he kicked off we were bum to bum but stayed tied for 45 minutes so I could not see Debbie with Tom, Tom was naked on a stool while Debbie played him to a giant horn then straddled him front on with arms around and kissing lowering herself on she gently started riding, it apparently took a while but she fitted him fully in and controlled the fucking so well that he could only cum at her request after she had about three large orgasm's the room erupted with applause then Sue put on a session with Paula after Rup and I released they liked that.
    I am certain we are in for a massive bonus particularly if we let some of the clients touch us up a bit tonight, OH Baby that Tom is big I saw him after but noticed he has such small ball's funny eh ? Terrie said no way he is getting into her after seeing him with Debbie
    Love you xxxxx

  • Your last comment there makes it sound like you want Tom in you.
    Nice description about Rupert fucking you. I truly wish I could see him fuck you. I’d love to watch the look on your gorgeous face as he ploughed that thick dog cock into you. Mmmmmmmmm I’m having a great tug just now thinking about you and him. I’d love to slide my cock into your freshly filled pussy

  • Hi Baby, preferably have you start on me dry, before our evening meal Anne came to my room and advised I would couple with Mary ( slightly chubby about 58 but still nice looking and well kept) for the night wearing only heels and mini school girl skirt with little makeup Sue and Paula would couple with the other two they would be our evening mistresses and we were to do exactly as they required but particularly because Tom and Debbie were going to put on a show missionary plus doggie with Debbie in the breading stocks, when our mistresses became horny we were to go under the table and satisfy them, we must have all done a wonderful job because Terrie told us Mistress had made a deal that we were to go to each evening mistresses house early next Saturday stay till we were sent home Sunday and would do exactly as they wanted.
    Mary tasted nice and was very enthusiastic, she also unlocked me and played with my pussie till I came I am sure I will enjoy next weekend.
    This morning Debbie told us that her and Tom were now a couple and she would soon work at the parlour with him, Sue and I have each others combinations and are allowed to release each other for play whenever we like this week but only till Tuesday evening (she is going to change the combination before we go to work Wednesday) so we are horny for our weekend mistresses.
    Got such a sexy feeling seeing Tom doggie humping Debbie locked in the breading stocks his small balls virtually disappear'd, she took him so well.
    Love you Bub's, I think I would like you to poke me Baby, I'me pretty horny now so Sue's lock will be off very soon. xxxx

  • Damn right I’d love to poke you sweetheart. I’d love to make you a cery sticky mess between me and the dogs. I’m picturing me lying in the floor with you on top and my cock up your bum, Rupert in your pussy and you sucking fido. I’d love to watch as he sprays pre cum and cum all over your face, neck and breasts, watching you suck him into your mouth deep

  • Your being naughty Baby, you will just make yourself horny, HEY !! next time you have a tug please count how many pulls you do before you cum for me.
    On the way to work Terrie told Sue and I that our new mistresses had paid a bonus so they can put their own locks on our pussies and hold the keys so they have complete control of our vaginal sex and they want to see us for at least the next two weekends.
    Terrie locked Les with his cock cage yesterday no reason just because she wanted to does not know when he will be released yet so he won't be fucking my arse for a while.
    Tom and Debbie are going to Mistresses next weekend so Anne can get some more videos and photos plus my new mistress Mary is going to have her cunt lips pierced on Sunday, Terrie thinks that he will do Debbie at the same time, it will be fun watching.
    From next weekend only Mistress Mary will have control of my cunt hope she does not loose my keys, I have to do everything she wants.
    Love you Bub's xxxxx

  • Hey Bub's Sue was just reading our post and thought I was being a bit gross with my wording she thought that I should tone it down a bit and eliminate things like cunt, arse, pussie, titties etc. but I said Baby loves me describing things in vulgar language it gets him horny and he likes having a tug after reading my description's.
    So Baby am I correct ? xxxxx
    Oh incidently Sue's new mistress is Lyn a single Lesbian solicitor with her own practice she is very pretty and has a great body about 54 I think but Terrie said she would be very firm and demanding and Sue should expect a deal of punishment.
    Love you Baby xxx

  • You are correct sweetheart, you can tell it anyway you like as long as there’s plenty details xx

  • Hi Baby, Les stayed with Sue and I after work yesterday gee he was just so very horny he was kissing and undressing me as soon as we walked in while Sue went to shower he mounted me doggie on the lounge room mat he just adores getting into my arse and I like it as well he came so quickly (must have had something to do with being humiliated down at Mistresses) we showered together while Sue set up the spare bedroom so we could peg Les comfortable she layed out a single and two double dildo's with their leather harnesses, Les knew exactly how to rest against the stool for easy access, Sue lubed him mounted first with the single strapon and took things nice and slow Les was pushing back perfectly and came again quite quickly then I did him with a double and had two great cums Sue took him with a double after he had a little rest ( he likes us doing him Mistress was quite hard and abrasive )while I started a nice salad evening meal, it was a nice night with the three of us cuddled up watching some porn from Penny that Anne took of Sue, Paula and I the video's are so good Anne is terrific no wonder they are expensive and well sort after.
    At lunch today Terrie suggested because we are going to have Mistresses best customers watching I could be required by Mistress to have some video's and photo's of Rupert humping me next weekend, should be a good time plus very lucrative.
    Love you darling, can't wait to see what happens with big dick Tom xxxxx

  • Sounds like a nice little evening had by the theee of you.
    Looking forward to hearing about you and Rupert in detail. I love to hear about a beautiful woman fucked by a big dog cock. Maybe he’ll stretch you enough to try Tom?
    Nothing to report from this end apart from Monica is dying to get the Xmas tree up and Is bugging me about it lol
    Several of he girls went to a wedding at but it was just a regular night.

    Anyway I’d better go get ready for work.
    Love you xxx

  • I can’t get to sleep tonight. Far too horny and Monica is worn out lol.

  • So Baby have a tug, Terrie was saying on the way into work that she is going to have a go at Tom probably next weekend, Les has given the OK as long as he can come down the coast and watch, Mistress is going to arrange an audience of about six of her best customers plus Penny has a friend that is confident she can easily take Tom so is prepared to step in and does not mind going seconds, this is going to be so good can't wait, OH Les is OK with Sue and I pegging him next Tuesday evening. There are a heap of young Doctors and male nurses asking about Sue at work bloody perv's just want to get into her pant's, Terrie and I have agreed we are going to tell every one she is Terrie and Les's niece and they will be looking after her while she is living at my house, that will slow them down none of them want to upset Les or Terrie I can assure you.
    Will certainly update you on next weekends activities "sounds fantastic does it not" you should get a nice tug out of that xxxxx

  • If Terrie does fuck Tom I want to hear all about it. I want you to watch it very closely xx

  • Hi Baby you certainly don't appear to be keeping up, if you don't want to continue fine with me but I do love talking about our sexual experiences, anyhow the girls plus I were locked today (butterfly) by Tom, Terrie has three combination locks for us to be used later. Tom was as horny as hell after the inspections and locking, Terrie dropped her summer dress while Tom was in the recline chair while Sue and Paula locked his ankles in the styrups, Terrie is just so good Tom had the largest horn in no time under her hand, OMG Baby Terrie went down on him and I could not believe it she got passed his head with a bit of a struggle but kept going but only for another 3 inches then he let a load go Terrie was gagging till Sue gave her a bash on the back and spat most of it plus his dick out "shit he is big Baby", anyhow everyone ended up happy.
    Love you xxxxx

  • Sorry sweetheart I’ve been extremely busy lately and falling asleep as soon as my butt hits the couch. Monica keeps moaning at me for it but it can’t be helped, which also means I’ve not been on here much. Sorry x
    I do love talking about what’s going on to also 😈 your stories are so hot.

    Sounds so very hot that Terrie has a go at that big cock.... do you want to try him?

    Awww poor les I actually feel so bad for him sounds like he’s getting a hard time of it. I can understand that he doesn’t want to go back lol

    When you said do we want to get involved, what do you mean?

    Monica and I have started trying for a baby but will probably need medical intervention as she has a condition that makes it harder for her to conceive.

    Nikki and Monica haven’t seen each other since we all fucked, I don’t know if it’s the guilt has gotten to her but the girls haven’t even spoken that mich on the phone. Niki just says she has been really busy also and that hopefully we can all go out soon

    Right I’d better get ready. Lots to do today.
    Love you lots. Hope I can get a bit more free time soon and chat more. Xxx

  • Hi Bub's, no way would I go near Tom's prick far, too large Terrie was just lucky to get the head plus about 3 inches in her mouth her cheeks were really stretched.
    Les is going fine now he is so quiet, polite, helpful and obedient.
    Asking if you wanted to be involved I meant would you like to be under strict instruction from Mistress for a few days and humiliated by all us girls ?
    Terrie is coming over to unlock us so we can shave and clean our pussies also bringing Fido about midday for a hump with me, Sue wants to take some video's and see if she can get him horny by playing with him nude she is not certain yet if she wants him mounting her (won't be long I bet)
    Love you Baby xxxxx

  • Hmmmmn would I like to be humiliated by several beautiful woman???? I’d certainly give it a go lol I don’t mind some anal play. No gay tendencies but it is pleasurable to have a few fingers or a dildo in my ass once in a while.

    I can picture you trying to take Toms cock after a round with Fido, I bet Tom looks at you with desire since you sound so attractive x

    What would a day or two of humiliation from all you girls entail?

    Love you. Xxx

  • Hi Baby, Tom is quite the perv he has been playing a lot more than is required when inspecting Sue and Paula, he even got me on the chair to see how things were going and had a great little feel around plus checked my nipple piercing as well, no need to be naked but he insisted, he really gets a giant bulge without Terrie to pull him off I don't know what he would do. No need to see him again unless Mistress wants some more piercing or tattoos.
    If you wanted some submissive instruction like Les OH BABY what fun we could have, you would have to set aside a minimum of four days and believe me you would not want to return but you would love it, certain I could convince Mistress to let me peg you first "I would love that" plus punish you, hands tied high swinging heavy weights on your nuts, cloths pegs on your nipples and tongue, tight cock ring on making your dick stay hard for as long as I wanted then over the chair for some spanking and flogging, the other girls can do as they wish but you would be required to do all the housework, cleaning, washing , polishing, yard work etc. Mistress is very stern with males so you would be in for a doing.
    Hope that makes you horny Bub's xxxxx make sure you know what you wish for.

  • You sound like you really enjoyed writing that lol. Sounds tempting. I really can’t get the thought of you being fucked by Tom and his massive cock out of my head. In fact I actually want you to do it. I want to hear how it feels to have his monster spread you open and stretch you making you feel full, to hear about the stuffed full pressure feeling I’ve heard girls mention. To know you’d orgasm hard on him xx
    I’m having a great tug as I write this xxx

  • Hi Baby, no way Tom is getting that monster near me, Terrie said that Tom would give Sue and Paula a free nipple piercing each or a tattoo if Terrie will really try to fit him all into her mouth plus let him do her vaginally, she is thinking about it but wants everything done down at Mistresses one weekend so Anne can get some videos even though most of Mistresses customers love Lesbian or dog videos and photos she is sure when any get a glimps of Tom's dick they will be keen to purchase and could even want vaginal piercing or tattoo's, it would be so easy for them getting done there, obviously Mistress will demand a slice of the pay, maybe Mistress will arrange an audience for the show.
    Gee Baby I am horny thinking of pegging you and squeezing your tummy to get you to push back as I push in, I am going to ask Terrie if Sue and I might peg Les next time he is over.
    I really want the combination locks back on they make life so easy.
    Love you xxxxx have a nice tug sweetie

  • Hi Baby, our photo shoot went very well, Penny and Anne were so very happy, Penny has to pay Mistress then Mistress will give us our share, Sue came home with me bringing a lot of her belongings so we have the rest of the weekend together, I am being allowed to stay unlocked till Monday morning "how great is that" we both are going to have pretty used pussies by then.
    Terrie was saying on the way home yesterday that Les was quite calm and somewhat looking forward to his weekend because there will only be her and Mistress there, the plan is that this morning Les had to do a lot of housework naked, then arrange lunch for Mistress and Terrie, clean everything up then polish all of Mistresses latex and leather wear including heels, when Mistress is happy he is going to be lubed and pegged after a little rest in a diaper he is to prepare the evening meal, clean up and get pegged again.
    Tomorrow will be a similar day.
    The girls are going for another inspection by Tom next weekend, the piercings look OK to me so will not be long and they will be locked, initially by our keyed butterfly locks and I also have to wear mine Mistress likes us being the same, Terrie wants to pull Tom off again and is going to try and fit him in her mouth, I really want to see that "no way could she he is just so huge, might get his head in but that's about all" she is going to wear just a summer dress with heels and remove it after the girls are inspected, Tom will just be so horny, nude in the layback chair with legs wide in the styrups.
    Love you Baby, keep on rooting xxxxx

  • I hope Terrie can take his cock. Sounds like her pushy is going to be stretched and sore afterwards but sounds so sexy. I hope you get a shot of him also x
    Why does les have to wear a diaper? Is it humiliating?
    Hope you have lots of fun with penny and lots of orgasms.

    We were out for dinner and drinks last night as Monica has declared this her birthday weekend. Her birthday is on wednesday. I think we are meeting friends tonight to go to a country music venue.
    Love you lots xxx

  • Hi Baby, Sue and I were also wondering about Les in his diaper as well so I texted Terrie and found out that Mistress had added a laxative to his afternoon tea before he had a rest in the dungeon, that was so when he soiled he had to clean everything up before showering and preparing the evening meal, yes it would have certainly been for ultimate humiliation plus adds to his punishment today, doing toilet without permission at Mistresses is just not on.
    Love you xxxx

  • Hi Baby, Terrie and Les got home about an hour ago, Les desperately needed a big rest so Terrie came over to see how Sue and I were going and to ensure Sue knew what to expect at work tomorrow she was very happy with the training Mistress administered so much so that unless he plays up ( she is sure he will not want to go through those two weekends again) he will not have to return, she is even considering removing his cock cage this evening and leaving him out of chastity, she wanted him to have a bit of my arse on Tuesday so Sue agreed as long as we sleep in the guests bedroom (the new big bed is ours alone) Terrie said "test your finger in his bum it might still be sore plus touch up his nuts Mistress had him hung by arms high and tied around his balls a swinging heavy weight" he has to go into work with us tomorrow so I am going to give him a big kiss and cuddle.
    I was thinking Baby how would you like getting involved with us ? hope you and Monica manage to sort something out with Nikki.
    Love you Baby, best to Monica xxxxx

  • Hi Baby, I had lunch with Les today Terrie was showing Sue all over the hospital, Mistress was quite cruel to him, I felt very sorry, doing the housework, polishing and cleaning her Dom gear, preparing and serving meals plus showering and drying Mistress each morning and afternoon and some humiliation were OK but on Sunday he copped his punishment mainly for shitting in his diaper that spilled out onto the dungeon floor she gave him a laxative with his shepherd's pie, peas and mash, poor Les was tied hands high on tippy toe naked then weights were attached to his nuts and swung, after a while he complained about the pain so Mistress attached two very firm thick cloths peg to his nipples and one on his tongue saying " this might give you something else to think about EH ?
    He certainly does not want to go back there again, Dianne the new nurse with the fantastic arse walked by but Les said "not looking or thinking that's what got me into trouble wish I had not said anything to Terrie your's is the only bum I want now" so he is staying tonight, I like him humping me.
    Love you Baby xxxxx

  • Hi Baby, what a weekend, Les really has such a sore arse he is not going to work tomorrow Terrie had to borrow a nice large soft pillow from Mistress just to get him home in the car.
    When we walked in Les was naked strapped wrist and ankle to the punishment stool and blindfolded after Mistress pegged him, then came Terrie he had a little rest then I mounted followed by Sue, Paula and finally Penny, Penny certainly knew what she was doing after lubing and mounting she reached under his belly with one hand and as she pushed in each time squeezed his gut hard, she got a very good rhythm going and he was really pushing back onto the dildo she and Mistress were very happy with that result.
    I have the combination locks on now and they are pretty comfortable Mistress, Terrie and Sue have the combination's but two have to agree when I am to be released, a lot better than worrying about getting the keys.
    Sue came home with me she has some things to complete at the hospital so Terrie gave her the OK to unlock me when she wants this week, how good is that ?
    Terrie is taking Les back next weekend for some further Mistress training but we are not required however Penny wants Sue, Paula and I to call in on Saturday for some more videos by Anne.
    Love you Baby xxxxx how are things going with Nikki ?

  • Awww poor les. Sounds like he’s been through the mill a bit with you girls lol and I bet it’s far from over either.

    Good thinking about the combination locks, as you say loosing the keys could lead to some very embarrassing situations lol,

    I hope you have lots of fun gorgeous x
    Nothing new with Monica or Nikki yet. Her fiancé can be a very jealous kind of guy and I’m pretty sure he knows nothing of what’s gone on so far.

    Love you. Xxx

  • Holy shit what a day I had yesterday!!!!
    Came home from work, and thought I haven’t heard much from Monica today. Went upstairs to get showered and changed and as I walked into our room there they were, Nikki and Monica in bed kissing passionately.
    Nikki noticed me first and smiled then giggled which told Monica I was home. They asked how I was, while I stood there a little dumb founded. Monica said hurry up we are about to start again. I said again, how many times have you gouts done it to which they both giggled and said 3 today
    I was numb and excited. I gave Monica a kiss and said I’m going for a shower. Nikki piped up with hey mr where’s my kiss? I was like ehhh and Monica noded somnolent in a have her a kiss. She was in there with her tongue. I could smell pussy off her face.
    I didn’t make it to the shower, and ended up fucking both of them. The feeling of having two girls swirl their tongues around my rock hard cock was something else. Monica has me lie down and say on my face to lick her pussy and that’s when Nikki straddled me and I felt her slide down onto my cock. She said to Monica, he’s definitely bigger than Alan (her fiancé), she rode my cock good going long and slow then fast and slamming her ass down to get my cock deep.
    I came so hard in her. I had to take a short break before Monica and I fucked doggy style. Monica moves down to Nikki’s pussy and started to lick my cum out of her.
    We ordered some food and Nikki headed home saying she’ll be back soon. I really hope it’s not too long before she’s back.
    Monica keeps asking who I preferred to fuck. I said both but the way Nikki slammed that ass down hard was amazing.

    Love you xxx

  • OH Baby you just made me so horny, how good is that eh ? I am so wet but can't play because I am locked, so happy for you.
    This weekend Terrie is going to try me with the new combination locks, I think Les is getting excited about this weekend "NOT"
    Love you xxxx

  • Hi Baby, today at lunch Terrie pointed out a new nurse "nice arse on that one eh ? Les indicated on more than one occasion he would love to climb onto and hump her, well that temptation is now gone got that cage on just in time I think" she also indicated that his initial pegging will start this weekend so we are all going to Mistresses early Saturday, Mistress wants him brought down the following Friday till Sunday for further pegging and subordinate training, she told Terrie the hardest part is getting them to push back when she is pushing in, but being so experienced it will not take long for him to start enjoying it, bet he has a sore bum for a while.
    Baby don't fool yourself no way would you be able to escape a nice tight fitting cock cage no matter what you try.
    Love you xxxxx

  • Hi Baby, Terrie, Sue and Paula returned and the girls piercing is really good Tom said probably another two or three weeks and they can be locked, Terrie masturbated Tom after the inspection and he really loved it gave her a giant load that landed mainly on her cleavage and breasts, Baby he is really large the girls were astounded, Terrie is a total dominating bitch she really tricked Les, when they came in she said she had some porn items for Mistress and that she wanted to see how they worked and felt, so sent Les off with Paula to shower and shave, she then cuffed him behind naked and produced the chastity cage, locked it on with a bit of difficulty, she already had me hide the keys, then showing Les a strap on saying darling seeing you like arse so much I felt you should know what it is like so we are going to leave you locked for a while and I will be lubing and mounting you for now, I know your going to understand because if you complain your cock cage is just going to stay on that much longer OK, the look on poor Les's eyes almost made me cry.
    Sue and Paula are off tomorrow so Sue can start to pack for her new position moving in with me in two weeks that will be just so great, Sue and I are so wonderful together.
    Down the coast for photo's and video's from Friday, pretty intense session's because they are so in demand, Penny wants to organise every shoot with Anne on Saturday and has arranged with Mistress to buy the lot, gee she must have one hell of a library, I am sure she is a porno queen.
    Bub's please have a nice tug OK ?
    Hey if you were in a cock cage I don't think you would get out xxxx

  • Hahaha poor les sound alike he’s going to be put in one hell on a situation 🤣
    Terries breasts covered in that guys load would have looked great.

  • Hi Baby I hope your keeping up with my stories, this morning because Les only had a conference at work Terrie drove him in with us, he sat in the back seat quiet as a mouse, Terrie was telling me how he had changed since the cage went on she thinks its unbelievable how obedient, quiet and compliant to any requests he has became, she asked if he was liking being locked and of course he replied "yes Terrie", she was thinking that the honour of the initial pegging for his bum virginity should be given to Mistress, so she is going to arrange a weekend down the coast for the event all the girls will be naked apart from Mistress who will wear her latex catsuit with the strapon, after we have a nice ceremony with Les nude cuffed hands and ankles over the punishment stool already being lubed she will ball gag him and mount, humping similar to how Fi and Rup do, after a little rest Terrie will be next then Penny will get into the action of course Sue Paula and I will be expected to participate while Anne video's, Terrie asked Les if he would like that of course he said "yes Terrie" I really feel sorry for Les he is so nice and I am sure he does not deserve such treatment however he was such a fool letting Terrie get that cage on him in the first place.
    Love you Baby xxxxx

  • Hey sweetheart yes I am keeping up with your stories. Makes me horny just reading them and playing out in my head what’s happening lol

    Omg poor les lol I can’t wait to hear what happens next Hahahaha.

    I guarantee if I wanted out of a cock cage then I would get it off. Lock picking or cutting it off with one of my many tools lol

    Have fun beautiful xxx

  • On the way home Terrie advised that when she picks up Sue on Sunday morning she is going to drop Les off he has really been pestering her to have a good session in my bum he really loves it so do I but I think Terrie is a bit jealous, she mentioned that she may bring back a cock cage from the parlour and immediately lock him in, that is going to be very funny what the frig is it with Terrie and Mistress that every fanny or prick has to be owned and locked only for their enjoyment, would not be surprised if Fi and Rup were next, OH!! some more good news it looks like Sue will be starting in Admin at the hospital in about three weeks, not to let her know yet but Mistress has asked if I would like her to stay with me "like her of course I would love it that's what the big bed is for" Mistress is going to pay me top rent to cover for her how good is that? the money keeps rolling in.
    Mistress and Penny want me down the coast as much as possible from next Friday so Anne can get plenty of photos and videos particularly with Rup or me playing slave to Mistress they are in very high demand, most of my costumes are down there anyhow.
    Love you Bub's go and knock off the beautiful Monica EH ?

  • I personally would hate having my cock locked away. I would get out of it in any way I could. Poor les.
    Sounds like Terrie is really becoming a very controlling mistress to you lot lol.
    Monica has her monthly gift from Mother Nature so sex is of the cards, dammit.
    Love you xx

  • Hi Baby, Sue and Paula have been done, they will have to go back for an inspection next Sunday and will have dumbbells in for at least four weeks then they will be locked Terrie purchased four nice butterfly padlocks two green and two red in preparation she was also considering six combination padlocks two for each of us so will probably get those next week when we have those on we will not have to worry about keys.
    The piercer was quite a stud working bare chested and from the time he started inspecting me had just the largest horn, when time came to pierce Sue he had a large precum stain, after he finished Paula Terrie insisted that seeing he had seen all of her girls pussies and obviously liked it he was to drop his gear for us WOW he had the biggest prick I have ever seen not sure I could take it all and enjoy it (Terrie had a little play with it)
    Sue is staying with me and Paula is over at Terrie's they are both going down the coast tomorrow.
    Gee Baby you should see the new bed Mistress arranged it is so great, Les took delivery and made it up real nice for me, he wants to stay Tuesday night and try it out as always doggie anal, I feel like that.
    Love you Baby, hope you have a nice tug xxxxx

  • Hahaha I bet he wanted to get his hands on you all.
    Sounds like things are going like a dream for you lot.
    Did les come over to take care of you yet?
    Monica and the girls are talking about going to a rave in the next few weeks so we will see what if anything happens there.
    Monica blew my mind last night by saying how she wants to have a large muscly dog take her and use her like a slut, then to finish if she would lay under him and suck his huge cock to another cum and clean it.

    Shit I need to go tug again I’m all horny now.

    Love ya xxx

  • Hi Bub's, Les was called away to a conference on Tuesday so I did not see him but seeing I have been such a good girl Terrie brought Fido over after work and unlocked me, it was just so fantastic having Fi to myself all night we gave the new bed a bit of a work out, we are just so comfortable together he is so nice, I want to get one of those saddles like is put on me for Rupert Fi would be just that so much better going a lot deeper.
    Sue and Paula are coming up late Friday for their inspection Sunday Sue staying with me Paula with Terrie I really hope Terrie unlocks me I want to give that bed a good doing with Sue.
    Terrie was saying this morning that she is thinking of giving Tom the piercer a real nice tug after his inspections getting him in the layback chair with legs wide and feet in the styrups and is expecting a big discount on the procedure and padlocks, that Terrie is such a wag.
    Love you Baby, I am so pleased I make you horny, does Monica know you tug thinking of me ?

  • She knows I’ve had a tug several times, to you and this usually leads to a goood fucking

  • So nice Baby xxx

  • Hi Bub's, Sue easily slid through her final assessments today, Maureen, bi and well known for playing with the younger girls was insistent that she should work under her (get that under her) in catering, while Brian who is a single accounts manager apparently having a huge bulge throughout the interview was fine and would like her in accounting, so that's good, certain Sue is going to work with us and stay with me can't wait for that new bed, I just ordered a pizza for tonight because I mainly want to get a lot of play in before her piercing.
    Love you Baby xxxxx

  • Hi Baby, Sue's interview was just the greatest Terrie had her wear a dark pants suit just showing a wisp of white bra lace, 3 inch heels with hair up because her interviewer is a subordinate lesbian, Sue knew from the start she would just love to touch her up so turned on the sexy, the manager wanted Sue to start in her department straight away "wonder why" only one more assessment and Terrie is one of three with a couple of good friends, we are pretty sure Sue will start in patient entry and family/friend enquiry in about four weeks, Terrie is sure she can arrange the same shits as us so that will be great.
    Les is going to come over next Saturday to accept my new bed etc. while I go to the parlour with the girls, Sue is just reporting in to Penny and Mistress, I am getting naked and going to run into the bedroom and jump her, what a fantastic girl.
    The guy at the tattoo parlour is certainly going to get the greatest roaring horn when he see's our lovely bald pussies. OH who knows he might be gay.
    How is Monica going ?
    Are you tugging for me Baby ?
    Love you both xxxxx

  • Hey gorgeous, missed me? I’m glad virus is gone. It was he’ll suffering the pain and fever from it. Doctor said I had a mild encephalitis. I never want to suffer that again.

    So tell me what’s been happening with you?

    Monica is a way out tonight with a few of her friends to let her hair down. I don’t know if Nikki is there. I did get Monica to tell me a few times what it was like to be with Nikki and finger her. Gets me far too excited and I pop like a champagne cork lol.

    How is Paula coming with her training?

    Love you loads

  • Thought you had pissed off Baby, so good to hear your better now, Paula has been to Terrie's a couple more times now and is knotting with Fi and they are mounting without assistance, she really likes it now, Sue has brought her up leaving her with Terrie (Terrie really loves playing with her new little girl) and stayed with me from the Friday to late Sunday the last two weekends we are really deeply in love, I have told Terrie and she does not mind she is trying to get Sue a position at work and confident she will.
    Mistress only gave Sue my keys the first weekend because she wants me horny for Rupert this weekend so I was pretty frustrated last weekend and this week but I certainly satisfied Sue.
    We are taking Fi down so Mistress can get Anne to video Fi with Paula, Rupert with me, also Paula with Sue, Sue with me and Mistress, Sue and I, she wants a lot of videos because they are in fantastic demand, Mistress is going to let Sue stay next week with me she has some interview's, as long as I am a good girl Sue will have my keys.
    Things are going very well, I hope Monica moves on Nikki seriously soon.
    Hey Baby about time you had a nice wank thinking of me EH ? xxxxx

  • Oh a couple of things Baby, Mistress has asked Terrie to arrange for Paula and Sue to be pierced exactly the same way as I am, not sure when they will be done but pretty soon I think, Mistress wants her and Terrie to hold a key for each of us so our pussies cannot be played with without one of them giving permission, Mistress is very happy with my performances and is organising a brand new heavy duty king size bed plus pillows, sheets, blankets etc. to be delivered next Saturday morning so how great will that be breaking it in with Sue.
    I am so happy that everybody knows Sue and I love each other and supports us Terrie says I have to still let Les fuck me doggie in the arse when she wants him to, I have told Sue and she is not overly concerned.
    Baby you can have your nice little tug now xxxxx

  • Good morning gorgeous. How could you think I’d run away from you? I like to read what you’ve been up to, everything you tell me is so very hot. I would love to root with you after watching Monica and you fuck with the girls and dogs.
    That all sounds so fucking amazing. Starting to wish I was a girl to join in with you lot.
    Where would these videos be available from ??

    Here I just thought how does this sound? You and Paula, bum to bum in doggie position with a fat double ended dildo in your pussies then using the locks, locking your pussy lips to hers. God you make me so hot. Mmmmm that was a big load of cum i shot there.

    Love you xxx❤️Xxx

  • That's so nice Baby so very happy I make you horny, Paula or Sue and I padlocked bum to bum sounds so very sexy, I will bring that up with Mistress and have Anne include the scene in at least one of her video's.
    Mistress has a select lot of customers that purchase one off video or photo for their own use, they have to be introduced, so you would not get one sorry.
    Love you Baby xxxxx

  • Our trip to Mistresses went extremely well we are all very experienced these days and don't often have to do a double take for Anne, everybody was so pleased how well Paula and Fido performed, while Rupert still expand's me I am very used to him now just love having his leather saddle buckled on when he gets his paws in he can really go deep into me, we were both so horny and gave a giant load each were locked for about 35 minutes.
    On the way home we had to drop off ten videos and three photo's for Penny, Sue and I really like her she is so nice she must be one of Mistresses best customers by far, Penny was desperate for a play with both of us so Sue unlocked me she wanted to watch Fi mount and hump me in real life, we all got naked then Fi and I performed, while we were knotted Penny and Sue got into a hot sixty nine, when Fi released I got onto the bed and gave Penny a real nice fingering while Sue caressed her ample breasts and tongue kissed Penny must have had five orgasms before we left, we both received an envelope with $600 along with our $2500 from Mistress a nice weekend earner, we dropped Fido and an envelope off and explained the weekend events to Terrie she is so happy that Mistress loves all of the video's and photo's.
    Sue has her first interview at work tomorrow, Terrie has booked both Sue and Paula in for their piercings next weekend so better get stuck into a great deal of sex with her before she gets done and has the dumbbells in, Terrie has assured me my bum will be busy with Les in it.
    Love you Baby hope you have a tug for me xxxxx

  • Hi Baby, Sue had a great interview Terrie had her wear a mini and almost see through floral blouse without bra but with stockings and heels, made up just a bit slutty because the manager she had to see is just an old perv he could not keep his eyes off her and had a precum stain on his pants when she left, next interview is with a Lesbian manager that Terrie knows well Sue will get through that standing on her head, we all had a good laugh on the way home today and are confident about her gaining a position.
    Sue is just reporting in to Penny and Mistress then Baby I am going to really give her a seeing to she looked so good today I am as horny as hell.
    OH !! Baby how funny is this Terrie is thinking that seeing soon all the girls (Sue, Paula and I) will have locked pussies maybe Les should be placed in a chastity cage not sure if he will like that, Sue and I gave a cheer.
    Next weekend I have to go to the tattoo parlour with them because the guy that pierced me is no longer there so the new guy has to inspect and measure my piercing to replicate it with Sue and Paula both Terrie and Mistress are insistent all of us are exactly the same.
    Love you Baby xxxx

  • Sounds hot as hell gorgeous. That guy who is going to pierce all those lips is one lucky sob lol.
    I was dreaming about a pretty girl last night covered in dog cum. I think my mind is trying to come up with images of you xx

  • Get better Baby, yes Paula had a good introduction with Fi Terrie had to use a lot of lube because she is pretty tight and Terrie did not let them lock in case she got concerned and scared, Paula had about five mountings then quite a lot of fun with Terrie because Les is away at conferences , OH Baby who cares about that Sue and I had most of our time together, I am madly in love Sue is just so horny and nice, Sue is going to start a nurses course and I really want her to do it at our hospital so she can stay with me , I have to convince Terrie (might be a bit difficult) if she gives the OK at work I am certain Sue is in, so good being unlocked all the time but Sunday Sue locked me and is going to give my key's to Mistress, not sure what is next but I think I will be going down the coast for some more video's next weekend, very profitable and I enjoy it, getting used to Rupert (Baby he is big) Ann's video's must be really first class stuff apparently Mistress has clients lined up and some pay to watch
    Love you Baby xxx

  • Hey Baby are you still there ?

  • Hey Gorgeous I’m here. Sorry I’ve not been on in a while I’ve been completely wiped out by some kind of flu virus. I’ve been in bed sleeping most of the time. Still not over it just now. Monica has been an angel looking after me

    Keep me posted with what’s happening with you. I love the last post. Has her training with Fi happened yet?

    Love and kisses xxx

  • Hellow Baby, yes Fi gets sucked often Terrie has taught him to lay on his back when he hears the command suckies then we rub his belly and he starts coming out of his sheath once our lips are around his head he really gets hard and bucks substancially although his load is nowhere as large as when he mounts and locks.
    What a night with Sue Baby I am in love she is just so pretty, nice and fabulous to be with does everything a Lesbian lover could need then more, I had a lot of time with Paula (she is also wonderful) then Anne took heaps of videos and photo's with Mistress, I, Sue, Paula and even Penny turned up to get involved and arrange to purchase quite a few, Mistress is just ever so happy the way everything is going so we got a fabulous bonus my envelope had $3,000 in it so Terrie will be extremely happy with hers, Sue drove me home and has my keys is staying the night she just went to see her father for a couple of hours, Terrie wants to turn up early to pick me up for work tomorrow and have a play with Sue while I get ready.
    Rupert's saddle is terrific, Anne had me on all fours to tighten it around my belly and Sue lubed me up then Anne brought him in and assisted him mounting he wanted to go in my bum but she insisted he use the other hole, with his paws in the leather socks he can really give it to you deep, hard and lasts a lot longer he really filled me and when he locked we were bum to bum for 3/4 hour so good.
    Next weekend Mistress wants to bring Paula to Terries so Fi can mount her, Rup is just far too big she has such a nice tight pussy.
    Love you darling xxxx have a nice tug for me please.

  • Omg I just came so hard there reading that. I truly wish I was there to see all this and let Monica be part of it.
    We were out last night at a wedding and I lost Monica during the night while she was wasted. I looked everywhere and asked a couple girl if they were in the ladies but they weren’t. GUESS where I found them??? In our car making out. We had parked across the road in a very quiet and dark car park as it was close to the hotel as it was raining last night. So I noticed their dark shapes in the back. Nikki was sat over Monica’s lap, really going at it kissing. I couldn’t see a hell of a lot because the windows were steamed up.
    I watched with such a hard on. i Nikki start to get very vocal in her moans and then it clicked, Monica must have had her hand up nikkis skirt fingering her and I was hearing her coming to climax. I just pulled my cock out and tugged of a load.
    I watched as about 10 mins later they got out the car giggling and lock the car, when I then said I hope you girls enjoyed that as much as I have.
    They both looked so shocked and like the found wanted to swallow them up. Nikki was like wtf you creep. Monica started to get teased up and was saying she was sorry. I felt like this was getting out if hand so I said I’m ok with it, I’ve wanted you to do this. Nikki walked up to me and gave me a slap then out of the blue kissed me quickly on the lips. Monica took a while longer to calm down but I think she’s ok with it now.
    We got home and I put her to bed. I’ll see what happens when she wakes up.
    Love you xxx

  • Things appear to be looking up Baby, quite a good start for Monica and Nikki, Terrie had a nice session with Sue while I was getting ready for work, just now Sue texted me asking if she could stay with me next weekend when she brings Paula up for her training with Fi she added "good time with Terrie but darling your by far the best Love You" I replied " I will have plenty of time next weekend to prove how much I love you too beautiful Sue xxxx "
    Love you Baby hope Monica and Nikki keep at it xxxxx

  • Hi Baby, what a weekend it will be, Terrie advised me that my surprise visitor will be Sue's little 19 year old sister Paula, a real stunner and ultra sexy, Mistress has taken her on to train in every aspect of Lesbian sex and is sure I will be perfect for the role as her first female sex partner, Anne is going to make lengthy video's of the entire training procedure.
    Mistress also wants Fido to root with her but not just yet, Rupert obviously would be far too large and cumbersome, I am hoping I can get in at least one session with Rup apparently Mistress has had a saddle made that fasten's around the girls belly with two leather socks to encase his front paws thus allowing him a firmer, deeper penetration while also letting him pull back and turn bum to bum (I really love that) when he knot's, how good does that sound,
    I am having Friday off and Sue is going to stay with me Thursday night before we go on Friday early, don't know if that's a wise move I am sure I will be fucked out ( I am always so horny for her) but probably Mistress wants that so I can concentrate on Paula.
    Love you Baby, hope you have a nice tug thinking of me xxxxx no not a fuck with Monica I want you to have a tug thinking of me OK ?
    Tell Monica to get in the scene with Nikki.

  • Oh baby girl, you’ve got me hard just with that one line “think of me when your having a tug”, it got me incredibly hard and horny as fuck!!! I’m think of you dressed in black stocking, killer heels that are black and shiny, and nothing else. I love how those stockings show the shape of your sexy legs mmmmmmm I’d so love to start kissing from your feet and work my way up you legs to the insides of your thighs. Using my nails I’d gently scratch and tickle as I worked over you locked pussy lips then slide my tongue in between the locks just trying to touch your clit.
    I’d then get you to get on all 4s and kiss all over your ass. I would definitely try to push my cock in your pussy even with the locks on. I’ll then stop and watch as your locks are removed and Rupert mounts up, then I’d move round with my cock to your mouth so I could hear your muffled moans coming from around my cock as you are filled with a huge doggy load.

    I love the sound of what’s happening with you and this girl. The harness sounds Devine. I’d love to see it in use. Reminds me a bit of the stories I’ve read where women lay in a leather saddle underneath a horse that allows the horse to fuck the girl as it walk around

    Love you always xxxx

  • That's so nice Baby you have me very horny now but I am locked Terrie put Mistresses locks on yesterday so can't relieve myself, can't wait for Sue to turn up tonight as she will have the keys.
    Baby did you have a nice tug thinking of me ?
    Love xxxxx

  • I wrote what I was thinking while having a damn good tug to you. I forgot to say I’d love to rub my hands and cock up between your legs while Rupert od fidos cum was soaking in through your stockings.

    Do you ever give the dogs a blowjob to completion? I can’t remember if you told me before or not.
    I have a fantasy to tug myself of while watching a beautiful woman such as yourself laying under a dog reaching up to his massive thick red cock with long bright red finger nails and play with the dog cock as it squirts over your lips, face, neck and breasts as you suck him off xxx

  • Absolutely

  • Thank you Baby, that's nice, Les stayed over and really gave my bum a pounding he loves fucking me doggie, anal, Terrie brought Fi over Saturday and unlocked me for all day we all had such a great sex session, slept so well all night.
    Mistress is going to give Terrie her locks for me next week she wants to have me down the coast again with Sue next weekend, more video's and photo's plus a special guest that I am to satisfy, I am to wear my schoolgirl outfit no underwear when Sue picks me up and take all the other outfits, sounds like fun I really love being with Sue she is ever so sexy.
    Love you xxxxx

  • Hello just back from a two week holiday up north in Aviemore. Lovely relaxing time off from work. Great just to chill but the lack of any cellular signal was really annoying.

    Monica and Nikki did have a make out session while dancing at the club and even got into some heavy petting. Monica stayed at Nikki’s place with the other girls but I think it was just them. Nikki’s man was down south on a couple days training and as far as I’m aware her mother had the kids.

    Monica has hinted at getting a load more sec toys including a horse cock which has got me all hot and bothered.
    We’ve been fucking like rabbits the last couple weeks. I actually couldn’t cum a couple times we had done it so many times.

    Your stories are still extremely exhilarating. I’m trying to picture what you’re what you upto? wanna do something? x just now, weather you have les’s cock buried up your bum or Fido knotted deep in your beautiful pussy pumping hot cum in you.

    Love to you xxx

  • Such a great weekend Bub's, Terrie brought Fi and her strapon over late Friday and stayed that night, I had to have both in my bum but it was great, Sue called early Saturday and met Terrie (they both really liked each other) Sue gave me a nice cuddle and kiss then we were on our way, Penny was so horny when we arrived she unlocked me immediately and we made such hot Lesbian love.
    I gave Sue quite a lot of instruction/training prior to the initial mounting, both Sue and Fi went at it like they had done it before, she got a bit worried when they knotted but I cuddled her and she got used to it, Penny took a lot of video's and photo's, Saturday and Sunday morning, Fi was a bit stuffed so slept at the bottom of the bed but Penny, Sue and I still had some stamina.
    Sue dropped us home leaving me locked with Terrie's padlocks and the usual envelopes, Terrie came straight over to unlock me so we could have some fun then took Fi home (I am shagged Baby)
    Les will be allowed to say with me Tuesday night, after that not sure, strange I have not heard from or about Mistress and Anne.
    How is Monica going with Nikki?
    Love you both xxxxx

  • Hi Baby, what a time with Sue and Penny never thought I would know two wonderful sexy and very horny women, Sue called yesterday right on time wearing a black mini that just covered her fantastic arse showing off her great legs in 4" heels with a see through floral peach blouse that extenuated her perfect tits she cuddled and kissed me I almost orgasm'd immediately, on the way she played with my leg and ran her fingers over my pussy and pulled on the locks I was so very wet.
    Penny had a little play with both of us then told me Sue was to have at least four birthday orgasm's before I was unlocked I was nearly screaming all afternoon we went at it twosome or threesome with Penny taking plenty of video's, we all slept together last night wow what a time.
    Sue just dropped me back home we had a nice kiss and cuddle, my keys are still with Penny, she wants me again next weekend and asked Terrie if she would send Fido to be collected with me Saturday early, she is keen to have Sue learn how to fuck with him and take more video's.
    Penny gave me two envelopes for Terrie and I mine had $1200, this is becoming very lucrative and great fun, apparently Mistress has sold all her video's and photo's and is very, very happy as Penny pays her a bonus for being able to use me, I am sure she wants some more soon for her customers not sure when I will do those shoots.
    Love you lots Baby, really hope Monica starts it off with Nikki you both will love it xxxxx

  • OH Baby what a time with Penny, Mistress picked me up and had me give her three orgasms before I dressed in my school girl outfit and we went down the coast, Anne took two videos of me pulling Rupert off before I gave Mistress another two orgasms before Sue, Penny's driver turned up Baby I am in love what a girl long blonde hair thigh high boots, tight hotpants and seethrough blouse whit a terrific body I felt quite comfortable driving over even though I only had my leather slave harness and heels, Penny wanted me straight in bed she is just so good after two orgasms she unlocked me and permitted me to cum whenever I wanted (what a relief) she had Sue video us in all sorts of positions.
    Today after breakfast I was locked and Sue was to drive me home, Penny held onto my keys because she wants me next weekend a special surprise for Sue's 24th birthday, can't wait, Penny will get my other costumes from Mistress and I am to bring all the others with me wearing my Wonder Women outfit. Sue will be there Saturday 9.30, how good is that ?
    Penny gave me two envelopes one for me that had $850 the other I have to give to Terrie when she picks me up for work tomorrow.
    I am certain Mistress and Terrie will receive outstanding reports and be very happy with me.
    Love you both xxxxx I really feel so horny and would love to masturbate thinking of Sue and Penny but I have to wait, another work week without orgasm aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

  • Can’t wait to hear what this weekend holds in store for you.
    Monica and Nikki are going out with the girls tonight. I keep whispering in her ear how hot it would be to watch or to know that they made out or more.

    Love and kisses xxx

  • Morning gorgeous, yet another incredibly hot report on what sounds like an incredibly hot weekend of sex and passion. I truly love the detail you put into in. It gets incredibly horny thinking of you in all these sexy situations.
    I read post there and now I’m going to fuck Monica good.
    Again I wish I could see all of this one day.
    Love you xxxx ❤️

  • Hi Baby, what a weekend my poor little cunt and bum are so sore even after expanding with the butt plugs Rupert was still very large and thick in me especially in my cunt because that was locked, Mistress called and I was ready to go but she ordered a couple of orgasms prior to the trip, on the way she said you have been a good girl so when we get there I will have Anne have you cum a few times while I change plus Anne will have Rup mount you missionary and doggie a few times to get used to you but your not to cum for him then.
    The afternoon was full of videos and photo's of Rupert shagging and locking in me in every position he really knew what he was doing and I could not help but orgasm some five times Anne noted that lack of discipline for punishment this morning, I have plenty of bruises on my bum.
    Saturday Anne videoed and photoed Mistress and I in all situations of lesbian sex and I was permitted to orgasm plus another couple of fucks with Rupert.
    Yesterday Mistress had a couple of female customers come over and I had to satisfy them while being videoed.
    This morning before punishment Mistress had me dress in my latex catsuit and don a large strapon and really give her a seeing to she was very impressed with that and the entire weekend.
    Go to part 2 xxx

  • Part 2, I wore my slaves harness home Mistress appears to favour that over all the other costumes, Mistress again has me locked with her padlocks and the keys were left down the coast this is to prevent me from having an orgasm she insist's I have to be subordinate to her and cum only when she allows, we are going down again next weekend so I can autograph some of the photo's and maybe do some more video's, Mistress already has quite a few orders and is going to give Terrie and I a $400 bonus.
    Next weekend Mistress is going to arrange a few more customers for me to satisfy, she must be making plenty out of them they all seem to be single, very rich and horny.
    Love you both xxxxx how are you going rooting the beautiful Monica and has she made a move on her friend yet ?

  • Omg and omg!!! Holy god your stories do not fail to turn me on. I read it out to Monica and she got really horny at the thought of a massive dog cock locked in her. She still can’t get the dog cock toy in, and orgasms far too quick and that’s the killer. When she comes it becomes too sensitive and sore to continue. We fucked hard while she wondered what a dog cock with a piercing would feel like. She loves the thought of a cold piercing getting pushed deep into her. I like the thought of the cock pushing into and opening her cervix.
    Have you ever felt like that’s happened to you.
    Monica and Nikki haven’t seen each other in a while now, just with life being busy etc.
    I did get Monica going again last night with my fantasy of her getting her nipples pierced with hoops. I said that once healed I’d love to see if she could lock them into another girls nipple piercing so that as the move their nipples would be pulled and squeezed as their breasts entwine

    God I wish I could see your sexy body being puppy fucked and playing with all those sexy women.

    Love you xxx

  • Thank you Baby I really love making you feel extra horny, Mistress is going to collect me early Saturday and wants me naked kneeling at the front door for her, I am to have my school girl outfit ready to wear and hair done in pigtails plus to pack just my maids costume, catsuit and of course leather slaves harness.
    Mistress advised Terrie that her really best customer Penny (I satisfied her before and like her a lot she is very nice) wants to hire me for Saturday night and will send her driver to pick me up from Mistresses at 4 o'clock I must only wear my slaves harness and high heels, I am sure we will have a great time however Mistress told Terrie I had better not orgasm till Penny permits it also Penny will have my keys.
    Mistress wants to leave me in her padlocks for at least another few weeks and does not want me played with or to orgasm at all it's very difficult after a short time all I think of is having a cum.
    Baby I would not like a penis with ring in me at all, that Rupert is just too large but an experience, I much prefer Fi he is a perfect size for me, really miss him and Les apparently Les is playing merry hell with Terrie because he wants to get into me doggie so bad sounds like they will both have to wait.
    Love you both keep on at Monica about Nikki or another of her girlfriends she does not know what she is missing xxxxx

  • Hi Baby, I am sure next weekend is going to be very different, action packed and sexy, I have Friday and Monday off, Terrie said Mistress would collect me after I got home from work Thursday after I showered and put on my slave harness, Mistress may want a bit of fun before we drive to the holiday home.
    Today we got a Batgirl costume with mask, Leather Wonder Woman outfit made up of leather bronze breast plate with leather pleated gladiator skirt plus a lockable by collar leather full head dog mask, Terrie made me wear that home.
    Terrie said I am not to wear underwear with any outfit as Rupert should have easy access to both holes in missionary or doggie so Mistress obviously got that right, the costumes are really sexy and photogenic.
    Can't wait to orgasm it is driving me crazzzzy, come on Friday.
    Love you both xxxxx

  • Omg I bet you look simply delicious in those costumes. As much as I like seeing or watching doggy style, there’s something more erotic about missionary with a dog. More wanting, more loving and sensual and desired.

    I like girls in bondage also but combining that with puppy play, I really love the video where a woman is bent over a coffee table and tied to it so a big dog can fuck her good.
    I want to find pics of the metal frames that hold women in the doggy position and they can’t get up because the are cuffed at the neck, wrists, waist, knees and ankles, and to see a big dog take a girl in that would blow my mind lol

    Yours always.
    Love and kisses xxx

  • OH !!! Baby you are a bit naughty and kinky aren't you ? I would love letting you do that to me either could wear my dog mask, thinking about it has raised my desperate want for an orgasm aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh can't wait for Friday but I don't think Mistress will bring the keys so I will at least have to wait till we get to her place down the coast however I am certain Mistress will want me to tongue and finger her here before we go, I will be dripping wet all the way, how long will she make me wait she must know how frustrated I am.
    The costumes look very sexy Terrie came back after work to check everything was in order and had me do her with a strap on plus my dog mask while in the doggie position no relief for me though only a bigger butt plug in my bum as Mistress sent her Rupert's excited size (he is so big Baby)
    Are you rooting the beautiful Monica now ?
    Love you both xxxxx

  • Yes I am naughty lol
    Had a very busy week and been so tired when I get home I’ve crashed out on the couch.
    Nothing to report from this end I’m afraid

    Love xxx

  • Got woken up at about 2am with Monica’s mouth wrapped around my cock sucking hard and roughly mmmmm god I love that. She had me cum over her breaths then about 10 mins later I fucked her good. I love to bury my cock deep till she whimpers slightly and managed to fill her with a 2nd load.
    Love xxx

  • That's nice Bub's, Monica is really good to you I like her quite a lot, gee I would really give her a wonderful time if I could get her into bed.
    Les has the shits because Terrie will not let him use my bum she insists while I am locked by Mistress I am solely Mistresses property unless she wants me to play with her.
    Still dreaming of an orgasm, can't stop thinking of it probably what Mistress wants, as soon as Mistress turns up the following Friday I am sure I will orgasm on the spot.
    Love you xxxx

  • I bet you would give Monica one hell of a time in bed, she just giggled and said you would probably teach me a few things lol.
    Dreaming of an orgasm, that sounds weird to me as I think women orgasms are so much more than what us guys have.
    As always I look forward to hearing more from you. Love and kisses xxxx
    Ps does Terrie know about our chats? Xx

  • Hi Baby, no I don't discuss our chats with Terrie I don't think she would like it.
    Mistress has advised we have to pick up some more costumes and toys on Saturday not sure what she has organised.
    Mistress daily asks Terrie how horny I am getting and is so happy when Terrie tells her I can't stop thinking/talking about sex and orgasm and am using the butt plugs at every oportunity.
    Terrie thinks I might have to perform for an audience the Saturday afternoon with Rupert so Mistress can demand top price for the video's and thinks a blind auction would prompt a lot more money for the video's and photo's plus I should be prepared to allow some of the ladies to touch and feel me just in case.
    She does know that Anne is going to wank Rup quite a bit on the Friday and early Saturday so he will give me lengthy rides and long bum to bum knot's
    Love you both xxxxx

  • Oh Baby what a weekend, Mistress is so very strict and demanding and I am sure I need that, when Mistress first arrived I had to tongue he to orgasm twice before we left, on the way we stopped at a farm so I could be shown to three of her best customers, after they all inspected me I had to get naked so they could feel and play then go to the car and bring in my crotchless leather harness and put it on, they were all very interested and wanted first pick of my videos.
    On arrival at Mistresses we were met by her housekeeper Anne and a beautiful large brown German Shepherd Rupert, while Anne prepared the cameras and everything Mistress and I went upstairs where again I tonged her to orgasm twice, Mistress advised I had to learn to orgasm only when she gave permission that was paramount.
    Friday afternoon Mistress and I did four lengthy videos and Saturday we must have done at least twelve all in different positions and costumers or nude a few without face masks (these were to be the priciest) and I posed for fifteen photo's.
    I slept with Mistress and was permitted to cum once OMG I was climbing the wall she is so good.
    After breakfast today Anne instructed me to get naked and bring over the punishment leather stool to be strapped over it ankles and wrists for punishment read out and administered by Anne, 3 times I did not thank Mistress after I satisfied her, 3 times I lifted my head in her presence prior to her touching my chin, twice Anne felt me after some sessions and I had cum so I received 15 strokes really really painful that I had to have a cushion to sit on all the way home.

  • Part two:-
    I wore my leather harness home. I tonged Mistress when we arrived home and she made me cum twice I was climbing the wall she was so good, I am still locked in Mistresses padlocks because we are going down again in two weeks, this time my video partner will be Rupert, that is why she desperately wanted me, Mistress reported to Terrie that I was excellent and we received a $500 bonus each, Terrie is so very proud of me, for the next session we are to receive $4500 each so I have to clean and repack my costumes.
    Love you Baby xxxxx hope you have a few very nice tugs thinking of my experience, I just wish I could play with myself, another two weeks without a cum aaaahhh

  • OH Baby our breakfast entertainment was Anne pulling off Rupert you should see the size of his prick a lot larger than Fi and what a load of cum he ejected, Terrie had told Mistress about Fi that was why she wanted me so badly, Anne is not a good model pleasant but not good looking and a little old, so before my punishment Anne felt me up and gave me a large butt plug plus lube to use to stretch by bum over the next two weeks, when they first started playing they were locked for over an hour and Mistress had to throw a bucket of cold water over them, Anne is very used to it now but only lets Rup cum once a week. xxxxx

  • Omg what a weekend you’ve had. I wish I could have seen it with my own eyes.
    Nothing new here, just the normal every day stuff xx

  • So Baby did you have a nice couple of tugs thinking of my experiences ?
    I really love thinking of you pulling yourself off, better give it a rest next week I am certain things will get horny next video session.
    Terrie is so pleased with me she has told me I will be playing with her when she drops me off on the way home tonight.
    That will send me sexually mad I will probably have a little cum even though locked but it is not the same as being worked to an orgasm it gets very frustrating and I only seem to be thinking of my pussy plus Mistress having her way with me now.
    Love you Baby xxxx how is the beautiful Monica still rooting well ?

  • Monica had her visit from Mother Nature last week and if only lasted a couple days then cleared up, but it’s now started again. She isn’t sure why but hey what can you do lol
    Yes I’ve have a few plays to your escapades and would love to see it all for myself

    Are you getting to try this new dog soon?

    Love to you xx

  • Yes Bub's weekend after next, your not paying attention to my posts " this time my video partner will be Rupert"
    Bet you can't wait to hear about that. Love you xxxx

  • There was quite a lot to take in, in those three long and very exciting posts.
    You’re right, I can’t wait lol
    Love you too xxx

  • Hi Baby the photo shoot went really well Gwen is just so ultra sexy just the feeling when she was applying the make up to my cunt had me in precum mode she fingered me after applying light pink indelible ink to my pussy lips and I could not help but orgasm then she asked Terrie if she could taste me OMG what a tongue I really must have glistened, after all the shots Gwen wanted to take a few locked with two nice purple heart shaped padlocks she had brought along then after realising the keys were at her holiday house and I could not be unlocked, she asked if I could have an RDO next Friday and she will pick me up and take me down for the night or weekend if I like so I can be unlocked and she would like a lot more photo's plus she would pay me very well, sounds like a set up to me for sex however Terrie thought it was a great idea, have to go with it don't I ?
    That Harry is a real perv would not leave the room and only Terrie prevented him from groping me, at one stage he was so close Terrie grasped his nuts and really pulled hard that slowed him down so he went to the back of the room.
    I am thinking I might stay the weekend with Gwen she is so very sexy apparently Terrie does not mind.
    Love you both xxxxx

  • Holy god that sounds like such a set up and very very sexy.
    Tell me about her tongue on you.
    I can’t wait to here more as it happens.

    Love to you too xx

  • Hi Baby, on the way home tonight we have to call into a specialty Adult dress up shop where Gwen has left a list of costumes she wants me to try on and take with me so I will have them when she picks me up on Friday, Terrie said it would be about midday and I am only to take the costumers nothing else, she thinks they will probably be Latex, PVC, a school girl outfit with very short skirt and virtual see through blouse, at least one leather slave harness and some masks to hide my identity in the photo's, I have to provide three different heels, definetly no underwear, Terrie will tell me Thursday what to wear for the trip it's about 2 hours down the coast.
    Baby I am starting to get very horny about all of this, no sex this week so I will be really climbing the walls ready for Gwen who has not had a girlfriend for over two years and Terrie says wants me so bad, fancy all weekend back Sunday arvo probably fucked out. Monica should try it.
    Gwen's padlocks are so good.
    Love you both xxx

  • Omg this sounds all too exciting.
    Does Gwen know about the sex with Fido?

  • Hi Bub's, no Gwen does not know about Fi she knows Terrie and Les are married she was a guest at the wedding thereafter they sort of parted ways, Terrie saw her about a month ago and they had coffee to catch up that was where I came in Terrie was explaining she was Mistress to a sexy female sub and showed her a photo that was when Gwen really got interested in me and they discussed the photo shoot at the Adult store, after Gwen met me for that played with me and tasted me she pleaded with Terrie to let us make love and get some horny photo's and maybe a video or two of us at it, she sells them privately to super rich women and has plenty of customers so they are very porn focused.
    My costumes are ever so sexy I love them all but particularly the latex catsuit and the slave harnesses, Terrie is giving me her heart shaped crop so I am sure I am going to have quite a few bruises, I am to wear the school girl outfit for travel the blouse is peach virtually completely see through and the tartan skirt so small if I bend just a little my bum and cunt are on show I have long white woollen stockings and black 4" heels, hope I don't have to get out of the car on the way but Terrie said certainly I will Gwen has always liked showing off her girl's and not being with one for over two years will make her do it more than often.
    Terrie and I are being paid $3500.00 each and Gwen pays everything else even the costumes that I get to keep, she has indicated to Terrie that everything going well she would certainly want me down again soon.
    Hey ! how are you rooting the beautiful Monica and is she still interested in Nikki.
    Love you both will let you know how everything goes, I am going to be over the hill horny for Gwen but sure she will be worse for me. xxxxx

  • Hey. Monica and I were out at a 24hour supermarket last night and I kept teasing her saying we should have a quickie in the fitting rooms but she wasn’t having any of it lol.

    Nothing else has happened with Monica and Nikki as of yet. I think there needs to be booze flowing to get them in the mood.
    Nikki has 2 jobs and is a mother of 2 young kids so I don’t see her getting the chance to party often.
    Monica has definite interest in pursuing a sexual relationship if she can work it out with Nikki.
    They were talking about their favourite porn videos to get off to. Bothe girls love girl on girl.

    Wow your situation sounds like something straight out of some sort of movie.
    Can you give me a description of Gwen ?
    Do you think she will ever know about Fido. I wonder if he could handle you 3 lovely lady’s regularly.

    Keep me updated
    Love and kisses xxxx

  • Hi Baby Gwen is ultra sexy, just the perfect body and knows how to show it off, probably mostly looks very much like a 28 year old Pamela Anderson, she is so well groomed all the time and wears subtle but sexy cloths without a lot of makeup just natural, can't wait to have some fun with her I am getting hornier as Friday gets closer, Terrie says Gwen texts her every morning and afternoon to make sure things are going well for the trip and we are happy with the costumes and everything, she has asked what is my favourite sexual appetite and said she can't stop thinking of me xxxxx

  • Hi Baby, on the way home today Terrie gave me some very strict instruction's : 1- Refer to Gwen as Mistress all the time from now on
    2- Eagerly do whatever Mistress requests and make sure you smile and say thank you Mistress
    3 - Show Mistress in every way you are her submissive
    4 - Wear your schoolgirl outfit and be ready for the trip at least by 11.30
    5 - Make 100% sure you pack the costumes that are required
    Oh baby I am getting so very horny about this trip I have virtually been cumming all week. xxxxx

  • It’s almost friday. I’m getting excited to hear every detail of what happens xx

  • It’s finally friday 😁 have fun gorgeous xx

  • Do you think you will be get links to any of the pictures once they have been taken?

  • Hi Baby, no certainly not Gwen sells them to very rich female customers (porn lovers) for top price so they are only one off's and the purchaser gets the negatives as well, I may need to sign some if the customers want that before they are framed. xxxxxx

  • No update yet with Monica and Nikki sadly so far. She does get visibly excited when I hint at her doing it again.

    How much of a gaping bum hole do you get after Fido? I wonder if Terrie could work her hand up inside you using foods cum as lube, while she works her mouth on your cunt. mmmmm that sounds sexy to me.

    Can’t wait to hear what you think of that? Xx

  • That's not nice Baby your being quite rude, Terrie certainly would not put her hand in my bum, finger me yes that feels great, I only get a bit loose from Fi because he has a very large prick and when he knot's and we lock my bum expands to cater for him but it is just the best. Les complained to Terrie, he wants my old bum back so Terrie is thinking of how to get around it, probably slow Fi's visit's.
    My tattoo is really fantastic, Harry has asked Terrie if he can take some photo's only showing my tattoo and locks on my cunt to promote further business in his salon she has agreed so we are going over this Sunday to get that done, she is getting paid but I don't know how much but I think I should get a part of that after all it's my tattoo and my cunt.
    Please say your sorry about being rude OK ?

  • Sorry wasn’t intended to be rude at all. I just have a dark dirty mind at times lol
    I think you should definitely get a cut of the cash for the pics.
    I can’t think of how les will get around this situation


  • Hi Baby, apology accepted but that may have been the second time so be a bit careful in future OK don't be rude.
    For my photo shoot Terrie advised I am to be perfectly shaved and extremely clean wearing no underwear but ultra sexy gear she will check me out when she picks me up and bring all the locks, actually she knows the girl that will take the photo's an old Lesbian flame from high school they had a two year relationship and she says Gwen is so very sexy not married and does not think she has a girlfriend, Gwen will apply make up to the area and put indelible light pink ink on my labia also probably finger me to get a nice glisten, I am sure the prints will be just so fantastic.
    Terrie is restricting Fido from my bum, she will share my pussy with him permitting entry once every second week so Les will have exclusive access to my bum.
    I am not being paid for the photo shoot because Terrie own's my cunt and the tattoo so I am not going any further with that.
    Lots of Love xxxxx

  • Hi Baby, I am home now and have been done, my poor little twat is so very sore as well as my bum and I am totally stuffed, Terrie, Les and Fido really gave me a seeing to last night at a couple of stages I had all my holes working on the three of them, Les and Fi found it difficult walking this morning.
    The tattoo artist was so sexy what a looker with a great body I was terribly horny for him, he asked if Terrie and I would model for his studio all we had to do was be photographed fully naked front, side and rear then he could photo shop his designs onto our photo's, we had to decline how would it look if anybody from the hospital walked in to see us hanging on the wall like that, so embarrassing.
    I hope the beautiful Monica is giving you heaps Baby vaginal, oral and anal I bet she is such a great fuck.
    My tattoo is still pretty sore but looks really good, I have to put ointment on it every hour for today at least.
    Lots of Love xxxxx

  • Mmmm you stuffed in all three holes.... that sounds so super sexy. I’ve often fantasised about Monica being fucked by 3 or 4 very large cocked guys as I watched on tied to a chair.
    I bet your tattoo looks great.
    Did the pain of it add to your getting stuffed experience?
    Did you get anymore heart shaped bruises?
    Monica has been a super tease lately. Giving me head, pulling me off and fucking me till I nearly cum but then stops and finishes herself off with her wand, over the last few days. Last night she let me finish and boy did I cum a large load, while she described how she would lay under a large muscled dog with a fine short coat that had a very large thick long cock and suck on it while holding it with long red nails. Saying how it would be squirting in her mouth and all over her lips and across her face neck and chest and she would rub it all over her tits. I got very very horny at this as I’ve told her this thought before.

    I’ve gone and gotten myself all hot and bothered again. Off the fuck her now.

    Love xxx

  • Hi Baby, sounds like the beautiful Monica is a bit of a tease with you, good on her she should be the boss, stop dreaming about guys rooting her and instead get her a girlfriend after they are comfortable with each other you might be asked to join in.
    Yep first foursome with Terrie, Les and Fi, Les on his back with me mounted then Terrie assisted Fi to mount my bum then she opened her legs for my mouth we were a bit clumsy to start with but persisted and got a whole lot better, Les always orgasm'd first then Terrie and finally Fi being locked with me for some time, Les and Fi really made everything they could out of getting into my cunt neither had been there for quite a while.
    My tattoo is fantastic it is not hurting at all now when Harry was doing it Terrie made me explain everything we did the night before, Harry got very horny his large dick showing through his shorts I bet he had a real good tug after we left.
    No spanking so no bruises I am thinking about being naughty so I get a few after we always have the greatest sex, Terrie has advised that for the foreseeable future Les and Fi will only be permitted to use my bum and mouth.
    Love you both xxxxx have plenty of sex Baby

  • OMG last night we went to a dinner with a disco at the end. We had several friends there last night, and the presseco was flowing. Monica was up dancing a lot and her friend Nikki actually asked Monica to kiss her on the lips. Well to say I popped my cork is no understatement lol. I watched as it went from just a little peck to several pecks to full blown kissing tongues and all. I’m sure Nikki ran her hand over Monica’s breast. They stopped kissing after a few mins and giggled, had some more to drink and went off to the toilet together.
    I’ve asked a couple times but she says nothing else happened.
    When we got home we fooled around and I fingered her to start and got her really worked up and in her pre orgasm build up I asked if Nikki touched her there, she just exploded in orgasm.

  • Hi Baby, that is just the greatest news it sounds certainly like something is happening with Nikki, it is up to you to continue encouraging her to a more sexual relationship and letting them have time alone, may not be long and they could be right into it Baby.
    I am staying with Terrie and Fi this week till Thursday Les is off to an interstate conference so we will clearly have great times, I am going to be a bit naughty this afternoon so I get a spanking funny I love being bent over a chair naked for Terrie to punish me then after having great sexual relief with her.
    Please keep us updated on Monica's situation.
    Lots of love xxxxx

  • What do you do to be naughty? I would like to know what’s a little naughty and what gets you the heart shaped bruises xx

  • Hi Baby, I have the bruises now, I have many ways of being naughty to be punished but my best and easiest is when I walk into Terrie's place or when she comes to mine I don't immediately get naked and stay naked in her presence she is very strict on that,other ways are as follows:-
    Not perfectly shaved particularly my pussy
    Just getting on all fours for Fido to mount without asking permission
    Not making her drink exactly to her liking or pouring one myself before being given permission
    Going to the toilet at any time without permission
    Not having clean sheets on my well made bed and keeping my house clean/tidy and all in order
    Any junk mail left in the letterbox when she comes over
    Having a dirty car when I take her to work
    You get the idea Baby, we had a wonderful time together while Les was away poor old Fi really got a massive workout it is going to take a few days for him to get around properly, Terrie teases him by grabbing his cock and balls it really hurts.
    Hey Baby how is the beautiful Monica going in her quest with Nikki, things should be starting to ramp up, please promise that you support and talk to her about it a lot.
    I have the large combination padlocks on at the moment they pull down and are heavy on my twat, if I say anything that's punishable and they will be on for a lot longer, Les is very horny for my arse so he is coming to stay tomorrow evening, mouth and bum are ready.
    Lots of Love xxxx

  • They haven’t seen each other since the other night, but that’s normal. The spend ages talking on the phone everyday about anything. I have asked if they talked about the kiss but she said they haven’t. I do know from when they talk that Nikki watches porn to get off and it’s always girl on girl, something I know Monica watches also lol
    I have told Monica that that was the hottest thing I’ve seen and would love to see it happen again. I just got one of those wicked smiles she gives.

    Terrie sounds very dominant now. I bet you’ve gotten use to the pain and bruises and enjoy it all. Anyway I hope you have fun and enjoy your play time. Hope to hear more from you soon
    Love and kisses xxx

  • Hi Baby, Terrie is so very dominant and I love it.
    I think my little stories make you a little horny eh ?
    Baby would you like to root me ?
    Remember you can only use my bum xxxxx

  • Yes your stories do indeed make me very horny.
    Yes I would love to fuckn you repeatedly. I like to tie up my prey lol
    I like the term root it’s so Australian
    Love and kisses xxx

  • That's nice Baby, I really , really hope you have a nice tug thinking of me, not too sure about the tie up but I suppose if that's what gets you off I would go with it for you Master.xxxxx

  • Good girl ;) All in good fun my dear. I was thinking of you on your back, hands tied together above your head, your knees pulled up as high as you can lift them and spread out and tied to the side of the bed so you can’t really move. A vibrating wand on your pussy locks slowly moving around. I’d then slide my cock into your bum hole, and I’d have Fido standing over your face with his cock hanging out over your lips for you to suck on.

    Sweet dreams

  • Hi Baby, I really think we could have some fun, you get horny when I talk sexy to you don't you darling ? Les has been suggesting that my bum is expanding because of Fi knotting in me all the time now and it takes him a while to cum because I get a bit loose but it is good for me that he takes a lot longer humping now, I always give him a little wank or blowjob before he enters my arse to keep him excited so maybe he will try to limit my time with Fi or get permission from Terrie to unlock me and use my cunt when he comes over I would not mind that because even though he prefers arse he is very good with vaginal sex as well.
    Any update on the beautiful Monica and Nikki ?
    Keep on rooting Baby, Love you both xxxxx

  • OH Baby, darling I thought you had abandoned me, hope you get this message, good to hear you have settled down again, so much has been happening here.
    Hey ! Baby your beautiful cock with an extension and knot to boot if you got all into the beautiful Monica's cunt she would be gagging I am sure.
    I have been pierced four places in my labia it took three weeks with dumbbells till it healed over, Terrie has me locked with two small gold heart shaped locks and also has a couple of large, thick, heavy combination locks as well with these on I have to wear loose slacks or long skirts, for my nipple she had inserted a cute bar with butterflies on each side.
    I look after Fi a real lot now he is such a great lover (oh the knot and his full load of cum) I am a real slut for him because he is fucking me only in the arse now took a while but we are used to it.
    Les stays overnight once a week and we both love anal he is just so great.
    Terri is certainly the Mistress advising when and with who I can enjoy sex plus what I am to wear, if I displease her in any way I am bent wrists and ankles cuffed naked and I cop it on the arse with a leather heart shaped paddle usually till I cry and have numerous heart shaped bruises, after that we always make love, she stays over at least three nights a week and I usually see her on the weekend.
    I hope Monica is trimming down a bit if she stayed with us for a month or two she certainly would.
    Hope to hear from you again Baby, all the best Darling xxxx

  • Hey back again. I checked in a few times and saw no reply so thought you’d given up on us.
    Yeah we are settled down and enjoying life.
    Your story sounds so good. I’d love to see what your pussy looks like all locked up.
    When do you get pleasure in your pussy?
    Monica still loves to tease me, and we still haven’t managed the knot in yet. We just get to excited and we both cum too quick. She ends up very tender after so it’s a few hours wait or another time.

  • Hi Baby, nice to hear from you again, Terrie is the only one that can play with my pussy well actually it is her's, Les and Fi only do anal or I do oral or masturbate them all very good fun.
    Terrie is really great we have just the greatest sex particularly when she wears the large strapon and each week she shaves me, I hardly notice the locks now other than when she requires me to wear the combination ones that are heavy and pull a bit.
    I am going to have a tattoo just above my cunt "Terrie's very own PUSSY" I think that would be nice, we are going to do that next Saturday.
    How is the beautiful Monica progressing with a potential Lesbian relationship I really hope she has not given up on that ?
    Is Monica trimming down any ?
    After I get my tattoo I will try to figure out a way of getting some photo's to you maybe even one or two with Fi mounted.
    Love you Baby xxxxx

  • Hey sweetheart 😊 glad to hear from you again. Works been hectic lately and with this roasting hot weather we are having it’s harder to stay focused lol.

    Don’t you miss a good pussy fucking from Fido? I know Terrie still has full use of your pussy.

    Monica says that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere but we’ve not had any parties to get her friends drunk to see what could happen.

    We have both lost around a stone. Me slightly under and she’s lost more. 14 lbs to a stone.

    No idea how you’d pass over pics but if you do I promise I will never share them.

  • Hi Baby, only Terrie uses exclusively my pussy, Les has tried to play with finger and tongue but those locks were placed perfectly and he cannot excite me, I don't mind though Terrie gives me a good seeing to plus with Les and Fi going in my bum, getting blowjobs and tugs it is so great, whenever Les stays over every morning I cuddle up to him put my arm around his waist and tickle his balls till he is hard and gives some precum then I give him a nice long tug and before we shower he gets a blowjob, Fi has learned to lay on his back with legs spread wide to receive my mouth and hand so everything is fine.
    Your going good with the weight loss but you really should throw a party and get Monica back in the swing of getting a Lesbian friend she will love it.
    Does Monica ever give you nice tugs Baby ?
    Lots of Love xxxxx

  • Yes indeed she gives great tugs. I was woken up a couple nights ago with her hand wrapped around my cock which soon led to one hell of a blowjob. She likes to leave me unfinished for a few mins so I calm down before I get to fuck her.
    I love to put her on her side and have her lift top leg then I straddle her lower leg and slide my cock in as deep as I can. Mmmmmm I love to push in hard and come almost all the way out and repeat

  • That's great Baby it certainly sounds like you are both good fuckers.
    Terrie came over today and cancelled my tattoo the artist was ill so that will have to wait, I was unlocked and we had a fantastic session after which she went home and brought Fi over so I will have him till Tuesday when Les stays the night, getting plenty eh Baby.
    Love you xxxxx

  • Hey sweetheart.
    How close to your pussy is your tattoo going to be?
    Was telling Monica about your locks and totoo.
    She wondered if the guy would get too close and smell the cum lol
    My dirty mind started wondering if he was sitting in between your legs tattooing you if he’d slip a finger in.
    Nothing new to report here.
    Hugs kisses and love xxx

  • Thanks Baby, I think it will just be as close to the top of my cunt as possible, yes he will be sitting between my legs they will be held wide and high in stirups and I might get pretty horny Terrie says he is a good looker and works bare chested but don't forget I will be locked and Terrie will be watching so if he does anything inappropriate he will probably get a smack on the back of his head, we are booked in for Saturday.
    Lots of love xxxxx

  • Hi Baby, when Terrie and I were having lunch she advised that I have been such a good girl she wants me to stay at her place on Friday from after work she wants Les and Fido to fuck me in the cunt as much as we want because it has been quite some time, I am very pleased with that direction and already feeling very horny.
    While Terrie is very dominant and a control freak she can often be very compassionate and fair I really love her, Les and Fi, it has been a while since I have been paddled on the bum and have no heart shaped bruises I am sort of missing that so might be a bit naughty after my tattoo on Saturday.
    Lots of love xxxx get a girlfriend for Monica OK ?

  • I still ask the what if questions lol to see what Monica is thinking about that side of things.
    Sounds as if you’re going to have a lot of fun soon with las and Fido. Wish I was a fly on the wall for that night of fun.

  • Hey Monica and I are finally back on line.
    Our landlord served us with an eviction notice and he had sold the property with out letting us know. We had to clear all our stuff out and find accommodation with several friends till we could get a new place. We’ve been in a here for about 12 days and have just got the internet installed.

    What’s been happening with you? If I remember right you were going for a piercing?
    How’s life with les Terrie and Fido?
    I got a rubber cock sheath with a knot that I wear over my cock and it adds a couple inches in length and adds a bit of thickness too. Monica loves me working it into her tight pussy. I’ve almost had the knot in twice but she cums hard and it out.
    Excited to hear from you

  • Hi guys my last sex session with Les last night, as usual I started off with giving him a blow job and we had vaginal sex it was great after our meal he was back to anal doggie style I love it, this morning Terrie came by to pick up Les and jumped into bed with us she was giving me tongue when Les moved her legs up and entered her bum doggie we certainly got a nice rhythm going and all came about the same time.
    Off to get my piercing this afternoon xxxx

  • Hi Monica and Baby another evening with Les certainly not as intense as Saturday but still most rewarding, I got naked as soon as we got home after dropping Terrie off from work and gave him a nice blow job then we had missionary vaginal sex that seamed to last for hours I had three orgasms, he is so good with that fantastic penis then I made a nice simple meal and after washing and cleaning up started with anal me on all fours he just loves that my bum was a bit sore still from the weekend but he really lubed me up well and it was OK, I am begining to love anal best now, over the evening and morning we must have had four doggie style, another session on Thursday then my piercing on Friday, Les thinks I am the best root he has ever had but I am not to tell Terrie xxx
    How are you two sweeties going ?

  • Hey sweetheart how did it go with les last night? Monica and I had one of her friends Nicky and her mum up last night for some drinks. Nicky got a bit too wasted and ended up being sick. I kept saying she could sleep in with Monica in hope something would happen lol. Monica had me figured out in a second. I walked the ladies home to make sure that they were ok and headed home myself.
    It was good to relax as it’s been so busy pushing to finish the job that we are on in work.

  • First of all Baby we want to know if Monica is a little tubby, not fat just kind of cute tubby ?

  • I am a bit more than tubby as you put it. Trying to lose it but as always it’s a major struggle

  • Thank you Monica, I might add I asked three times, Terrie and I will just call you tubby we think it would be sexy playing with you Darling.
    Now for my session with Les "OH" how great it was he is a little older than Terrie and has just the greatest cock imaginable it is 6 1/2 and nicely thick and he can certainly use it, he has such sexual stamina, our first root did not last too long because he had not cum for a week and he had a massive load after that though he lasted for what felt like hours, he loves anal and for this position initially I was in the missionary position with my legs high on his shoulders, he really filled me and I thought I was going to be split from then on though I was on all fours in the doggie position we must have had at least six that way, we are going to have another session Tuesday and Thursday night I can't wait but I really have a very sore bum currently but what fantastic preparation for when Fi takes me that way.
    Les has been pestering Terrie to share me since we started our relationship he really loves my body, looks and personality, like Terrie and I he is very keen to see my locks on Terrie has decided I will have two and a surprise for what I will have in my left nipple.
    Darling I really hope you start opening yourself nicely to Nicola I think she might be the one EH ?
    Thinking of you both xxxxx

  • Something I want to ask by the way. I was reading one of the animal pages and there’s content of a woman who did it with a boar. What are your thoughts on other animal partners? Do you like he idea? Do you want to try?
    Love to yall x

  • No way xxx

  • Thank you Monica, your very lucky, Baby has such a wonderful cock 6" would be nice for all your holes, I am so glad you enjoy anal sex.
    This afternoon Les is coming over to stay with me for the evening so I will get the first cock I have ever had in my arse, Terrie has been training me with large butt plugs and riding me doggie with the double strapon this week because I stayed with her Tuesday to Thursday I think Les must be pretty big because she was inserting large plugs and used a lot of lube however I am quite excited she said he is a great root and goes for an eternity.
    Les and I have to fit in another two sex sessions before Friday when I get my piercing done, I hope that does not hurt.
    Darling it sounds like you are close to a relationship with Nicola don't pull away when she kisses you but cuddle her and encourage to the extent of opening your mouth for her, ensure you pat her bum every time you kiss and cuddle when you meet and part I am sure things will start happening and you will love it.
    Darling you did not answer my question about being a little tubby I don't mean fat just a little round tummy for nice cuddles and one that swings when Baby is doing you doggie, Terrie and I think it would be sexy.
    Please have Baby update us on your activities particularly your progress in getting a nice Lesbian lover xxxx

  • That's too gud to be true. Id like to watch. Snapchat andyc2104

  • Well you won't be buster, piss off you perv.

  • Hi Baby, we went straight to Terrie's from work and Fido was ever so keen, Terrie advised that I should stay in panty and bra so he would get the idea there was a difference between being sucked and mounting me, he was a bit cranky because he wanted to fuck but I played with him till his dick came out of the sheath and his ball's dilated then started with my mouth he really got hard, he has such a gigantic dick and eventually began humping orally, he filled me and I gagged terribly he was most of the way down my throat eventually he came at least it was not his usual 30 to 45 minutes but it felt like it, what a load because he has not had a cum for four days Terrie has determined that I should suck him every afternoon and morning this week till Friday and we will not be permitted to fuck.
    Terrie has some new ideas about us making love, I am so keen to cuddle and love her whatever they are.
    My first sexual session with Les will be next Saturday afternoon he is going to stay with me the night.
    Hey Baby no sight of Monica's post, how about it ?

  • Oh sneaky getting off on me getting my ass fucked while telling my story lol it’s one or the other as I can’t filocus on what I’m trying to say. I love the feel of him deep in my ass and calling him daddy, I had to use my wand on my clit as it hurts doing anal by itself but god it feels good

  • Thank you Monica we realise how difficult it is typing with a cock up your arse, talking about dick size how big is Baby when he has a roaring horn ?
    Terrie noticed that you may be a bit tubby we think it would be very sexy seeing you on all fours with Baby riding your arse and your tummy swinging in unison, we both have gold chain's around our waist and when they start getting tight we know its time to do a lot more in the gym.
    We both hope that you don't go to a gay club to get a girlfriend we think you should try your current friends and associates and feel sure you will find a really nice girlfriend that way.
    Fi and I are getting a lot better
    Love you both xxxx

  • Had a couple busy days there. Bae is about 6 inches but he is thick. I like the stretch he gives me.
    There have been a couple times when I’ve had the girls up and Nicola has given me a peck on the lips just after a cuddle. She has moved in for a second attempt and I’ve turned away as I wasn’t sure what to do.
    Bae likes to get off on the thought of me with here or Jenna. I used that on him the other night when he was going in about dogs again saying I’d have to be careful not to let the (theoretical) dog have me when he wanted me as it could get awkward if my friends came up and the dog was sniffing in around my flower. I said to him that maybe I’d give the girls a show and let them join in. He cane twice up my ass the other night with the horn he had on.

    I’m going to go order us some food. He’s out cold on the couch just now. Poor guy has been so busy with work that he’s been falling asleep soon after getting in.

    Bye for now girls ;)

  • Hey girls Monica here
    So I’m told you want to here how our spa weekend away was.
    Well we got there about 2pm and got settled in. I wanted to go for a swim and sauna so headed down in my swimsuit. I like how my boobs look in it, at least it takes away from my belly.

    Jenna, Anne and Nicky came down shortly after and we just sat around in the water chatting and catching up on all the gossip.
    Jenna was a bit down as things with her girlfriend are a little shaky the now.
    The chat eventually turned to sex. It’s always a great laugh but when we started on dick size it turns out the boys are all average. Jenna then hit out with mines is 9 inches followed with a cheeky giggle. It took a moment for it to sink in but then I realised she was talking about her strap on... omg I went so red with embarrassment but I don’t know why.
    Anyway we made plans to go for dinner and have a few drinks which turned to cocktails then presseco, then we headed back to Anne’s room to chill out some more. I asked Jenna about her toys and what kind of things she gets what you upto with her girlfriend. Se talked bout the kissing and how they would touch each other and something called tribbing. I was getting so giddy and wet listening to this. I told Jenna that when we get back home is like to go to a gay club with her and see if I can pull a girl to kiss for that night. She was shocked as you can imagine asking why and would my fiancé not have a problem with that. I told her that we had talked before when we thought about swinging but it never happened as his insecurities got the better of him.
    Umhh got that feels good
    We settled down eventually and went to our own rooms to let the hangovers beginningggg
    Uhhhhhhhhh this is hard being fucked and typing ;P bye for now going to enjoy this.....

  • Hey sorry for not being on lately but this sites taken ages to update.

    What’s happening with you, Fido and Terrie xx

  • Everything is going fine, I have looked after Fido for another weekend I really love him being around and adore the way we have sex he is just so great, hump's for a long while, fill's me and when we knot it is so good.
    Les is going interstate for a week from next Tuesday so I will be moving in with Terrie we have not had heavy sex for a while other than a lot of kissing, cuddling and fingering on the way to and from work, I am very horny for her xxx
    Incidently who is asking ?

  • It’s me Monica’s other half x

  • OH Hi Baby, I thought you were being disrespectful and ignorant and still do, comments don't have to wait to be uploaded they happen straight away so don't give me that crap, I have been thinking that what you say is untrue and there is no Monica, you are just leading me on so you can read my sexy replies and tug yourself off, so what have you hot to say about that ?

  • Wow that couldn’t be further from the truth. I tend to log on and see what’s new. Hadn’t seen anything new from you either, so figured not much was happening. We are sorry if you feel that way. The both of us got curious that’s why I reached out

  • OK Baby your back in my good books not many guys are I love Terrie only interested in her and Fido you passed my little test but because you gave me some concern how about letting the beautiful Monica type a post while you give her anal doggie ? I don't mind if the type is a bit shaky.
    I will be able to masturbate while reading her post because I still have our single dildo, it would be so nice, I am so horny for Terrie but have to give Les his joy, Terrie being bi appears to be the ideal situation for her, how good is it Les giving her heaps on a great salary and really looking after her every whim, Fido mounting whenever she likes and me as well I am sort of becoming a sub for her and really enjoy it, I am busting for next Tuesday that is how Terrie and Fido gets me now.
    OK I love you both still xxxxx

  • Glad to hear I’m back in your good books sweetheart.
    I certainly will get Monica to post something while giving her a good fuck, but it may be around Sunday or monday as she is going away on a spa weekend as part of her friends hen party. (This is going to get messy I think lol).

    Terrie really does seem to living the dream and to have a gorgeous girl like you on her other arm and Fido between her legs sounds so deliciously erotic, I like the sound of you as a sub quite sexy. Ball gag cuffs and a deep fist in your cum filled pussy from Terrie.

    I can’t remember but do you or Terrie ever suck off the dog? Sounds rude but there’s no real easy way to ask.
    Any way gorgeous I’m going to head home and relax.

    Have fun xx

  • Can't wait to read Monica's post while you are riding her anally, Terrie wants me to start giving Fi blow jobs next week, she has also suggested that on our next RDO we should arrange for my vaginal lips to be pierced so she can lock me, after that she is thinking it would be nice if I started calling her Mistress, I really am starting to feel like a subordinate slave to her but I do like it.
    Les has commented that if we start expanding my bum so Fi can do me anally he would like to observe the mounting I think that also could be nice xxxx

  • Wow the vagunal locking sounds a like sexy fun. I can picture 2 or 3 small padlocks closing your hot pussy mmmm
    Let me know how the blowjobs go. I’m getting rather excited thinking about it.

  • OK Baby will do, Terrie has told me to get back on the pill tomorrow she wants Les and I to start having sex thinks it will be good for both of us, we have to arrange at least three overnight sessions prior to my piercing , Les is super heavy on anal sex and in addition Terrie is certain it will help for when we are ready for Fi to take me in the velvet hole.
    I am tentatively booked in on the Friday after next initially I will have barbells and return a week later for an inspection to find out when I can be locked, Terrie is very excited and has already selected a couple of locks off the net that she likes, we are not yet sure whether I will have only one or two but at the same time she is arranging my left nipple to be pierced as well.
    I am constantly looking for Monica's post I really think it will be so sexy you right up her arse and her trying to type and explain what is happening, maybe she has had a play with a couple of her friends at the hen night I hope so xxxx

  • Such a helpful post makes me horny reading it I wish I could get involved with a female and her dog, we love doggy style either vaginal or anal both are equally good I am going to start hinting to my husband about getting a Labrador because we just purchased a house with a secure rear yard plus try to make some female friends in the area, it might happen.

  • Tell us your fantasies. We would love to hear what you think in detail

  • Real great post very interesting !!!!

  • Just let us know if Monica does not take up the offer or if you have another opening (opening what a play on words) reading this makes me want to rush over to start my own training I would adore it and do anything you girls and Fido required of me I would even love being tattooed, if you like I will have my own dog collar imprinted "Fido's fourth bitch".

  • Well sadly I doubt it’ll happen any time soon as we live in the UK

  • Who asked you anyway ?

  • Well seeing that it’s been written about my partner it puts us right in the frame of this story.
    No need to get mouthy or cheeky

  • I also like the thought of one of you gorgeous women with long red nails holding or caressing the dogs cock as you lay under him, lifting your head up the circle the top of his cock with your tongue. I love the sight of a woman with so much pre cum being squirted over your lips, jaw, necks and down over your breasts making everything slippery and shiny with pre cum. So very erotic and incredibly hot

  • Wow sweetheart I’m really turned on by what you two would do to my Monica.
    I’ll let her read it later on while or after I fuck her hard xx

  • Thanks Baby I really hope Monica likes the thought, how about fucking her Doggie style why she reads it I am sure she will love that xxx

  • I was thinking maybe you should put on a wee sexy lesbian show for terries husband and while she’s lying on the floor and you’re between her legs eating her out, Fido could walk in and ooops he’s either licking you wet or mounting you xx

  • I hope that reply does not come from you Baby, I don't like people being rude, even though Terrie's husband knows about our lesbian relationship and has a fair idea that we both play with Fido he is so very decent but he does not want it in his face, he is prepared to accept the situation because he can see nothing wrong with it and he so dearly loves Terrie and likes me as a person plus Fido is such a wonderful family pet.
    While we are happy he is aware of what is going on unless he ask's to watch and we are certain he will not because video's are openly left around the house and never touched we just love the situation as it is.

  • Not mine sweetheart

  • Well I am very pleased about that Baby, I hope you are still thinking of us when you have your nice morning tug.
    Hey Baby did you fuck Monica doggie style like I asked ? xxx

  • I have several times😊

  • Thank you Baby that is just wonderful I am certain the beautiful Monica really liked her rides pity it was not with Fido, Terrie and I, I see you are in UK maybe one day I will win lotto and arrange for Monica to come for a few weeks. Love you both xxxx
    Terrie's husband is going interstate from Tuesday to Friday next week so I will be moving into her house for that time (how good is that, so excited) Fido is going to get quite a workout he has not humped me for a while and I am getting desperate for that giant knot, we are still on the same shift at the hospital so things could not be better.

  • Awwww Monica away to you guys by her self, I’d love to watch and more.
    God the images going through our heads would get us arrested lol.

    Fido is in for a very busy time with you two moving in for a while. Keep me updated please sweetheart xxx

  • Monica with us would adore it so much Baby I am certain she would not want to go home, sorry but if it ever happens Monica will bring home plenty of video's for you or if I can get a video of us with Fido to you that is all your allowed OK ?
    Are you still considering getting a dog ? if so I suggest you train him only to enter Monica's cunt Baby, a fair while ago Terrie had Fido mount her in the behind and even though she had expanded her bum his knot really hurt her she was shitting chips for a week she said, so even though she likes anal that is reserved for her husband now, we are thinking of getting a leather harness plus single and double dildo to match so we can do each other entering any hole singularly or together we are calling into the adult shop on the way home Tuesday.
    I am getting so excited and horny only two days before I move to Terrie's not letting myself masturbate so I will be so hot for Fido and Terrie have finished all my housework and laundry am just about to pack so everything will be ready for Tuesday morning.
    OH !!! Baby Fido is certainly going to have trouble walking by the end of the week, he will be worn out and totally drained.
    Love you both xxxx

  • Hi Buddy does your girlfriend like taking it up the arse
    She might like you fucking her doggy style in the arse might give her a thrill if you let out an few woof woofs

  • Video for me would have to do I guess lol.
    I’m sure we will get a dog/pup at some point but not sure when.
    I can picture Fido laying on the ground to tired to walk for days once you gorgeous women finish with him.
    I know what you look like from your description but what does Terrie look like? I’m curious.
    Haha shitting chips that’s a funny way to put it. Hope she’s ok.
    Have fun at the toy store sweetheart, I can’t wait to hear what comes next.
    Love to you too xx

  • OK Baby, Terrie is so beautiful, 5ft 6, brunette long curly hair, nice round, firm 38C breasts with prominent suckable nipples, cuddly waist and the best arse in town that shows off her terrific legs, whenever we meet or part we kiss, cuddle and pat each others bum, so sexy, imagine a 26 year old Demi Moore even though Terrie is 32 she does not look it she is always being hit on by the new young doctors but once she tells them who her husband is and that if he ever had to operate on them he might accidentally remove two round things that hang between their legs they really start showing some respect, we both get plenty of male attention if we go out for lunch or a drink at a local pub or club but we soon deflect that after getting a free drink by giving each other a nice tongue kiss, the guys get the idea, we have even had girls try it on with us, never ventured though.
    Hey !! Baby that should give you enough for a few more nice little morning tug's
    Love you both xxxx kisses to Monica keep your bum high for Baby darling.
    I am so very wet thinking about and waiting for tomorrow afternoon our shift finishes at 2.30 so we should be at Terrie's by 3.45 after the adult shop, Terrie has not had Fido for three days so he will be ultra horny.

  • Wow what a description. The two of you together are both incredibly gorgeous sounding women. I my be the shy type of guy and probably wouldn’t hit on you guys in the bar but I definitely wouldn’t be able to take my eyes if you two.
    Hope you guys have fun. Keep me updated my gorgeous sweetheart.
    Monica is being a gem to me just now as it’s my birthday tomorrow. She treats me so good ❤️

  • Hi Baby, what a time we have been having since Tuesday we are all almost worn out, poor old Fi was spread eagle on the lounge room floor this morning exhausted he could hardly lift his eyelid as we patted him, before leaving for work I had a little play with his cock but he was nowhere near interested it certainly has been in overdrive and his nuts are really small, initially we could hardly stop him from mounting us once when Terrie was eating me out he mounted her and humped her while she was doing me it was so very sexy.
    The strap on's are getting quite a lot of use Terrie is very good at using either the single or riding me with the double (I love it) I am certain she has had previous experience.
    The guy at the adult store wanted us to model some of his lingerie and toy's was prepared to pay good money too, we had to refuse how would it look Terrie and I on posters in the store when other nurses, doctors or hospital staff walked in to purchase goods.
    OH Baby I forgot, Happy Birthday I hope Monica gave you a nice morning tug, blowjob and held he bum high so you could have a nice ride prior to work then plenty more when you got home, you two are probably as stuffed as Fido, Terrie and I EH ?
    I really am a committed Lesbian for Terrie plus a dog lover for Fido he knows it's on when I am naked and my collar goes on I do not mind at all that Terrie is bi because her husband is such a great guy.
    One thing I am off the pill now and funny feel quite a bit better.
    I think we all need a giant rest this weekend.
    Love you both xxxxx

  • Sounds like quite the time you guys are having. I can picture poor Fido lol
    Had a lovely day. No sex as Mother Nature has paid her a visit.

  • Hey Baby I think you need to put your foot down, are you submissive to Monica ? just because she has her period does not mean you can't get a nice little birthday tug or blowjob even anal should not be out of the question I really feel she needs some training from Terrie, I and Fido.
    Going home this arvo, Terrie had a rest from sex from yesterday morning so she can properly greet Les, Fi got up for me this morning he humped me in the missionary position with a bit of help from Terrie not a lot of cum but it was still nice and he knotted when I rolled over bum to bum for about 20 minutes he will have quite a rest for a while now.
    Terrie has suggested that we might get Fido used to staying at my place so I can look after him ( look after him, you know what I mean don't you, fun times) sometimes when Les is home, Fido gets horny and a bit cranky when they are having sex he scratches the bedroom door and sulk's a lot, I am very keen on that also I am taking the single dildo home to use when I feel like it.
    Hope you get some soon Baby xxxxx

  • Monica is a heavy bleeder and doesn’t like the get any blood on sheets jammies etc. I’ll wait patiently which should only be a few days now.

    Your last post sounds very exciting.
    Can I ask what it’s like to be knotted in detail? Monica has read that the dogs cock can push hard against the cervix. She finds it sore when I hit hers. Does a lot of the cum make it into your womb?
    Love you xx

  • OH well Baby you can always do the five finger shuffle EH ?
    If Fi was not as experienced as he is I would be worried because if he just jumped on, pushed in and got humping it really could hurt like hell because near the tip they have sort of a bone and if that hit's you know it that is why you have to guide them in with lube and ensure they are in the most comfortable position, does not take long to know where you want them that is what is best about having someone else with you like Terrie initially holding his knot out of me but still letting him cum then when she was sure he would be OK showing me how to guide him with my hand between my legs.
    Certainly best position to start is missionary.
    Fi has a wonderful cock it is not overly lengthy but quite thick he gets very deep and at the time of ejectulation he knot's that means a large bulb form's near halfway I think or that is what it feels like, he has usually a very large load and it feels nice and warm really fill's me up if he hasn't shagged for a while after we release I put on a disposable pull up nappy because I drip for quite a while even after he cleans himself and licks me out.
    HEY ! Baby I am becoming a bit of an expert do you think ?
    I will be looking after Fi from this Friday on the way home to Sunday when Terrie will pick him up to give Terrie and Les a bit of own time ( rooting like rabbit's I think that means) , I don't think Terrie will want any girl play but I would have certainly drained anyway with Fido and be looking for a sleep.
    Hope you have a couple of nice tug's Baby. xxxxx

  • Lovely description ☺️ I wonder if Les has any idea or can feel the difference in Terries pussy that she’s fucking the dog.
    I bet you’re going to feel very full and be dripping for ages. Mmmmm god that image in my head is so sexy.

    Oh I almost forgot we went out for a walk round the lake the other day and this rather large looking Mastiff walked past us with its owners a bit behind, but the dog doubled back and stuck it’s snout right up into her crotch from behind. Monica got a bit of a shock, when she jumped round the dog did the same from the front and the look an her face was priceless, you know that biting her bottom lip in a sexy way. The owners apologised and moved in dragging the dog. She said it’s nose bumped hardon her clit and she enjoyed the feeling.

    Well I hope to hear more from you soon. Xxx

  • Thank's Baby, Les know's Terrie play's with both Fido and I but he is not upset or intrusive because we keep it to ourselves not carrying on when he or others are around, it is a terrific relationship as he loves Terrie so dearly, we all get on so well together only Fido needs to understand his place when Les is around he can be a naughty boy xxxx

  • We certainly stop traffic when we go to the club wearing seamed stockings, heels, leather mini skirts and a light virtually see through blouse without bra.
    I hope that Monica gives you a nice birthday morning tug.

  • It’s her favourite position. I don’t need to woof. She’ll start with is puppy really horny. Give mummy that big doggy cock, so I’ll fuck her hard and fast then she’ll start with give me that doggy cum and fill me with your big doggy knot

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