Training Monica

I have recently commenced a lesbian relationship with my now best friend Terrie we both have sex with her dog Fido, it is a fabulous relationship because Terrie's husband knows we have fun but that happens when he goes interstate usually for a week, we work together on the same shift so travel to and from in the same car this also let's us have a sexy play and discussions.
We are in the initial stages of making friends with Monica who is straight but has advised she is having heavy bi tendencies towards us and would love to have Fido hump her.
We are formulating a Lesbian training session when Terrie's husband is away we hope she will accept that will involve the following :-
We will all take a week off work and Monica will move in with me she will usually be naked learning how to kiss, cuddle and sexually touch and get used to another woman, I will spend a lot of time showering with her, shaving her, stretching her pussy with large dildo's and plenty of lube because she is quite tight and we don't want her hurt when Fido mount's.
When we are comfortable and Monica has had and enjoyed beginner's lesbian love we will move in with Terrie and Fido.
We will all sleep in the same bed and while I continue to expand her Terrie can look after her sexual needs with me often as a threesome.
We will begin her introduction to animal love with Monica playing naked with Fido on his love mat in the lounge then observing Terrie or I being mounted and humped, that will make her so very excited and horny.
When we are sure she is comfortable she will have a collar imprinted "Fido's third bitch" locked on and on all fours, lubed then Fido will be assisted in mounting by Terrie while I roll the video the first few times Terrie will hold his knot out but he will cum in her.
Then the real thing and the best thing Fido will be allowed to knot in Monica and lock after he cums very deeply, Terrie will help Fido to swing his front paws over and they can stay locked bum to bum usually that would last 35 minutes.
The fun and love games will last all week then Monica will have to return to her boyfriend with quite a few video's and photo's plus maybe a tattoo on her bum cheek "Bitch for Fido, Terrie and Sue" , I am certain she will want to return many more times and her guy will want to watch but we will have to think about that.
For Baby and Monica xxxxx

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  • Hey sorry for not being on lately but this sites taken ages to update.

    What’s happening with you, Fido and Terrie xx

  • Everything is going fine, I have looked after Fido for another weekend I really love him being around and adore the way we have sex he is just so great, hump's for a long while, fill's me and when we knot it is so good.
    Les is going interstate for a week from next Tuesday so I will be moving in with Terrie we have not had heavy sex for a while other than a lot of kissing, cuddling and fingering on the way to and from work, I am very horny for her xxx
    Incidently who is asking ?

  • It’s me Monica’s other half x

  • OH Hi Baby, I thought you were being disrespectful and ignorant and still do, comments don't have to wait to be uploaded they happen straight away so don't give me that crap, I have been thinking that what you say is untrue and there is no Monica, you are just leading me on so you can read my sexy replies and tug yourself off, so what have you hot to say about that ?

  • Wow that couldn’t be further from the truth. I tend to log on and see what’s new. Hadn’t seen anything new from you either, so figured not much was happening. We are sorry if you feel that way. The both of us got curious that’s why I reached out

  • OK Baby your back in my good books not many guys are I love Terrie only interested in her and Fido you passed my little test but because you gave me some concern how about letting the beautiful Monica type a post while you give her anal doggie ? I don't mind if the type is a bit shaky.
    I will be able to masturbate while reading her post because I still have our single dildo, it would be so nice, I am so horny for Terrie but have to give Les his joy, Terrie being bi appears to be the ideal situation for her, how good is it Les giving her heaps on a great salary and really looking after her every whim, Fido mounting whenever she likes and me as well I am sort of becoming a sub for her and really enjoy it, I am busting for next Tuesday that is how Terrie and Fido gets me now.
    OK I love you both still xxxxx

  • Glad to hear I’m back in your good books sweetheart.
    I certainly will get Monica to post something while giving her a good fuck, but it may be around Sunday or monday as she is going away on a spa weekend as part of her friends hen party. (This is going to get messy I think lol).

    Terrie really does seem to living the dream and to have a gorgeous girl like you on her other arm and Fido between her legs sounds so deliciously erotic, I like the sound of you as a sub quite sexy. Ball gag cuffs and a deep fist in your cum filled pussy from Terrie.

    I can’t remember but do you or Terrie ever suck off the dog? Sounds rude but there’s no real easy way to ask.
    Any way gorgeous I’m going to head home and relax.

    Have fun xx

  • Can't wait to read Monica's post while you are riding her anally, Terrie wants me to start giving Fi blow jobs next week, she has also suggested that on our next RDO we should arrange for my vaginal lips to be pierced so she can lock me, after that she is thinking it would be nice if I started calling her Mistress, I really am starting to feel like a subordinate slave to her but I do like it.
    Les has commented that if we start expanding my bum so Fi can do me anally he would like to observe the mounting I think that also could be nice xxxx

  • Wow the vagunal locking sounds a like sexy fun. I can picture 2 or 3 small padlocks closing your hot pussy mmmm
    Let me know how the blowjobs go. I’m getting rather excited thinking about it.

  • Such a helpful post makes me horny reading it I wish I could get involved with a female and her dog, we love doggy style either vaginal or anal both are equally good I am going to start hinting to my husband about getting a Labrador because we just purchased a house with a secure rear yard plus try to make some female friends in the area, it might happen.

  • Tell us your fantasies. We would love to hear what you think in detail

  • Real great post very interesting !!!!

  • Just let us know if Monica does not take up the offer or if you have another opening (opening what a play on words) reading this makes me want to rush over to start my own training I would adore it and do anything you girls and Fido required of me I would even love being tattooed, if you like I will have my own dog collar imprinted "Fido's fourth bitch".

  • Well sadly I doubt it’ll happen any time soon as we live in the UK

  • Who asked you anyway ?

  • Well seeing that it’s been written about my partner it puts us right in the frame of this story.
    No need to get mouthy or cheeky

  • I also like the thought of one of you gorgeous women with long red nails holding or caressing the dogs cock as you lay under him, lifting your head up the circle the top of his cock with your tongue. I love the sight of a woman with so much pre cum being squirted over your lips, jaw, necks and down over your breasts making everything slippery and shiny with pre cum. So very erotic and incredibly hot

  • Wow sweetheart I’m really turned on by what you two would do to my Monica.
    I’ll let her read it later on while or after I fuck her hard xx

  • Thanks Baby I really hope Monica likes the thought, how about fucking her Doggie style why she reads it I am sure she will love that xxx

  • I was thinking maybe you should put on a wee sexy lesbian show for terries husband and while she’s lying on the floor and you’re between her legs eating her out, Fido could walk in and ooops he’s either licking you wet or mounting you xx

  • I hope that reply does not come from you Baby, I don't like people being rude, even though Terrie's husband knows about our lesbian relationship and has a fair idea that we both play with Fido he is so very decent but he does not want it in his face, he is prepared to accept the situation because he can see nothing wrong with it and he so dearly loves Terrie and likes me as a person plus Fido is such a wonderful family pet.
    While we are happy he is aware of what is going on unless he ask's to watch and we are certain he will not because video's are openly left around the house and never touched we just love the situation as it is.

  • Not mine sweetheart

  • Well I am very pleased about that Baby, I hope you are still thinking of us when you have your nice morning tug.
    Hey Baby did you fuck Monica doggie style like I asked ? xxx

  • I have several times😊

  • Thank you Baby that is just wonderful I am certain the beautiful Monica really liked her rides pity it was not with Fido, Terrie and I, I see you are in UK maybe one day I will win lotto and arrange for Monica to come for a few weeks. Love you both xxxx
    Terrie's husband is going interstate from Tuesday to Friday next week so I will be moving into her house for that time (how good is that, so excited) Fido is going to get quite a workout he has not humped me for a while and I am getting desperate for that giant knot, we are still on the same shift at the hospital so things could not be better.

  • Awwww Monica away to you guys by her self, I’d love to watch and more.
    God the images going through our heads would get us arrested lol.

    Fido is in for a very busy time with you two moving in for a while. Keep me updated please sweetheart xxx

  • Monica with us would adore it so much Baby I am certain she would not want to go home, sorry but if it ever happens Monica will bring home plenty of video's for you or if I can get a video of us with Fido to you that is all your allowed OK ?
    Are you still considering getting a dog ? if so I suggest you train him only to enter Monica's cunt Baby, a fair while ago Terrie had Fido mount her in the behind and even though she had expanded her bum his knot really hurt her she was shitting chips for a week she said, so even though she likes anal that is reserved for her husband now, we are thinking of getting a leather harness plus single and double dildo to match so we can do each other entering any hole singularly or together we are calling into the adult shop on the way home Tuesday.
    I am getting so excited and horny only two days before I move to Terrie's not letting myself masturbate so I will be so hot for Fido and Terrie have finished all my housework and laundry am just about to pack so everything will be ready for Tuesday morning.
    OH !!! Baby Fido is certainly going to have trouble walking by the end of the week, he will be worn out and totally drained.
    Love you both xxxx

  • Hi Buddy does your girlfriend like taking it up the arse
    She might like you fucking her doggy style in the arse might give her a thrill if you let out an few woof woofs

  • Video for me would have to do I guess lol.
    I’m sure we will get a dog/pup at some point but not sure when.
    I can picture Fido laying on the ground to tired to walk for days once you gorgeous women finish with him.
    I know what you look like from your description but what does Terrie look like? I’m curious.
    Haha shitting chips that’s a funny way to put it. Hope she’s ok.
    Have fun at the toy store sweetheart, I can’t wait to hear what comes next.
    Love to you too xx

  • OK Baby, Terrie is so beautiful, 5ft 6, brunette long curly hair, nice round, firm 38C breasts with prominent suckable nipples, cuddly waist and the best arse in town that shows off her terrific legs, whenever we meet or part we kiss, cuddle and pat each others bum, so sexy, imagine a 26 year old Demi Moore even though Terrie is 32 she does not look it she is always being hit on by the new young doctors but once she tells them who her husband is and that if he ever had to operate on them he might accidentally remove two round things that hang between their legs they really start showing some respect, we both get plenty of male attention if we go out for lunch or a drink at a local pub or club but we soon deflect that after getting a free drink by giving each other a nice tongue kiss, the guys get the idea, we have even had girls try it on with us, never ventured though.
    Hey !! Baby that should give you enough for a few more nice little morning tug's
    Love you both xxxx kisses to Monica keep your bum high for Baby darling.
    I am so very wet thinking about and waiting for tomorrow afternoon our shift finishes at 2.30 so we should be at Terrie's by 3.45 after the adult shop, Terrie has not had Fido for three days so he will be ultra horny.

  • Wow what a description. The two of you together are both incredibly gorgeous sounding women. I my be the shy type of guy and probably wouldn’t hit on you guys in the bar but I definitely wouldn’t be able to take my eyes if you two.
    Hope you guys have fun. Keep me updated my gorgeous sweetheart.
    Monica is being a gem to me just now as it’s my birthday tomorrow. She treats me so good ❤️

  • Hi Baby, what a time we have been having since Tuesday we are all almost worn out, poor old Fi was spread eagle on the lounge room floor this morning exhausted he could hardly lift his eyelid as we patted him, before leaving for work I had a little play with his cock but he was nowhere near interested it certainly has been in overdrive and his nuts are really small, initially we could hardly stop him from mounting us once when Terrie was eating me out he mounted her and humped her while she was doing me it was so very sexy.
    The strap on's are getting quite a lot of use Terrie is very good at using either the single or riding me with the double (I love it) I am certain she has had previous experience.
    The guy at the adult store wanted us to model some of his lingerie and toy's was prepared to pay good money too, we had to refuse how would it look Terrie and I on posters in the store when other nurses, doctors or hospital staff walked in to purchase goods.
    OH Baby I forgot, Happy Birthday I hope Monica gave you a nice morning tug, blowjob and held he bum high so you could have a nice ride prior to work then plenty more when you got home, you two are probably as stuffed as Fido, Terrie and I EH ?
    I really am a committed Lesbian for Terrie plus a dog lover for Fido he knows it's on when I am naked and my collar goes on I do not mind at all that Terrie is bi because her husband is such a great guy.
    One thing I am off the pill now and funny feel quite a bit better.
    I think we all need a giant rest this weekend.
    Love you both xxxxx

  • Sounds like quite the time you guys are having. I can picture poor Fido lol
    Had a lovely day. No sex as Mother Nature has paid her a visit.

  • Hey Baby I think you need to put your foot down, are you submissive to Monica ? just because she has her period does not mean you can't get a nice little birthday tug or blowjob even anal should not be out of the question I really feel she needs some training from Terrie, I and Fido.
    Going home this arvo, Terrie had a rest from sex from yesterday morning so she can properly greet Les, Fi got up for me this morning he humped me in the missionary position with a bit of help from Terrie not a lot of cum but it was still nice and he knotted when I rolled over bum to bum for about 20 minutes he will have quite a rest for a while now.
    Terrie has suggested that we might get Fido used to staying at my place so I can look after him ( look after him, you know what I mean don't you, fun times) sometimes when Les is home, Fido gets horny and a bit cranky when they are having sex he scratches the bedroom door and sulk's a lot, I am very keen on that also I am taking the single dildo home to use when I feel like it.
    Hope you get some soon Baby xxxxx

  • Monica is a heavy bleeder and doesn’t like the get any blood on sheets jammies etc. I’ll wait patiently which should only be a few days now.

    Your last post sounds very exciting.
    Can I ask what it’s like to be knotted in detail? Monica has read that the dogs cock can push hard against the cervix. She finds it sore when I hit hers. Does a lot of the cum make it into your womb?
    Love you xx

  • OH well Baby you can always do the five finger shuffle EH ?
    If Fi was not as experienced as he is I would be worried because if he just jumped on, pushed in and got humping it really could hurt like hell because near the tip they have sort of a bone and if that hit's you know it that is why you have to guide them in with lube and ensure they are in the most comfortable position, does not take long to know where you want them that is what is best about having someone else with you like Terrie initially holding his knot out of me but still letting him cum then when she was sure he would be OK showing me how to guide him with my hand between my legs.
    Certainly best position to start is missionary.
    Fi has a wonderful cock it is not overly lengthy but quite thick he gets very deep and at the time of ejectulation he knot's that means a large bulb form's near halfway I think or that is what it feels like, he has usually a very large load and it feels nice and warm really fill's me up if he hasn't shagged for a while after we release I put on a disposable pull up nappy because I drip for quite a while even after he cleans himself and licks me out.
    HEY ! Baby I am becoming a bit of an expert do you think ?
    I will be looking after Fi from this Friday on the way home to Sunday when Terrie will pick him up to give Terrie and Les a bit of own time ( rooting like rabbit's I think that means) , I don't think Terrie will want any girl play but I would have certainly drained anyway with Fido and be looking for a sleep.
    Hope you have a couple of nice tug's Baby. xxxxx

  • Lovely description ☺️ I wonder if Les has any idea or can feel the difference in Terries pussy that she’s fucking the dog.
    I bet you’re going to feel very full and be dripping for ages. Mmmmm god that image in my head is so sexy.

    Oh I almost forgot we went out for a walk round the lake the other day and this rather large looking Mastiff walked past us with its owners a bit behind, but the dog doubled back and stuck it’s snout right up into her crotch from behind. Monica got a bit of a shock, when she jumped round the dog did the same from the front and the look an her face was priceless, you know that biting her bottom lip in a sexy way. The owners apologised and moved in dragging the dog. She said it’s nose bumped hardon her clit and she enjoyed the feeling.

    Well I hope to hear more from you soon. Xxx

  • Thank's Baby, Les know's Terrie play's with both Fido and I but he is not upset or intrusive because we keep it to ourselves not carrying on when he or others are around, it is a terrific relationship as he loves Terrie so dearly, we all get on so well together only Fido needs to understand his place when Les is around he can be a naughty boy xxxx

  • We certainly stop traffic when we go to the club wearing seamed stockings, heels, leather mini skirts and a light virtually see through blouse without bra.
    I hope that Monica gives you a nice birthday morning tug.

  • It’s her favourite position. I don’t need to woof. She’ll start with is puppy really horny. Give mummy that big doggy cock, so I’ll fuck her hard and fast then she’ll start with give me that doggy cum and fill me with your big doggy knot

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