Fantasy went wilder than I thought

I was with this girl. She was one of 6 sisters (she was peruvian). The sisters were very close to each other, and pretty much told everything about anything to each other.

One night, when I was there in Peru, there was this family party, on the beach south of Lima. And let me tell you something: in Peru, they drink a lot. A lot of cheap beers and Pisco Sour. One of the sister, Eva, is very cute, although a bit chubby. So cute that her daughter competed in the Miss Peru pageant. Anyway, Eva is not only cute, but I think she's the one who drinks the most and when she's "borrachita", the few inhibitions she has are totally down.

During that little party, I had a little to drink, but not so much. Eventually, I told my girlfriend (in English) that I had to take a pee. Eva kind of overheard that, with the little english that she understands. And she shouted at me, in Spanish "Puedo sostenerlo si quieres" (I can hold it if you want). All the sisters bursted out laughing. I looked at her in the eyes and said "Porque no?" (why not?). And she said "muy bien" and she followed me. I didn't go in the house, instead I walked 2-3 minutes in the field, all the way to an abandoned garage or something. I stood there and I waited.

Eva arrived a few seconds later and she started to talk to me in Spanish, but she was quite drunk and I did not understand much of what she was mumbling. Doing so, she was working to get my dick out of my jeans. I had to help her a little. She hold it softly and I started to pee, on the outside wall of the garage. Doing so, I started to play with her big boobs. She did not say a word or look at me funny or anything, she was focused on the job. And to tell you the truth, it was a great feeling.

When I was finished, I clean my dick with some tissues I had brought. I thought we were finished and was about to put my dick back in my pants when Eva got on her knees and started to blow me. She was not the best cock sucker I have met in my life, but she did manage to suck me dry.

When we got back to the party, my then girlfriend told me: "it took you a while. You did something with my sister, didn't you?" And I said "yeah, she gave me a chupada". She knew it was true but she simply laughed.

I still miss that peruvian girl...


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