Should I do it?

first of All, I have to tell a bit about me. I am a happily married Woman with a great Husband and a good Son. Althought I have a good Marriage, i like it to chat and tease Men in these "Anonymous" Chat Apps/Groups. I exchange Pictures and sometimes even Videos of me, but always in a Way that I can't be recognized. It gives me fun to do this, but my Husband doesn't know about it. Its just for my own pleasure, but I have a clear Point that I don't cross which is meeting anyone in the real World. I would never do that.

But two Months ago, I met a Man in a Chat that was different than the other Men that usually Chat with me. He wasn't One of those horny Guys that search just some Fun. He is in my Age, mid 30s, very nice, charming and knows how to talk with a Woman, always very respectful. We not only talk about being horny and exchange Pictures, we talk also about simple Things like our Work, private Life. He knows that I am married and have a Child, I know that he is divorced. I normally talk only with Men from other Countries, so they can't met me in real Life, which is also the Case with the Man I talk about here.
But today he told me that he will visit not only the Country that I live in, but also my Home Town and he wants to meet me.
I could simply say no, but somehow, I am interested in Meeting him. But I am a bit unsure if I really should do this. Normally, I wouldn't do that, especially since I send him "hot" Pictures of me and yes, I know that he wants more than just having a Coffee. But I don't know what to do.

Apr 12

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    • I would love to chat with you. Please email me Don't meet this man, he could be lying to you and all he wants is to have sex. Keep real life and secret life separate.

    • Go ahead till you reach the ultimate boundary! And let us keep informed.

    • If you have to ask, kinda means you want too already or you’re just looking for permission to justify the guilt. I met Eric on a trip with the family to NYC, worst time ever lost our luggage, was robbed of my purse, my husband of his wallet, and then to make matters worse my daughter and I was groped on the subway. A nice police officer, got us all settled in, in a hotel under his name, even gave us some spending cash for food. It took us two days to get our replacement cards, and cellphone. It was a mess. Had to take a greyhound bus home because we had no ID. But long story short, twice a year I go back to NYC to meet Eric, we speak everyday for the past 8 years.

    • It sound's like your curiosity is going to adventaly win over your comon sense, if you set rules in place than should probably keep them. Sure it may be exciting and thrilling to think of crossing those boundaries but then theres the reality of when you do then what? Does coffee turn to touching then to kissing and then to sex? Weigh all the outcomes and consequences for taking an in person meeting.

    • Which chat room do you use?

    • Don't meet him. Think of what could go wrong


    • Do it. I would love to see those pictures

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