Wondering how she is

My buddy and I were in Seattle to watch a baseball game. Afterwards we hit some local bars. We decided to cut through some alleys on the way back to the hotel. We came across a passed out woman who had been obviously been throwing up , she wreaked of alcohol and we suspected that she was on drugs too. We then could hear sounds of guys coming towards us so we paniked and hid. We were able to see the girl and soon the guys. Luckily we hid they looked like pretty tough street thug's. My friend and I watched as they raped her over and over. As soon as they left we ran away. We wanted to tell the authorities but were afraid that some how we would get in trouble. The next morning we drove through the alley and looked for her she wasn't there. As we began to drive away we saw her by the corner. I rolled my window down and said hey are you ok. I got the go fuck yourself answer. So we left.


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  • Seconds or snitch!

  • You could have saved her, you fucking fuck.

  • No way man my buddy and I weren't trying to get stabbed or killed. Neither of us are big bad ass guys , and there were alot of them.

  • I think you are getting a bad rap on here, you had to consider your own well being and it is hard to always know exactly what to do at the moment. You did call the police.

    How many guys were there? They all took turns? How long did you get stuck having to hide and watch?

  • There was 5 guys they were all around her I could see everything. We were hiding for about 45 minutes

  • Did you call the cops, assface?

  • Yes and they were saying that there's no report and no one was in the alley. Fuck head

  • Did it turn you on to watch her get raped? What were you going to do the next day, rape her again?

  • We were just going to check out to see what she looked like

  • How kind. What a couple of total fucking asshole shitbags. Why don't you rape each other?

  • Well, in case you were wondering, now you can be sure that you are a complete and total piece of shit.

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