Adventures in cuckolding

I just want to say that my wie and I have been in a cuckolding relationship for about two years now and unlike other posts that I have read we gravitated into it very smoothly.
Tammy was at first unsure of what I wanted when I told her I wanted to watch her with another man and she was mostly curious as to why that turned me on but after she was positive that I was what I wanted she agreed to try it once and we did with her letting a stranger up in a bar as I watched and when she signaled me I hurried home and hid in the walk in closet in our bedroom.
The guy was in such a rush that he only bared her breasts so he could bite and nibble on them while he fucked her and he pushed her skirt up around her waist and only pulled her panty's to one side so he could get his cock in her then he began to wildly fuck her as she tried to glance over at from time to time but he only lasted a few minutes before he came and he quickly dressed and left.
It was the best porn I have ever watched and now when she

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  • I don't get it.Please explain it to me.Why do some men want their wives,women,girlfriends to fuck other men?This is what my husband wanted.So I did it for him.He was over the moon but I have mixed emotions,I mean the sex was mind-blowing.

  • Almost every man is wired to be aroused by his woman getting fucked in order to engage in sperm-competition. Our evolutionary ancestors got turned on whenever they caught their woman getting fucked, which made it easier to quickly fuck their woman and cum in her, so that his his can have a chance to impregnate his partner, instead of the other guy.

    Almost every man has inherented this feature, but it’s more prominent with those that have made a strong pain-pleasure connection by being humiliated (i.e. cuckolds). This is why cuckolds get very turned on when a stud cums in their woman; some experience more arrousal by overriding the desire to fuck their woman, so that they can get off on the intense arrousal of her getting knocked up. This also explains why cuckolds enjoy their women being pleased by bigger men; the ancestral threat of her getting pregnant by another man increases when she prefers another man’s cock to the cuckold. This elicits intense arrousal. The more sexual jealousy/threat a cuck feels, the more arroused he becomes. Being able to override fucking their woman in order to enjoy the arrousal of what normally would be considered cheating is why cuckolds are considered to be more intelligent.

    Other men, with big dicks (i.e. bulls), have their brain wired for sperm-competition’s arrousal mechanism, but they usually never experience it; instead, they can concern themselves with fucking taken women, in order to fulfill their ancestral drive to spread their seed to as many women as possible. Their chances of fucking taken women are higher when they have ripped bodies and are confident because almost every woman is wired to be attracted to a dominant male. Their chances are even better if the taken woman isn’t sexually pleased by her partner, which increases her desire for a stud: she’ll eventually cheat with him. Their chances of spreading their seed are increased even more because cuckolds are actively looking for them.

  • I cant explain it either but my wife has very intense orgasms and I love to watch her even with another man.

  • Have you ever seen a female dog in heat ??? The male dogs line up and stand around waiting for their turn at her and men are much the same.
    I love my wife and she gets so turned on while having sex I like to watch her enjoy it to.
    We have done this many times and it has breathed life back into our bed as we watch the movies I have made of her with other men and look at the pictures of her while she is going at it and afterwards as she lays there smiling sleepily at me with her lover cum leaking out of her.
    We have a more active sex life than most married couples our age.

  • I agree. I have a tiny (micro penis ), O love watching my wife (of 20 yrs) being fucked and satisfied by other men and boys. She gets to pick all her partners. My job is to lick them clean afterwards.

  • Would love this situation.My wife to fuck around so I could bang any chick I wanted but would still enjoy her sleeping about.

  • Seems quite disappointing.Random people are not gonna be reliable.I gave my wife permission and she took the task of finding a guy into her own hands.Was easy as there was a fit black guy at her gym who she knew well enough.She made sure he was clean too but of course he was a health and fitness nut.After the first time she came back home and was speechless,she looked a sweaty mess.I asked about it and she said she came 5 or 6 times.I got hard listening.She got her clothes off to shower and her pants were soiled with cum and her pubes were slimy and wet.Her bum cheeks were red with hand prints.I asked if the slaps hurt she said yes but it turned her on and after her 3rd orgasm she told him not to hold back.Well before her shower I just had to fuck that pussy.

  • Unbelievable how weak and short he was.
    Your Wifes first strange cock have been a memorable one at least I think.
    My wife and me were together when she actually approached his table and somehow without me really missing her met him outside where she gave him a blow job then they moved to the back of our SUV where he bent her over doggie without a condom and pumped her full.
    She came back and asked if I was ready to leave. On the drive home she asked me if remembered the table she kept visiting where there were two guys and a girl.
    She then asked me if I remembered the tall beard guy and I said yes why?
    Then she told me let’s just get home and you’ll find out the rest. My heart raced the entire drive back. When we got inside she unbuckled my pants and proceeded to tell me while she sucked me off. I said where’s the proof? Then she opened her shirt and pushed my face to her tits where I could smell alcohol. The rest of the night was the hottest

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