Now I'm worried

So my thing is that I have always given guys hand jobs. I know it sounds weird but I have been obsessed with doing it since jr high. I carry lotion in my purse, I can not tell you how much it turns me on when the guys shoot their wads. I tried giving it up after I was married but the ever lasting pressure in my own head made me start doing it again. I'm constantly asking myself what's wrong with me, but continue to do it. There's no way to tell how many times or how many men I've jerked off. I found myself in a position where I for the first time was put in a position where my hands were not enough. I went on Saturday shopping for my husband's party he was throwing , we needed chicken,ice and beer. So as I was leaving I checked my purse and noticed the lotion sitting there. I drove away and headed straight to the park where many people ( men ) go to mess around in the trails. When I pulled to the back lot I was disappointed to see only one car. I grabbed the lotion hid my purse under the seat and walked into the wooded trails. Soon I came across him we had done this before, I don't know his name or anything but I know I have jerked him before. We started small talk as he undid his pants . I began massaging his dick when he said were not alone anymore. I looked over my shoulder and two other men were grabbing them selves as they approached. I continued to do my thing , but one of the new guys started getting aggressive towards groping me. I stood up and he yanked my stretch pants down to my ankles including my underwear. As I bent over to grab them I was pushed to my hands and knees. I was being held down by my shoulders as I felt a dick forcing into me. I was being screwed I looked up at the other two who were smiling and definitely excited. It didn't take long for him to pull out and cum on the back of my thighs , he was replaced by the next on who was even quicker. When he was done I sat back on my feet kneeling. The original guy put his dick in my face until I opened my mouth. I didn't have much of a choice but to suck him. He took some time but came hard. As soon as he pulled up I quickly stood and pulled up my clothes. I'm so incredibly worried about being pregnant or worse what if they had diseases or something.

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  • Wow it turns me on so bad to read this from a nasty wife .I would say continue this make everyone happy including you
    If you get pregnant you will say your husband its his baby
    If they had diseases you never know

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