Can anyone break down what type of dog I should get to get fucked by? I’ve been questioning for a while and it’s an on going fantasy of mine but I’m planning on getting a dog regardless soo which type would be considered a good fit



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  • Decided yet sweetie

  • Great dane

  • Do you have an email we can talk at Op?

  • Why ?

  • I was going to give you my suggestions/Advice

  • So you can do that on here, whats wrong with that

  • It's really just easier but whatever.It depends on what you want in a dog.Bigger dog= bigger cock.but larger dogs may also be harder to handle in more ways than one.

  • OK first please answer some questions : How much experience do you have ? What type of dog/dogs have you fucked with ? Did/does your husband assist with the mounting ? How long did it take before you were comfortable on your own ? Do you have a specific place to make love ?

  • First of all definetly a Labrador we have had two and both were very patient, gave plenty of cum, humped and locked for lengthy periods, my wife often had mind blowing orgasms three or four times with both every session.
    Please take your time and have your husband assist for the first seven to ten times then you should be OK on your own, the dog will quickly learn what to do

  • My wife and our Labrador have been fucking for over a year, it took a while to convince her to let him hump her but after I assisted on quite a few occassions and she started accepting his knot she really, really loved it, they hump about three times a week and she loves being locked bum to bum

  • Is she a bigger woman?

  • Not really actually quite petite but she does have a nice roundish tight bum and very flexible pussy always shaved they always mount in the doggie position her with head, shoulders very low and bum high

  • I've noticed women with bigger bumps struggle more to get knotted fully on their pussies

  • My wife loves taking his knot especially when he cums and kicks his front paws over so they lock bum to bum for quite some time

  • My wife started at 21, and until we had kids it was really painful for her to knot. Now she can stretch enough to comfortably take him bum to bum.

  • Labrador for sure, start off by playing nude on a special large,
    fluffy rug with him at his level, cuddling, feeling and playing with his cock and nuts plus belly as much as possible, for your first time go missionary with legs very high, lube both up then have your husband guide him in and hold out his knot do this a few times then when you are comfortable lube up get on all fours lift your arse up to him and have your husband assist his mounting to ensure he goes in the right hole, have socks on his front paws so he will not scratch, have husband ensure he enters slowly and starts humping, don't be scared when you feel his knot just let it happen after he cums you could be locked for up to about 40 minutes so be prepared he may well pull his front paws over so you are both locked bum to bum after a few times you will love this and pretty soon you will be able to have him mount and fuck you without your husband being present.
    My wife and our dog have been fucking for about two years now usually about four times a week she really thinks it is the best sex she could ever have I have even purchased a thick leather collar with "His Bitch" printed on it (she wears it every time they couple)
    All the best please let us know what happens.

  • Get a lab

  • I agree lab's are the best , I've been doing it for along time. The one thing I have learned is never share pics and videos and if some are even taken

  • I have plenty of pics and video's however I would never let them be seen by anyone other than my wife and I

  • Alright sorry about that but thank you

  • Can anyone help me by sharing some stories with me of videos if they could?

  • My wife loves our black lab. It's just the right size to mount her and when it knots in her and fills her pussy full of doggy cum, she has mind blowing orgasms. I let him mount my ass a few times, and it's pretty awesome, but I'm not gay, so I prefer our female shepard/collie mix. She's a hot little bitch with a tight pussy that can take my seven inch cock, and it's unbelievable how wet her vagina gets when she orgasms, and yes, bitch dogs do orgasm.

  • Labrador are clearly the best

  • Depends on your age, size, and sexual experience..

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