I was about 6 when my sister's got new panties and dresses. I was in there room when they were trying them on. They asked me if I wanted to try them on too so I did and there panties did feel much better than boys underwear. The panties were so soft and the way they would make me feel and look like I had no dick more like a girl. And then when I put on a dress that really made me feel just like a girl. From that day on when my father was not at home my sister's would let me wear some panties and a dress and sometime a bathing suit and go swimming with them dressed as a girl and I loved it and still do. An yes I am gay and love it all.

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  • I would wear my sister's panties like all the time till mom got me my own. I was 8 when the neighbor boy saw um on me and I discovered him and his liking for me. The more like a girl I was the more he gave me attention.

  • I love wearimg panties. My sister toed me up with pantyhose at the age of six. I love wearing panty hose and high heels now.

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  • Good for you! When you are young you do experiment and work out what your sexuality is and what you enjoy wearing!

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