Cheated on girlfriend with prostitute

So after 10 months together my girlfriend kind of checked out sexually I would say it was a slow pull away, but she claims she has yeast infections every week or two now.
But we went from having sex daily to three times a week to once every two weeks. I get extremely violent and crazy if I don’t have sex literally getting arrested and stuff. So I try to keep my sex life active and it was until we started dating. Then like i said she slowly started to not want to have sex. Once she even told me she looks at it like a chore because I take at least an hour to cum, most times after we finish she claims her vagina is too sore to have sex for a couple days but before I used to fuck her way harder and every day or so with no complaint just loving it.
I thought she was cheating on me back in the beginning I can’t prove it beyond her old fuck buddy telling me she fucked him a couple times after we started dating mind you, She denied it after apologizing immediately every time I bring him up she just says his dick is to small so she won’t cheat on me with him like wtf kind of answer is that.
We haven’t had good sex in about a month and I keep wanting to just order up a woman but I kept stopping myself sometimes after I’d placed the order because I didn’t want to hurt her. So today I found the ugliest oldest hag I could online and I almost canceled her. But...
I plowed her, came twice wearing a rubber once and on her tits. After I felt terrible, but I realized my girlfriend was lying to me because now I know she did sleep with Her old fuck buddy because I can feel how she acted if that makes sense. I chose an ugly whore so I wouldn’t exactly enjoy it more of like any port in the storm. I don’t really feel bad or good slightly guilty and slightly mad at her having cheated do you guys think she did and is she still.
what about me am I scum fuck i think I loved her but I am not sure if we could ever work out and if she never did cheat on me I think I’d feel more guilty. What about her yeast infections? women what do you think does sex change like that from her loving it to not wanting it. She still cums but only once she used to cum a couple times at least now it like she cums and she wants it over ASAP. Also she does a lot of just lying there won’t give me head or jack me off i have to jack off to her sleeping face most of the time I mean fuck it’s terrible I guess I feel ok now having thought it out I gotta tell her either our sex life improves or I’m gonna start fucking whores three times a week


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  • "Crazy" and / or "violent" if you can't get sex ? I bet you break out weapons if she hangs her pantyhose on the shower rod. She hates you because you're a fucking prick, not because you're some insatiable, long-lasting Lothario. Leave the poor girl and whore-up fulltime !

  • She very well be prone to yeast infections. Take her to see a gyno

  • Wish you were my guy! My bloke is only up for it once a week. I want my cunt filled constantly

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