Grateful Wife

I met my wife about 30 years ago while stationed overseas. She was working as a waitress in a bar and quite a few times on the first night I seen her she had been smiling. I was thinking to myself at the time how could any woman working in this place be smiling, most of the women in there were basically prostitutes. She had told me a few weeks later that while she was not a prostitute she was also not a virgin. Long story short I married her and brought her back to the states with me after I paid off her debt so as not to cause any conflict with the bar owner. He told me I was just another stupid serviceman and she would end up leaving me as soon as she was an American citizen.
The very first night we were married she could not believe it, she was 19 years old and free, according to her she had been working since age 14 never finished high school level. The first thing I did was find out what she needed to do to complete that and she did it, she wanted to do it.
She did another thing that first night, we had just climbed into bed and she was crying, still in complete amazement that she did not have to go back to work in that bar and in two weeks she would be going to America. She crawled on top of me and then looked at me and told me that she was always going to make sure I was happy every day for the rest of my life. She slid down to my cock and gave me a great blow job, she kept telling me to tell her what felt good and tell her how I wanted it done. It all felt good and I have never really told her anything different. She asked me for the quite some time how she wantd me to have sex with her, always told me to have sex with her anytime I wanted it. Thirty some years later I can tell you that I cannot remember many days since that first night together she has not done something, almost always she gives me head but to this day she is still horny.
She will wake me up in the morning gently sucking me awake and at the end of the day she will do it again telling me this will help you sleep better. I have never mentioned to her that the evening one definitely helps me sleep but the morning one makes me want to stay in bed. I have always loved her and I must say that I am one of the luckiest guys in the world. I have had a home business since retiring from the military and she will bring me my lunch then slide under the desk. She winks at me and tells me to keep working while she pleasures me, I purposely bought a larger desk just to give her more room. Some days I do not wear underwear just putting on some gym shorts, she will go under my desk and slowly work her way up the leg opening using just her head and mouth until she finds my cock. I have always loved that and am still turned on when I see her disappear in front it.
She also loves to lay down when I drive and just suck on me. I can always count on a great blow job on a long road trip. She has even stripped down naked and laid down so I can caress her for hours. She may not have been a virgin when I met her but her sex drive is incredible and I do not regret falling for her one bit.

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  • Good for you. Lucky man.

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