Jacked it all over my wife

Yesterday morning there was no time to get a fuck in because the kids were already awake and moving about the house. But I had a raging hard on, pulsing, and needed relief. My wife has a very hot body and it was driving me nuts to lay in bed next to her without being able to fuck. She told me to jerk off so she could watch. So after sucking on her tits and clit for a bit, I did. Just as I was about to pop I pulled her close to me and turned towards her and exploded all over her thigh and stomach.

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  • I'm sorry, you could get a squirt in but not a fuck? Are you not really a man? If I told my husband there was time to jerk but no time to fuck... he'd fuck me . Be a man. Fuck your wife.

  • I fuck her every night. We get really loud and the bed shakes. Fuck you.

  • Yawn

  • Ok?

  • It's just a day in the life, motherfucker.

  • Once when my wife was on her period she agreed to jerk me off. I lay on my back as she stroked and gave it a few licks and sucks. At the exact moment I came, she squeezed my erection and it sprayed all over my belly and chest spackling me with spunk ! "A porn movie cum shot !" she exclaimed, laughing.

  • That happens every time with me, it sucks when she sprays my beard...

  • Do you lick the spooge off your beard?

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