My bfs friend and I are roommates. My bf used to live with us but moved a while back since his job offers housing nearby. My roomate Jason and I have been living together for about 5 weeks. One night he fell asleep and left his phone out, I decided I'd mess around and post something silly on his social media. That's when I saw pictures of me. I sleep naked most days, unless it's cold. I scrolled down and saw nude pictures of me laying in bed, some in poses, some with my legs obviously spread. I saw some of me in the shower too, and some nudes I'd taken on my phone that were somehow on his. I didn't know how to react, and I was very upset, but I started to get turned on the more I thought about it. When I took his phone I saw pictures of his dick, and he has a thick tasty cock. Knowing that he's been jerking off to me and taking nude pics of me sleeping was creepy at first, but now it's getting hot and it turns me on that he has pictures of me exposed on his phone, that he knows what my body looks like. He's always been open about masturbating so every night he says he's going to I just picture him jerking off his cock to me which turns me on and makes me fuck myself to the thought of him taking me by force. I know he wants to fuck me and that he'd jump at the first chance, but I still have a bf.
What should I do? I really want to fuck him, and I hardly even see my bf these days, it's like we're not even together. Sometimes I wish he would just walk in on me drunk and naked and rape me so I wouldn't feel guilty. Am I a bad person? Should I just allow myself to have fun?


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  • Haha.I married my roommates ex gf.

  • Fuck him :)

  • Before my husband and I moved from our small place to our current bigger place we stayed with a friend for sometime.My husband had already changed jobs so he was having to travel back and forth,in the end he stayed in cheap motels to not have to travel alot.Being alone with his friend and extremely horny and a bit stressed over the move I'm sorry to say I easily ended up in bed with him.The sex was great and well needed and it wasn't ever quickies either.He took his time and put my pleasure first.He was really great at eating pussy and didn't mind doing it at any occasion,even if I hadn't showered.And he had more than an adequate sized dick and knew how to use it too.After the move I felt bad especially when having sex with my hubby,all I could think about was cheating.It took a while to get it out of my system.

  • I had a female roommate for about two years and she was pretty cool all around and not to bad on the eyes either. I always wondered what she looked like without clothes on and one evening when I was sitting in the living room, I had the TV on at my normal volume and I was home when she had first arrived home after work. She walked out of her room and into the kitchen wearing nothing, not even socks, she opened the fridge and grabbed something then as she was walking back to her room looked over at me and said "Shit, I thought I heard you leave!!" She walked faster to her room but I thanked her for the show. I told her a few days later that I did not mind at all what happened and if she wanted to do it often I was fine with it but she told me it will never happen again so I figured having sex with her was out.

  • Please do it.

  • I had a girlfriend who fucked her roommates and everyone else for that matter. She was a selfish cunt and I am so relieved she is out of my life forever. She was a redhead.

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